• Joe Meaux is an American TV personality, best known for appearing in the reality TV series “Sons of Guns” (2011-2014)
• He was also the COO of the Red Jacket Firearmes LLC, the company that was featured in the show
• He became the owner of Red Jacket Firearms LLC, changing the operating name to Meaux Guns & Ammo
• Will Hayden’s arrest brought cancelation of “Sons of Guns” and Joe took over the firearms business
• Before joining Red Jacket Firearms LLC, Joe was a professor of Information Technology and has interests in old cars, airplanes and helicopters


Who is Joe Meaux?

Joe Meaux is an American TV personality, probably best known to the world for his appearance in the reality TV series “Sons of Guns” (2011-2014). The series is about building and selling custom firearms and it had a number of popular guest stars, including Rich Wyatt, Glenn Harrison, Billy Cho, and Chris Leadford, among others.

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He was also the COO of the Red Jacket Firearmes LLC, the company that was featured in the show, which manufactures and sells custom firearms to security firms, private collectors, and law enforcement. The company went bust following the arrest of its owner, and Joe started his own business, renamed the company, and now stays away from media scrutiny and runs the business with the help of other firearm experts.

Joe Meaux Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Joseph Meaux in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA, his birth date is unknown in the media, though according to reports he is in his late-40s. He hasn’t share information about parents and siblings if he has any. After finishing high school, Joe enrolled at Louisiana State University, from which received a degree in General Studies.


There is no information about what he was doing before joining Red Jacket Firearms LLC, but his interest in firearms has been active for years.

Joe Meaux

At first, he was interested in mechanics and physics which then led to researching and building weapons as a hobby. After acquiring the knowledge needed for constructing firearms, he joined the Red Jacket Firearms LLC, with Will Hayden, becoming the COO of the Red Jacket Firearms LLC over the years. He was in charge of deciding whether a particular firearm could be made or not. Joe was the COO of the company from 2001 to 2014, helping Will in all the ways he could.

Rise to Prominence, “Sons of Guns”

In 2011, their business was picked up for the new reality TV series by Jupiter Entertainment, entitled “Sons of Guns”. The show premiered on the 26th January on the Discovery channel and at the very beginning showed that it would be a success. The show aired for five seasons and 66 episodes before it was canceled, due to owner Will Hayden’s incarceration. Nevertheless, Joe continued his career working as a firearm specialist.

He became the owner of Red Jacket Firearms LLC, changing the operating name to Meaux Guns & Ammo. Furthermore, Joe has launched another project Akly’s Defense, with facilities next to Meaux Guns & Ammo.

Will Hayden’s Arrest, and Cancelation of “Sons of Guns”

The store experienced a number of problems with the law throughout its existence; one of them was that the store couldn’t account for ten registered firearm parts, when a regular inspection by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) happened in 2009. However, that was nothing to charges against Will Hayden.

In August of 2014, Will was arrested and charged with molestation of a juvenile, and aggravated crimes against nature. The girl he allegedly assaulted was his 12 year-old daughter, and in addition he was accused of aggravated rape by his older daughter., who said that she was raped when she was 12 years old by her father. Three years later, Will was convicted of two counts of aggravated rape and one count of forcible rape of two girls over the course of two decades. Eventually, he was sentenced to a third life sentence for rape plus 40 years, and transferred to Louisiana State Penitentiary.

His incarceration brought the instantaneous cancelation of “Sons of Guns”, and Joe took over the firearms business.

Joe Meaux Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Joe is a television star in addition to now owning his own business, and his wealth has increased by a large margin since acquiring world fame. According to sources, Joe Meaux’s net worth has been estimated at $9 million, as of mid- 2020.

Joe Meaux has light brown hair and blue eyes. His height and weight are unknown, but he has an athletic figure.

Joe Meaux Personal Life, Married, Wife? Interests

Joe is very secretive about his personal life, and has never said anything about having a wife and children.

You can find him on Facebook, through which he promotes his career and talks about his guns with the fans.

Before he joined Red Jacket Firearms LLC fulltime, he was a professor of Information Technology at a local high school. However, his interest in firearms prevailed, and he pursued a career at Red Jacket.

Furthermore, Joe is in love with old cars, and in his free time likes to work on old-timers, rebuilding them, whenever he has free time. Also, Joe has interests in airplanes and helicopters and is working on getting his pilot’s license.

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