• Natalia Rivera is a television personality, host, actress and entrepreneur, with over a million followers on Instagram.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned from her various endeavors and sponsorships.
• She began her career hosting entertainment programs, and was later assigned to “Pegate Al Mediodia” and “El Remix”.
• She has businesses such as Hectik by Natalia, and Relevant Bae, which sells clothing and accessories.
• During her free time, she enjoys staying fit, traveling, photography and has recently been living a lavish lifestyle during quarantine.


Who is Natalia Rivera?

Natalia Rivera was born on 25 April 1989, in Puerto Rico. She is a television personality and host, an actress and an entrepreneur, best known for her fame on the website Instagram, on which she has over a million followers. She’s appeared in numerous television programs during her career, including “El Remix” and “Pegate al Mediodia”.

The Net Worth of Natalia Rivera

As of mid-2020, Natalia Rivera’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her consistent work on television has earned her big paydays, while she’s used most of her income to help fund businesses that have furthered her wealth.

Her online fame has also attracted sponsors, advertisers, and opened other opportunities.

Early Life and Career

Natalia grew up in Puerto Rico, and for most of her life lived away from the spotlight. She became interested in the local entertainment industry at a young age, and began to pursue endeavors that would eventually lead her to an acting career. She switched directions sometime later on, as she figured that she could gain more opportunities hosting entertainment programs, which in turn would lead her to gain exclusive access to events, celebrities, and more.

She found one of her first major career roles when she joined the independent station WAPA-TV located in San Juan, Puerto Rico – the station is owned by Telemundo, a television network that in turn is owned by NBCUniversal. The station is known for its focus on Spanish-language programming, catering to those in the US and South American countries. She joined the program “Pegate Al Mediodia”, a variety talk show which features numerous celebrity guests. The hosts of the show include Angelique Burgos, Jailene Cintron, and Melwin Cedeno. The show is known for its integration of games during each episode.

Natalia Rivera

Continued Television Work and Online Career

As she continued her work in WAPA, Rivera gained more opportunities and was assigned to become the host of the show “El Remix”, a variety and comedy program, often involving hosts with other guests performing, in various comedy sketch segments, improvisational games, and other activities for the entertainment of viewers. While she wasn’t one of the biggest television personalities for her network, she did gain a lot of attention, and eventually people started discovering her online profiles.

She first created an account on Twitter as a way to communicate with fans, keep up with the industry, and give updates on the latest events in her life.

With the advent of the popularity of the photo-sharing website Instagram, she created an account on it too, posting regularly. Her account grew quickly thanks partly to her attractive looks and figure. Her regular posts, fashion sense, and fame from television also attracted many to her account. She was not shy of posting sensual photos, form-fitting clothes, or those that revealed her well-maintained figure. A lot of people also enjoyed glimpses of her personality shown on television, and her luxurious lifestyle.

Business Endeavors

As Natalia’s online fame reached the millions, she was eventually approached by companies and businesses, offering her sponsorships or modeling contracts to promote their wares.

She took on many of these opportunities as this usually meant free tailored clothes, money, and opportunities to connect with other businesses. She began doing outfit of the day posts, featuring clothes from businesses such as Ohh La La Boutique, Lola’s Collection, and High Obsession. She became more interested in these unique and trendy clothes, incorporating them into her personal style.

Eventually, she realized she could do more business with the money she was earning, as she also has enough followers to build a strong platform. One of her first businesses was a shoe and clothing line called Hectik by Natalia, which had a brief run selling online. She later founded the company Relevant Bae which sells both men and women’s wear, dresses, swimwear and everyday wear, even having a website.

However, the website later shut down and the business now only sells through Instagram.

Recent Endeavors

While Natalia continues to work regularly on weekdays, and cater to her other endeavors during her free time, things have changed in recent months. With the spread of COVID-19, a lot of people have been forced to stay at home or within a local vicinity to help prevent the spread of the potentially deadly virus. This has been the case for Puerto Rico as well, as many parts of the country remain in lockdown.

This has led to the stoppage of a lot of television productions and she has spent most of her time at home as a result, with businesses operating at a lesser capacity.

As a result, she’s been catering more to her online accounts and fans, posting outfit showcases and other videos more frequently. While she is living in quarantine, she showed through a video that she is very much enjoying a lavish lifestyle even while in isolation. Like many other celebrities, she traveled to a different more isolated location to relax and unwind, renting a large home with a pool and no neighbors in sight.

She’s been documenting her life in isolation, and has been enjoying the break much like a Staycation, even having a private masseuse on hand to help her relax more.

Personal Life

Natalia was previously married to comedian Francis Rosas, but they eventually divorced in 2019. She doesn’t have any children and there have been no reports of any current romantic relationships her way. During her free time, she enjoys staying fit, doing exercises at home or going to the gym when possible. She is also very conscious of her diet and figure, as it is one of her most favorable assets. She loves to travel, and also enjoys photography though her opportunities for both have lessened due to recent restrictions.

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