• Anthony Simcoe is an Australian actor best known for his work in the television show “Farscape”.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career since 1997.
• He attended the National Institute of Dramatic Arts and achieved international fame for his role in “Farscape” in 1999.
• He has continued to appear in television shows and films up to the 2010s.
• He is a member of three bands, enjoys playing music in his free time, and keeps in touch with “Farscape” fans.


Who is Anthony Simcoe?

Anthony Simcoe was born on 7 June 1969, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and is an actor, probably best known for his work in the television show “Farscape” in which he portrayed Ka D’Argo. He was a part of the show for its entire run, and achieved international fame because of it.

The Net Worth of Anthony Simcoe

As of mid-2020, Anthony Simcoe’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career as an actor in the profession since 1997.

Though he’s mostly known for his work early on in his career, he consistently appeared in television shows and films up to the 2010s.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Anthony grew up in Sydney, and at a young age aspired to become a professional actor. After matriculating from high school, he pursued his interests, enrolling in Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Arts. The university is considered the top performing arts institution in the country, having been operational since the 1950s, and one of the best drama schools in the world. The focus is more on practical experience, with students allowed to work on actual productions.

After completing a degree in drama, he then continued his studies, completing a Master’s in Fine Arts (MFA) degree in drama, with a specialization in actor training, intending to pursue a career as a trainer in case his career as an actor didn’t pan out. In 1997 he landed his first professional role in the film “The Castle”, which immediately helped him attract attention. The film was very successful, gaining widespread acclaim in the country and New Zealand, but due to a lack of international distribution, it didn’t fully fulfill its potential.

Rise to Fame – Farscape

In 1999 Simcoe gained international acclaim when he was cast in the television series “Farscape”.

The show which aired on the Nine Network and the Sci-Fi channel, following the lives of a diverse set of characters who joined an organization called The Peacekeepers. This is a way for them to escape corrupt authorities, and the team then becomes a part of a large ship traveling across the universe. The main character is a modern-day astronaut who meets the Peacekeepers after accidentally flying through a wormhole. The show builds its story with the astronaut trying to find his way home, while helping the Peacekeepers.

In the show, he played the role of the Luxan warrior Ka D’Argo, who is impressive but ill-tempered – he joined the Peacekeepers after being wrongfully convicted of killing his wife. In the show, he is seen wielding a large broadsword that can transform into a rifle. The show was set to run for five seasons to conclude its story, but it had an abrupt cancellation during its fourth season. This caused a stir for many fans as it meant that it was ending on a cliffhanger.

Continued Acting Work and Concluding Farscape

Following, Anthony made an appearance in the mini-series “Marking Time”, in which he portrayed Scott Seaton, and tells the story of the experience of refugees in Australia, and a man’s discovery of their struggles.

Anthony Simcoe

It was the first mainstream project to properly address the refugee policy in Australia. Afterwards, he made an appearance in the comedy film “Syntax Error”, in which he worked alongside Sacha Horler.

The following year, a continuation and conclusion of “Farscape” was announced called “Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars”. The mini-series continues from the fourth season, tying up most of the storylines presented in the show. Many of its fans followed the conclusion and even expected a continuation, but it didn’t have the same draw as expected. Nevertheless, the show had a very high viewing during its initial nights, but never really improved upon it.

Following its end, the producers hoped to make a film adaptation, but due to numerous problems, it was never continued. All of its seasons plus the mini-series are available through online platforms around the world.

Recent Projects

After making a guest appearance in “The Alice”, Simcoe was then cast in a supporting role in the 2008 film “Nim’s Island”. The film is based on the story of the same name written by Wendy Orr, and starred Gerard Butler and Jodie Foster. It tells the story of a girl who lives alone on a remote island, and tries to seek the help of an author living in San Francisco. The author suffers from agoraphobia – a fear of open spaces and crowded places – and attempts to overcome this phobia to meet the girl.

Anthony also made guest appearances in “Rogue Nation” and “Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities”. During the 2010s, he noticeably took fewer acting projects; his last film appearance was in 2014’s “The Inbetweeners 2”, a sequel to 2011’s “The Inbetweeners”. The show is based on the sitcom of the same name which aired on E4, and follows the story of a group of friends who meet during a holiday in Australia, and is set to be the end wrap up all the events that occurred in the series and the first film. The show was very successful at the box office, though it had mixed reviews. In recent years, he has been more focused on working as a freelance corporate trainer.

Personal Life

It is not known if Anthony is married, as he doesn’t talk a lot about his romantic endeavors. It is known that he has two children though he doesn’t talk a lot about their mother either -it’s not known if they are in a relationship or have separated. During his free time, he enjoys playing music, and performs for the band Signal Room. He was also a part of the bands’ Number 96 and Giant Killers. Even though “Farscape” was completed long ago, many fans of the show still keep in touch, and he often looks back to his time in the show with good memories.

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