• Jayce Ivanah is a professional model, exotic dancer, and social media personality from Phenix City, Alabama, USA.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000.
• She rose to fame through her Instagram account, where she showcases her body, tattoos, and her talent for dance.
• She performs various sexy dances, such as stripping, and also takes professional modeling projects.
• She is single and has a child from a past relationship.


Who is Jayce Ivanah?

Jayce Ivanah was born on 14 January 1996, in Phenix City, Alabama, USA. She is a professional model, exotic dancer, and social media personality, best known from rising to fame through the social media platform, Instagram. She has hundreds of thousands of followers online, and has also been featured on television programs such as “TMZ”.

The Riches of Jayce Ivanah

As of early-2020, Jayce Ivanah’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through success in her various endeavors.

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Aside from her regular work as an exotic dancer, she also gets paid a lot through modeling projects, and other opportunities that are offered to her thanks to her online presence.

Rise to Fame

Jayce was relatively unknown for most of her life, living without a lot of attention until the advent of Instagram. She began posting photos of herself online, showcasing her body, tattoos, and her talent for dance. This eventually gained a lot of attention, which led to a significant online following. Instagram is known to be a hub for a lot of women who have found fame because of the site’s huge popularity. It is considered one of the most popular social media sites today, and is owned by social media giant, Facebook.

Through her account, people learned that she is an exotic dancer for a living. She performs various sexy dances, which may include stripping, and other things though she doesn’t specify. Due to this, she lives a lifestyle that’s mostly about partying, spending nights out, and hanging out with girl friends who are most likely in the same career path. With her confidence and figure, she was eventually approached by other businesses looking to hire her for modeling.

Modeling Work

Ivanah didn’t get any online sponsors as most Instagram models do, and she doesn’t promote any clothing brands or accessories, except for a few photographer friends.

Jayce Ivanah

She does take professional modeling projects which often involve her wearing lingerie, and other revealing clothes, marketed to be sexy and exciting for women. She developed numerous looks due to her work as a model, and became known for sporting blonde hair though she is naturally a brunette.

As her fame grew, she started getting invites to big events and parties hosted by the wealthy,

One such events was the 2019 Babes in Toyland “Support Our Troops” charity event, which featured a red carpet, and women from different levels of popularity ranging from models, social media personalities, actresses, and the like.

The event has been a success, leading it to be held as an annual event since the mid-2010s. The event is set to help several charities, including The Midnight Mission which aims to help the homeless and near homeless in Los Angeles. Over 100 known names join each event, and patrons who buy tickets and merchandise have most of their proceeds go directly to the charity. The event is often held in December, with a Christmas theme, and various toys for sale.

An Unusual Life

Due to the nature of her life and career, Jayce has admitted to having a lot of varied experiences.

Her work as an exotic dancer brings in a lot of unusual people to her life, including clients who ask her strange requests though she usually weighs in whether or not it is something that she can do. Her biggest offer was from a billionaire, who offered her $50,000 to essentially be a prostitute – she turned down the offer, as she didn’t want to put any price on her body.

She has also been offered to work as a pornstar numerous times, but she has no interest in going that direction. She loves dancing and treating men, but she doesn’t want to sell her body for money. Her line of work has also led her to be acquaintances of celebrities, businessmen and other notable people.

She resides in Atlanta, though she has visited numerous other locations thanks to her work.

Recent Endeavors

In recent months, Ivanah has been very active online, particularly on Instagram, posting there regularly, mostly modeling photos of the past, a few video clips, and some of her day-to-day endeavors. She has become a lot more active due to the imposed quarantine in many parts of the world following the outbreak of COVID-19, a highly infectious respiratory virus that has a chance of becoming deadly. The quarantine has left her missing a lot of aspects about her life before it, including the nights out and her work.

She mentions that it is easy to take for granted the small things you do, such as the simple act of going out and socialising.

She doesn’t have any other social media profiles, though at one point she was featured in a segment of “TMZ”. Ivanah sports a lot of tattoos, mostly on her arms, one of which is a biomarker tattoo. These types of tattoos change color depending on one’s levels of pH, glucose, and albumin. This can help doctors easily diagnose if there’s something wrong with a patient, especially those with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Some others have taken the tattoo as a precaution or have found the appeal of it due to its dynamic color-changing aspect.

Personal Life

Jayce says that she’s been single for a long time. She was in a long-term relationship and has a child from it, but things eventually broke apart; she mentioned that her ex-boyfriend left her for a former best friend. Since then, she has been dating but is not interested in committing to any new relationship as she’s still at a point in her life where she’s figuring out herself, and what she wants to do in the long term. A lot of her decisions are influenced by the fact that she has a child. She doesn’t want to set a bad example, which is why she is adamant about not doing any sex work, or making a fool out of herself online.

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