• Alex Elmslie, aka ImAllexx, is a British YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, known for his gaming videos and commentaries on internet trending topics.
• ImAllexx began his YouTube journey as a hobby and has since grown a large audience.
• He has controversially commented on fellow YouTubers and internet celebrities, including Paul Logan and Slazo.
• He is openly bisexual and is currently dating fellow YouTuber Lewis Buchan.
• ImAllexx has an estimated net worth of over $700,000.


Alex Elmslie is a British YouTuber and Twitch streamer, born on 1 February 1999 in Hertfordshire, England. Under his pseudonym of ImAllexx, he’s known for his gaming videos, and for his commentaries about internet trending topics.

Early Life

Although ImAllexx is a well-known internet personality, not much is known about his early life and educational background. The only other member of his family who is publicly known is his brother William – there’s no information about his parents or other possible siblings.


YouTube – First Steps

Along with classmates, ImAllexx uploaded his first video onto YouTube in 2010, in which he was seen playing the game “FIFA”.

Although this didn’t get many views, he continued posting more gaming -related content. Years later in 2016, ImAllexx opened a new YouTube channel on which he started sharing videos of a variety of topics, including video games and commentaries about popular themes on the internet, and critics.

As expected of a small and new YouTube channel, ImAllexx’s videos didn’t attract many views at first, but this didn’t deter him though, as he considered his content was somehow more appreciated during that time, and wasn’t bothered by its apparent unpopularity, saying: ‘funnily enough it actually felt more important when it was so small than it does now’.

ImAllexx’s journey on YouTube started as a hobby, thus he didn’t have any expectations at the start. However, this changed as his channel started growing an audience, and his ‘video editing project’ became a serious profession.


Shortly after he started his YouTube channel, he also became a Twitch streamer. His content on this platform is video-game focused, as he wanted to make a distinction between his content on this platform and YouTube. To date ImAllexx has more than 300,000 views on Twitch, and has uploaded clips playing games such as “FIFA”, “Mario Bros” and “Among Us”. His most watched video on the platform is entitled “Fraser is a clown”, in which he can be seen playing “Sims 2”.

Controversies & Commentaries

ImAllexx has always been very vocal about his opinions, having criticized several fellow YouTubers, internet celebrities and content creators. Due to this, he’s received both praise for his videos as well as backlash.

Some of his most famous and controversial commentaries have been about:


Paul Logan Suicide Forest Video

In January 2018 ImAllexx uploaded a video onto his YouTube channel entitled “Logan Paul’s Apology”, in which he criticizes the fellow YouTuber for uploading a video showing a dead body he found during his holidays in Japan that year, describing Logan’s public apology as ‘incredibly disingenuous’

In the follow-up video “Defending Logan Paul”, ImAllexx shows various clips of Logan’s fans defending his actions, pointing out Logan’s followers had visibly adopted his mannerisms and have become blindsided by their fanaticism: ‘This all comes from the arrogance that Logan shows (for) being a spoiled, arrogant prick in every single video he’s made. A f*ucking horrific person in fact’.

In November that year ImAllexx posted the video “We Need To Stop Logan Paul”, mocking and criticizing Logan’s flat-earth views.

Slazo Scandal – KEEMSTAR Backlash

In early 2018, the Australian YouTuber Slazo was publicly accused by his ex-girlfriend Chey of sexual assault. The woman – who was in a relationship with him for over a year – also affirmed Slazo was manipulative, and ‘would often guilt or force’ her into various uncomfortable situations  for her.

Due to these allegations, many people on the internet turned their back to Slazo, and the backlash worsened when ImAllexx publicly offered his support to Chey, surprising both his subscribers and Slazo’s, as the YouTubers were supposedly friends.

Slazo didn’t answer the allegations right away, waiting various weeks until he decided to give his side of the story through a video posted on his channel, showing evidence he wasn’t guilty of the accusations of sexual assault. However, he apologized for being a bad boyfriend.

Not only Slazo’s subscribers believed his side of the story, he also obtained the support of various fellow content creators on the internet. Despite this, ImAllexx publicly said he didn’t want to be associated with Slazo anymore, as he considered his manipulative tendencies negative enough to end their friendship.

Not long after the controversy was unveiled, the YouTuber KEEMSTAR posted a Tweet accusing ImAllexx of planning the false rape allegations against Slazo. On this Tweet, KEEMSTAR added a caption of a conversation between ImAllexx, Chey and an unknown third person in which it can be read ImAllexx was purposely trying to turn people against Slazo: ‘Look I reckon we need to try to get it out soon. Want to make sure that he can’t continue, whatever makes that happen I support.’

Following this, ImAllexx faced a general backlash on the internet, which promptly stagnated his growth on YouTube. However, he didn’t apologize to Slazo for his actions.

Olivia Duffin’s Biphobic Comments

On December 2019, the famous TikToker Olivia Duffin, caused controversy when her ex-boyfriend Liam Casey unveiled screenshots of messages exchanged between him and Duffin, in which she expressed her apparent disdain for bisexual people.

In one of the messages, Olivia affirmed ‘I don’t agree with bi, you’re either gay or ur not Liam’ in response to her ex-partner’s confession of having kissed various men during an outing. This caused a controversy and backlash against her on the internet, as she was accused of being biphobic and homophobic.

Posted by ImAllexx on Saturday, January 27, 2018

ImAllexx contributed to the critics against Duffin – who had previously shared a TikTok explaining she didn’t have anything against the LGBTQ community – with the video “Tik Tok girl hates bisexuals”. After that, Duffin apparently blocked ImAllexx on her social media accounts, and posted another video on her TikTok account expressing her regret for having said such things, affirming her hurtful words were resulting from her heartbreak – at the time, she and Casey had recently broken-up – and didn’t mean her claims.

However ImAllexx didn’t accept her apologies, stating: ‘I don’t like when people say my sexuality isn’t valid. I don’t like when people say my sexuality is something that literally should be removed from the LGBTQ community completely’.

Personal Life

Sexuality and Relationships

It’s a known fact ImAllexx is bisexual, as not only has he confirmed his orientation in several of his videos, but also because he has been publicly romantically involved with both women and men.

His first publicly known partner was the YouTuber Ani Tilki – better known as Kingani – with whom ImAllexx maintained a romantic relationship from 2016 to 2017. The couple started a YouTube channel named Alex and Ani, on which they posted videos of a variety of topics together. Unfortunately, the pair deleted the channel when the relationship ended.

Nowadays ImAllexx is dating fellow YouTuber Lewis Buchan. The couple is very open about their relationship, and have posted various videos together on their respective channels.

Net Worth

ImAllexx has an estimated net worth of over $700,000, the result of his long career as a YouTube and Twitch content creator, including profits from his videos monetization and sponsorships.

Physical Appearance

ImAllexx is a man of slender build, green eyes and brownish-blonde hair. He’s 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tal, but his weight is unknown.

Interesting Facts

He has been nicknamed “blabbering dwarf” by his detractors.

He’s friends with fellow YouTubers LeafyIsHere and Chris Ray Gun.

He confessed in an episode of the “Happy Hour Podcast” to having suffered an eating disorder in his teens, describing going home after school and crying for six hours straight ‘for no reason at all’, which subsequently ended up with him not eating for an entire week.

ImAllexx is a big fan of Lego and “Star Wars”.

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