• Jessica Weaver is a social media personality, Instagram model, intimacy coach, and businesswoman.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $300,000, earned through her various endeavors.
• Her early life and career beginnings include her interest in fashion design and working as a cosmetologist.
• She uses her online presence to provide advice on topics such as dating, sex, relationships, and other related topics.
• She is in a relationship with professional photographer JJ Velasquez and the two are business partners in a cannabidiol business.


Who is Jessica Weaver?

Jessica Weaver was born on 11 November 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is a social media personality, Instagram model, intimacy coach, and businesswoman, best known for her online presence on Instagram, having over nine million followers on her account. She grew to fame thanks to her sensual photos, attractive looks, and dating advice.

The Riches of Jessica Weaver

As of early-2020, Jessica Weaver’s net worth is estimated to be over $300,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her online presence has been responsible for most of her wealth, as it has provided her numerous opportunities.


Posted by Jessica Weaver on Monday, September 24, 2018

Many of her followers pay her on a monthly bases for exclusive content, and she also runs a few online businesses which have added to her wealth.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jessica is of German, Danish, and American ancestry. While she was born in Los Angeles, her family moved to Colorado where she spent a good portion of her youth before returning to Los Angeles. At a young age, she became very interested in beauty and fashion design, and after matriculating from high school, she enrolled for a course in fashion design.

However, this was not the career she continued with, as after graduating she began working as a cosmetologist.

During this time, she earned a bit of money and learned more about various cosmetic enhancements one could use. She was never truly satisfied with her physical appearance, and as such, she took on numerous enhancements, including breast implants, changes to her face, and other changes to her body, which helped build her confidence. During this time, she began posting her photos online, and she attracted a lot of positive responses, leading her to reconsider her career.

Online Career

Weaver’s popularity surged as she began posting more revealing and sensual photos, often in bikinis, gym wear, sleepwear, and tight clothes with no underwear.

This attracted a lot of people, particularly males who enjoyed her features and the type of content she was putting out. The number of people asking her for advice increased significantly, and she took advantage of this, using her platform to set up dating advice, on various aspects such as dating, sex, relationships, and other related topics.

Soon more opportunities would come her way as her followership reached a million. She was contacted by several companies and began to do modeling work for them, promoting their wares through sponsored posts.

She also expanded her reach by creating a personal website, and taking advantage of the popularity of the app Tiktok. She also built a business Hempworx and sells various cannabidiol (CBD) products and began promoting it online. The product is extracted from industrial hemp, a form of cannabis that is manufactured, often argued as purer than natural cannabis. She is very passionate about its use, and casually promoted her products though not as much due to strict policies of Instagram.

User Subscriptions

Aside from her online presence, Jessica began redirecting many of her followers to other sites, mostly paid subscription platforms that would allow her to earn money monthly in exchange for exclusive photos or videos.

Jessica Weaver

She set up a premium Snapchat account, with the app recently integrating paid subscriptions as a way for some to earn alternative income. The app has become very popular among social media models, glamour models, and sex workers.

Other popular and similar platforms she’s worked on include OnlyFans which has been credited as a service that has helped bring back power to sex workers and content creators, as they get paid directly as opposed to through an intermediary. She also set up a Patreon account, a popular platform for digital creators to receive monthly support directly from their followers to help keep their accounts growing.

With her passion for giving advice and sharing positivity, she created a podcast on the website Anchor called Jessicakes; her podcasts feature topics on happiness, self-improvement, empowerment, social media advice, and other sensitive topics such as abuse.

Other Endeavors

Another account Weaver set up is on Celeb TV, a website that allows users to set up a private chat, call, or video chat service, getting paid for each minute of work. The website is another popular avenue for models and those willing to provide more adult-oriented content. She’s also very passionate about fitness, and with many people asking about her exercise routine, she decided to publish an eBook that discusses various workout routines that can be done at home, lasting 30 minutes each.

Her workouts range from bodyweight to using common household equipment such as dumbbells and kettlebells, with each exercise taught step by step.

Aside from these targeted products and services, she also expanded her reach by creating an account on YouTube. The website has become a popular avenue for Instagram models to create additional content, mostly video blogs (vlogs) that showcase some of their day-to-day endeavors. However, after working on the channel for a short time, she decided that she didn’t have enough motivation to continue with it, and deleted the channel. However, some of her videos are still uploaded to other channels, including fitness videos and some vlogs.

In recent months she’s been more focused on both Instagram and Tiktok.

Personal Life

Jessica Weaver is in a relationship with professional photographer JJ Velasquez, and the two are living together. JJ is known for working with various Instagram models such as Lauren Jianuzzi, Amanda Stronegger, Heather Rae Young and Michelle Beach – he is often credited in her photos. Aside from photography, he is also a personal trainer, and does coaching online for fitness-focused clients. The two are also business partners in their cannabidiol business, which he reports has been very successful for both of them. Some of his workout videos often include Jessica, and he was also a big contributor to her fitness eBook.

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