Debby Clarke Belichick:
• Born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee
• Married to Bill Belichick in 1977 and had three children: Amanda, Stephen and Brian
• Started her own store of tile and design called “The Art of Tile & Stone” in Massachusetts
• Divorced from Bill in 2006 after his affair with Sharon Shenocca
• Her daughter Amanda is a lacrosse coach, and sons Stephen and Brian both work for the New England Patriots football team
• Net worth of over $3 million


Debby Clarke Belichick is a successful American businesswoman, who is still more famous not for her entrepreneurial endeavors, but for being the ex-wife of Bill Belichick, the professional American Football head coach of the NFL (National Football League) team the New England Patriots.

Early life and family

Debby Clarke was born in 1955 in Nashville, Tennessee USA. She holds American nationality. Little is known about Debby’s childhood; however, it is known that Debby has always been keen on sports, as she even met her future husband during one of the football matches they occasionally attended at the same time, eventually getting to know each other. Since her early years, Debby has been interested in volleyball, beach volleyball and basketball as well as football.

Educational background

Debby matriculated from her local high school in 1973, and then enrolled at Wesleyan University. It was then that she met Bill Belichick at a football match, as Bill was playing for his college team.


Debby is well-known for her entrepreneurial vein, as she manages several businesses at the same time. Among many other endeavors, Debby opened her own store of tile and design called “The Art of Tile & Stone”, located in her now hometown in Massachusetts, and it is very popular online.

Personal life, ex-husband Bill Belichick

Debby married her college sweetheart Bill Belichick in 1977. The couple had a very common classic wedding ceremony, which has been followed by a calm married life with children.

Debby gave birth to three kids during her marriage with Bill: Amanda, Stephen and Brian. As the kids were born soon after each other, Debby had to lay off her career to become a homemaker, and fully focus on her children, while Bill continued to develop his sports career.

However, their marriage couldn’t make it to its 30th anniversary, as in 2006 Debby divorced from Bill due to his affair with the former the New York Giants receptionist, Sharon Shenocca. The rumors state Debby and Bill separated two years before the official divorce, in 2004, however, Debby filed for divorce only when the fact about her then-husband’s affair became public.

The controversy grew even bigger when it was found out that Bill sent Sharon Shenocca cash gifts of around $5,000 per month, and also bought a house for her which cost around $2.2 million. Even though the affair with Sharon didn’t last long after it became evident, Bill was later noticed with another lady, Linda Holliday, a correspondent for WCVB-TV and a clothing store owner, when the love birds attended Super Bowl XLII.  As to Debby, she hasn’t been seen with any other men after her separation from Bill.

Three children: Amanda, Stephen and Brian

Daughter Amanda Belichick, a lacrosse coach

Amanda, the eldest child of Debby and Bill Belichick, took a lot after her father, and played football and lacrosse during studying at Wesleyan University.

She then also pursued a coaching career, just like her father, starting at the Rosemary Hall preparatory school in the position of a lacrosse coach, at the same time working in the admissions department. At the end of 2009, Amanda got the position of the assistant coach at the University of Massachusetts, working with the Amherst women’s lacrosse team. In 2010 she moved to the same position at the Ohio State Buckeyes, then five years later in the middle of 2015, Amanda had a promotion to the position of head women’s lacrosse coach at Holy Cross College, which is located in Massachusetts.

In 2014 Amanda met her future husband, AJ DeSantis, online, and their relationship led them to marriage in June 2018.

At the wedding ceremony, which was highlighted by Luxury Modern Weddings magazine, Amanda wore the special wedding necklace which was to ensure her that her parents would always be right by her side. In the center of the necklace she had Debby’s diamond from her engagement ring Bill Belichick presented her back in the day of 1977. The necklace also had several marquise-cut diamonds from Super Bowl pendants of her father, which he won with the New York Giants in 1986 and 1990, and New England Patriots in 2001, 2003 and 2004.

Sons, Stephen and Brian Belichick

Debby’s middle child, Stephen, has also been keen on sports from his early years. He played lacrosse and football while he studied at Rutgers University.

Right after Stephen completed his tertiary education, he got the position of an assistant coach with the New England Patriots football team in the middle of 2012, and served under his father, Bill Belichick, until in 2016 he was promoted to the position of safeties coach. Debby’s youngest son, Brian, also played lacrosse during his time at Trinity College, located in Dublin, Ireland. The same year his brother, Stephen, was offered the position of a safeties coach, Brain was hired as a scouting assistant in the front office of the New England Patriots.

Who is Debby’s ex-husband Bill Belichick?

William Stephen “Bill” Belichick is still the head coach of the New England Patriots in the NFL. Bill was born on 16 April 1952, in Nashville, Tennessee USA.


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Bill always dreamt of becoming a sportsman, as Bill Edwards, his godfather (it’s a well-known fact that Bill was named after him), was one of the main coaches of College Football’s Hall of Fame. Bill’s father, Steve Belichick, served at the United States Naval Academy in the position of an assistant football coach.

Bill spent his childhood in Annapolis, Maryland, where he matriculated from Annapolis High School in 1970. In 1974 Bill graduated from Wesleyan University (located in Middletown, Connecticut), being a member of the college football team.

He started his coaching career in New York Giants in 1979, when he became a defensive assistant and a special teams coach.

In 1990 he quit the Giants to join the Cleveland Browns, where he worked as the head coach through to 1995. In 1996 he became the defensive backs and assistant head coach for the New England Patriots, then from 1997 to 1999 Bill was the defensive coordinator and assistant head coach at New York Jets.

As of 2020, Bill Belichick holds the position of the New England Patriots head coach, which he took up in 2000.

Details of Debby’s ex-husband’s controversy with Sharon Shenocca

Bill met Sharon Shenocca, when he was still married to Debby Clarke, and Sharon to her husband, Vincent Shenocca, a construction worker, having two kids in their marriage. Sharon worked as a receptionist in the front office of the New York Giants, and soon after their meeting, Bill and Sharon started secretly dating.

Even though Bill was pretty serious about his intention to marry Sharon and even adopt her children, the couple broke up soon after their affair became publicly discussed. It was Vincent Shenocca, who was the first to mention the details which seemed to be very strange – Sharon was receiving envelopes with impressive amounts of cash – from $3,000 to $5,000. Vincent accused his wife of committing adultery with Bill Belichick, as he had no other explanation as to why she got such sums from him. From the beginning of 2005, Sharon got over $150,000 from Bill, until their affair was uncovered. The house Bill bought for his future life with Sharon and her two children had four bedrooms and was located in Park Slope, and valued at $2.2 million. The court on the case also discovered Bill paying for Sharon’s vacations to Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Florida, and helping her open her jersey store in 2006, giving Sharon $50,000 for her business needs.

In the end, Bill broke up with Sharon, selling the house he bought her for $2.75 million; Sharon also divorced her husband, taking her maiden name Radigan back. The whole situation made Debby file for divorce from Bill, which was finalized in 2006.

Appearance, clothing style

Debby has short blonde hair which is naturally curly, and blue eyes, but wears glasses. Her height, weight and vital statistics are not available at the moment. As to her clothing style, she has always preferred wearing classic suits of light pastel shades, such as pink, mint and beige.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, Debby Clarke Belichick is reported to have a net worth of over $3 million, which she earned from her business endeavors. Her fortune also benefited from her divorce from Bill Belichick, whose net worth is estimated to be around $35 million, as of the beginning of 2020.

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