• Bernice Burgos is a social media personality, television personality, businesswoman, and video vixen.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1.1 million.
• She is of Puerto Rican ancestry and became a single mother at a young age.
• She is known for her music video work and television shows such as MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out”, and her business, Bold & Beautiful.
• She has been in controversial relationships with rapper TI and Drake, and accused of undergoing cosmetic surgery.


Who is Bernice Burgos?

Bernice Burgos was born on 17 April 1980, in The Bronx, New York City USA. She is a social media personality, television personality, businesswoman, and video vixen, but perhaps best known for her controversial relationship with rapper TI. She’s also been featured in programs such as MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out” hosted by Nick Cannon.

The Riches of Bernice Burgos

As of early-2020, Bernice Burgos’ net worth is estimated to be over $1.1 million, earned through success in her various endeavors. While she has earned a bit from modeling as well as her music video work, most of her income has been brought about by a successful online business.

She also earns significantly from sponsorships through her significant online following.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Bernice is of Puerto Rican ancestry, and while she was born in The Bronx, her family frequently moved around the tri-state area, eventually settling somewhere between New Jersey and New York. She didn’t have a plan for a career at first, and her education was derailed when she became pregnant as a teenager, leading her to drop out of school to take care of her child.

She lived with her mother primarily but was treated harshly by other relatives due to her decision leading her to become a single mother at a young age. To help make ends meet, she began working as a waitress by day and a bartender at night. On one occasion, she overheard a conversation between a woman in a bar and her agent, which led her to be curious about the girl’s profession, and subsequently to get connections and land herself an agent, which marked the start of her career in the entertainment industry.

Bernice Burgos

Video Vixen and Television Work

In 2009, while still working as a bartender, Burgos embarked on her first job as a video vixen. Her debut appearance was in the music video “Pop Champagne”, alongside Ron Browz and Jim Jones. A year later, she appeared in the Hal Linton music video “Southern Hospitality” before working on “Ain’t Leaving Without You” by Jaheim. Her wealth and popularity started to increase, gaining more opportunities as she was recommended by artists she worked with. In 2011, she worked with J. Cole for his music video “Work Out”.

Apart from music videos, she also had other opportunities, including her film debut in “Notorious”, a biographical story about the life of The Notorious BIG including his eventual murder. Other stars of the film included Anthony Mackie, Angela Bassett, and Jamal Woolard who would reprise his role as the rapper in “All Eyez on Me”. She also became a featured guest in the MTV show “Wild ‘n Out”, which is an improvisational show that has been running for at least 15 seasons. The show has a similar premise to another improvisation-focused show “Whose Line Is it Anyway?”, with guests battling against each other in a series of improvisational games.

Online Career and Business

Bernice’s continued work in the entertainment industry helped elevate her career significantly, and soon her online fame followed, as she gained millions of followers on her social media accounts such as on Instagram. This provided another avenue for wealth, as her large following attracted several companies who partnered with her to do sponsored posts, paying her for promoting their products. One of her most notable sponsors is the brand Fashion Nova, which rose to fame thanks to its use of Instagram models for its promotion.

Apart from her sponsored work, she also used her fame to establish a business, a clothing line called Bold & Beautiful, taking inspiration from the soap opera which popularized the phrase in the country. Her business focuses mostly on sleepwear, as she felt that it was an avenue of fashion that hadn’t been fully explored or taken advantage of. She began creating and designing pieces with the help of her daughter, then using her online accounts to promote the products. She earns income through sales of her items through an e-commerce website she manages.


Personal Life

Burgos never married the father of her first child, as he was later imprisoned. She also admitted to being a part of a few abusive relationships in her past. She has a second child, but hasn’t commented on the father of that child either. Her first public relationship was to retired professional American Football player Marion Knight, who would later become a record executive before a string of criminal issues that took him off his career. She was also known for her relationship with rapper Drake. The two were often spotted on trips together, and there were rumors that they became engaged, but they separated in 2015.

In 2016, she began dating rapper TI and the relationship was fraught with controversy as she was blamed for the separation of TI from his wife, being cited as a mistress in their marriage. She defended herself, as TI had already filed for divorce when they began dating. The two were spotted at various hotspots in the US, but eventually they broke up as well.

Other Controversies

Bernice has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery to help enhance her career, with people citing her old videos being vastly different from her current looks.

She later admitted to having breast implants and hip jobs to enhance both areas. She also said that she had tried a little bit of everything, indicating that she has had other cosmetic surgery that the public were not aware of.

She’s also been arrested once, charged for hitting a 14-year old girl, an acquaintance, though the details were not shared as to how it happened. She was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, but has seemingly moved on from that issue, and continued her career without any grave problems.

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