• Charly Caruso is a famous face in WWE, but has never fought in the ring
• After high school, she attended American University in Washington, DC and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism
• Caruso has worked for various networks and in 2016 made her debut with WWE
• She is an ambassador for many brands on her social media profiles and earns her income from WWE, ESPN and Instagram
• Caruso has an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of April 2020.



When people think of WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment – they think of huge, muscular men fighting each other under the spotlights, but not all people in the industry sweat in the ring. Charly Caruso is one of the most famous faces in WWE, but never caught anyone in a clinch. Who is Charly Caruso and how did she become loved by so many wrestling fans?

Early life and Education

Charly Arnolt was born on 14 July 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Her mother is Charlene May Arnolt, but her father’s name remains unknown to the public. She was always a big fan of sports, and started gymnastic training when she was as young as five.

Caruso enrolled at North Central High School, but after she had an accident when she was 13 through which she lost feeling in her extremities, she couldn’t go to school as a regular student. This made Caruso quit sports for a while, and to keep-up her education she was homeschooled for a brief period of time. The person who was responsible for most of her education during this time was Charlene May, who was, according to Caruso herself, her biggest inspiration in this and other hard periods in life. Near the end of high school, Caruso briefly returned to sport, playing softball and volleyball, but couldn’t pursue either of these sports professionally as she was deemed too short.

She then attended American University located in Washington, DC. – while she was in her sophomore year, her parents divorced. During her studies, Caruso worked as an intern for several networks, and because of this she had to travel all around the US while still a student. In 2010, Caruso graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

When in public, she uses her professional stage name, Charly Caruso.


Caruso started working for NBC’s WSAZ – TV in West Virginia, right after her graduation. Her work there was rather rough, as she was usually working without a crew, and went to a lot of unsafe areas while covering various stories, oftentime regarding dangerous topics.

Charly Caruso

She kept her position from 2010 to 2011, before moving to work for WDAF – TV in Kansas City, Missouri, held by one of the biggest television networks, FOX. This time, she worked on the Morning Live segment, and was much more comfortable with her position. During this time, she wanted to be a crime reporter, as she found joy in working on homicide and SWAT cases. She worked for WDAF – TV until 2013, when she moved back home to Indiana, and became a sports reporter on FOX 59, otherwise known as WXIN – T, remaining on the channel until 2015.

In 2016 Caruso made her debut with WWE, when she started working for NXT, a brand of the US-based wrestling promotion.

She got the job by a curious set of event; she has always been an avid wrestling fan, and in early 2016 she was offered a backstage ticket to a big “SmackDown” event that was happening in her home town of Indianapolis. During the event she met Mark Carrano, the WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations, and gave him her resume, who  proceeded to give it to Michael Cole, “Monday Night Raw” reporter, who declined her at first, as at that moment there were no open job positions. Several months later, however, Brandi Rhodes left WWE and Cole invited Caruso to replace her. During that time, Caruso had already accepted a job position in Washington, but didn’t hesitate to quit and and pick WWE.

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In 2018 Caruso signed a contract with ESPN, where she became reporter for SportsCenter. Caruso announced the news about her new job on her Instagram profile with the caption: ‘Been waiting my whole life to say those 4 letters! So, yep, here I am – officially an ESPN employee!’ She also became the face of the ESPN’s show held on their Snapchat profile. This made many of her fans worry that she is going to leave WWE for ESPN, but she quickly reassured everyone that she is keeping both positions.

As of April 2020, Caruso is still working for both ESPN and WWE, while also being an ambassador for many brands on her social media profiles.

Personal Life

Despite being rather active on social media, with Instagram being her main network and one of the sources of her income, Caruso keeps most information about her private life away from the headlines. She is focused on her career, and rarely posts anything about what is going on in her everyday life.

In 2016 rumors were circulating that Caruso was in a relationship with one of the most famous and successful WWE wrestlers, Seth Rollins. The gossip started after he tweeted photos of himself together with a woman whose face couldn’t be seen, but who closely resembled Caruso.

All of this was even more suspicious to the public, as this was only weeks after Rollins broke-up with his on-and-off girlfriend, Zahra Schreiber, but the supposed duo remained quiet and never disclosed the relationship.

After she landed her job in WWE, Caruso once again went back to her love for fitness, as she started training again – this time powerlifting. Her hobby soon started to bring her a nice amount of money, as she became the face of many brands via her Instagram profile. Most notably, she promotes products made by MotiveCBD, a company that provides cannabis oil-based products for muscle pain relief.

In 2018, Caruso was connected to a personal trainer Shawn Booth after the duo was spotted together in Florida. Neither of them commented on the rumors, so the possible romance remains a mystery.

Caruso’s hobbies include watching movies and TV series, reading magazines

Caruso is rather active on social media. She has over 676,000 followers on her Instagram profile, and over 102,500 followers on Twitter, which add to her income.

As of April 2020, she is residing in New York, US.

Net Worth

Caruso earns most of her money from her WWE reporting, and as of April 2020 she has an estimated net worth of $500,000. The average yearly salary for her work position is around $75,000, and on her Instagram profile she earns as much as $2,117 per sponsored post.

Physical characteristics

Charly Caruso is considered to be one of the hottest female reporters in the US. Her height is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) and she weights around 132lbs (60kgs), with her vital statistics being 34-28-36. She has dark eyes and her hair is naturally black, but she usually dyes the ends brown.

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