Who is Carnie Wilson?

Carnie Wilson was born on 29 April 1968, in Bel Air, California, USA, and is a television personality as well as a singer, probably best known for being a member of the music group Wilson Phillips. The girl group consists of daughters of members bands which were popular during the 1960s to 1970s.

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The Net Worth of Carnie Wilson

As of early-2020, Carnie Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be over $24 million, earned through success in the entertainment industry. Apart from her music releases, she has been active in various television programs since the 1990s. She’s also been involved in other business endeavors, including a bakery and café.

Early Life and Music Career

Carnie is the daughter of The Beach Boys member Brian Wilson from his marriage to singer Marilyn Rovell. As a child, she admired her parents’ careers as singers, and became friends with the children of other popular bands. During her teens, she became close with Chynna Phillips, the daughter of The Mamas and Papas John and Michelle Phillips, and along with her younger sister Wendy, the trio formed the group Wilson Phillips.

Thanks to her family’s connections in the music industry and the children’s innate talent, the group eventually signed to a record deal, releasing a self-titled debut album.

Afterwards, they released their sophomore effort “Shadows and Light” which was successful, selling millions of copies, mainly in the US. They had a few top-charting hits, but the group decided to disband in 1993. She continued making music with her sister, releasing the Christmas album “Hey Santa!” before working on their acclaimed album “The Wilsons” which was released in 1997. The album was praised by critics but it didn’t fare so well when it came to sales.

Television Career

Thanks to the fame she had gained through her family and music, Wilson was eventually offered the chance at hosting a talk show called “Carnie!”

The show had a format similar to that of other popular talk shows of the 1990s, which were compared to tabloids. However, the show only lasted for a year before being canceled. She also appeared in other programs, making guest appearances as seen in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and “That 70s Show”. In the mid-2000s, she began participating in the reality program “Celebrity Fit Club”, as she was finding it hard to keep her weight down.

As the years passed, she became more focused on hosting work, and began working for “Entertainment Tonight” as one of their correspondents.

Other projects she was offered in the next few years included “Gone Country”, “Celebracadabra”, and “The Newlywed Game”. She also made attempts resurrect a solo music career, and planned to release an album, however, her single to promote the album didn’t do well which ultimately led to her label shelving the entire project. She returned to television work, becoming the star of the reality show “Carrie Wilson: Unstabled”.

Wilson Phillips Reunited and Other Projects

Nearing the late 2000s, Wilson Phillips reconnected and eventually reunited. They began touring once more, and performed for some of their long-time fans.

Carnie Wilson

They signed a record deal with Sony Music, and then worked on a third album – “California” – which featured many hits from the time of their parents; songs from the Beach Boys and The Mamas & The Papas were featured on the tracklist. Aside from this album, she also released a solo album filled with lullabies, which was created after the birth of her daughter. She then worked on another solo album, “Christmas with Carnie”.

In 2012, she made a guest appearance in the program “Celebrity Wife Swap”, before working with Wilson Phillips once more in the reality show, “Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On” which aired on the TV Guide Network, and featured their band as they tried to get back on track after reuniting once more, and aired for a few months.

She also competed in the program “Chopped: All-Stars”, which featured celebrities cooking against each other for a prize. She was able to finish second in the episode.

Recent Projects

In 2013, Wilson competed during the second season of “Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off” joining the team of Racheal Ray. She reached second place in the competition, and won $10,000 which she donated to the Autism Research Foundation. During this period, she also frequently appeared as a guest host on “The Talk”, leading to speculation that she is heavily considered to be a priority for replacement in case any of the permanent hosts deciding to leave.

She also began working closely with Progressive Insurance, doing a few commercials for the company.

In 2016 she competed during the eighth season of “Celebrity Apprentice”, which aired a year later, but didn’t last long in the competition as she was the second to be eliminated. During the same year, Wilson Phillips performed in the program “Greatest Hits” on ABC, a show which features popular music acts from decades passed. She also made a guest appearance in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” the following year.

Aside from television appearances, she also started a business, a bakery and café named Love Bites by Carnie, which she established with her childhood friend Tiffany Miller.

The shop’s baked goods can be ordered and delivered to any part of the US.

Personal Love

Carnie married music producer Robert Bonfiglio in 2000, after being in a relationship for a few years. They have two children together. She is related to Beach Boys member, Mike Love, and his brother Stan Love who is a retired professional basketball player who played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) – this means that she’s related to Stan’s son, Kevin Love who plays for the team, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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For most of her life she has struggled with obesity, which grew even worse during the peak of fame of Wilson Phillips, as she reached 300 pounds. Due to her fame, she was often the target of comedians, but still found it very hard to reduce her weight. She decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery in which a stomach is divided into two pouches to help reduce appetite. The surgery helped her lose half her weight, and since then she’s promoted the procedure, but eventually found herself gaining weight again, leading to more ridicule. She went for another procedure in 2012, this time lap-band surgery and hopes to get back into shape, as she was fit enough to pose for “Playboy” in the past.

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