• Alex Zedra is an Instagram star, gamer, Twitch partner, and elite athlete
• She was born in South Carolina, USA, and holds American nationality
• Alex started playing video games and sports in elementary school
• She is in a long-term relationship with Eli Cuevas, who co-hosts the History Channel show "Brothers in Arms"
• She has a net worth of over $1 million


Who is Alex Zedra? Wiki Bio

Alex ‘Zedra’ Rogers was born in South Carolina, USA, on 3 November 1991, so her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she holds American nationality. She is an Instagram star, gamer, Twitch partner, and an elite athlete, but best known for her Instagram account which is currently followed by over 750,000 people, and onto which she has uploaded more than 1,000 pictures. Her name ‘Zedra’ comes from a character from one of her favorite games – the massive multiplayer online role playing game “World of Warcraft” (WOW).

Early life and education

Alex was raised alongside her younger brother Seth in South Carolina by their father who is an accountant and their mother who is teaching at a local high school. Alex grew up being interested in playing sports and video games together with the boys from her elementary school and upon enrolling at high school, she started playing soccer and tennis and moved to more serious games such as WOW and “Defense of the Ancients” (DOTA).

At the age of 16, Alex began going to the gym and upon matriculation, she didn’t enroll at a college but rather decided to focus on exercising and her career on the internet.

Career as a social media personality and other ventures

Alex is mostly uploading pictures of her everyday life onto her Instagram, including when she is firing from her weapons or exercising at the gym. Alex is also active on Twitter, where she is followed by over 54,000 people, while she has tweeted more than 1,000 times. Her Facebook account is followed by more than 210,000 people, and she updates these two accounts at least twice a week.

Alex likes to stream on Twitch while playing video games, such as the first-person shooter “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” which was released in 2019, and which follows CIA officers and British troops who are teaming up to fight rebels from Urzikstan, a made-up Asian country.

Alex can mostly been seen streaming on Tuesdays and Fridays when she usually spends four hours playing games between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. (CEST). She has so far spent 85 hours streaming, and has an average of 1,700 viewers per stream. Her two most popular videos uploaded on Twitch are “Alex discovering herself” which has been seen over 10,200 times since January 2020, and “Went 65 and 22… still lost” which has been viewed over 7,000 times since 2017.

Alex is also active on YouTube, launching her channel on 7 May 2017, which is currently followed by over 100,000 people, and counts more than 2.6 million views of all her videos combined.

She mostly uploads videos of her everyday life, while the most popular video on her channel is “Real Life *Call of Duty* MARA Surprises GameStop Employees!” which has been watched over 1.45 million times since 21 February 2020.

Love life and relationships

Alex is keeping the details of her private life away from the media’s attention, but she often uploads pictures featuring her boyfriend Eli Cuevas onto her Instagram account. The two met at a gun range, as Eli enjoys firing weapons as well, while he is also a big fan of games and is streaming on the Twitch platform while playing “PUBG”, “Resident Evil 2”, and “League of Legends” (LoL) among other games.

Alex Zedra

They started dating sometime in 2014, and while there were rumors circulating the internet that they broke up in 2018 as Alex wasn’t uploading any pictures of them, it appears as they got back together in January 2019.

Is it widely believed that Alex and Eli are living together, but are not married and they don’t have children, as they are both focused on their careers on the internet. A rumor has it that they have recently become engaged. Eli has a son named Ryden with a woman whom he dated sometime at the beginning of the 2010s, while his daughter Brooklyn Rose Cuevas died shortly after she was born in 2010.

Before Eli, Alex was in a long-term relationship with another man for over four years before splitting ways, due to what appears to be the man’s infidelity.

Hobbies and other interests

Alex is a huge fan of first-person shooter video games, while one of her favorites is “Fortnite: Battle Royale” – some of the first games she played when she was a kid and which were on PlayStation 1 were “Metal Gear Solid 1” and “Syphon Filter” among others.

She is interested in doing a variety of outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and hiking, as well as playing airsoft and paintball.

She is a huge fan of animals, but doesn’t have a pet as she doesn’t have time to take proper care of one. Alex spends a lot of her free time at the gym, as she has several training sessions each week, and follows a strict diet, meaning no fast food nor sugar for her.

She enjoys watching movies late at night, with some of her favorite actors and actresses being Russell Crowe, Bruce Willis and Angelina Jolie, while some of her favorite movies are “Pulp Fiction”, “The Jackal” and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life”.

Appearance and net worth

Alex is 28 years old. She has long black hair and green eyes, is 5ft 3ins (1.6m) tall, and weighs around 123lbs (56kgs).

Alex is a fan of tattoos, and has numerous on her body, while her entire left arm is covered in them. As of April 2020, her net worth is estimated at over $1 million.

Who is Eli Cuevas? Wiki Bio

Eli Cuevas was born in 1990, in Crawfordsville, Indiana USA – his zodiac sign is said to be Sagittarius and he holds American nationality. He is a TV personality and a gamer, best known for co-hosting the History Channel show “Brothers in Arms” which began airing on 20 November 2018.

Eli was raised in Crawfordsville by his father who was serving in the US Army, and his mother who is a housewife – Eli was actually interested in following in his father’s footsteps at a very early age.

He attended a local high school where he was physically active, mostly because he wanted to be ready to join the Army after matriculation. He later became a Squad Designated Marksman, while his best friend Vincent ‘Rocco’ Vargas became an Army Ranger, and the two served alongside in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Upon their return from the Army they launched Double Tap Gear, which employs veterans, and creates and sells merchandise such as knives, guns and other weapons.

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