• Alex Becker was born in Dallas, Texas in 1988 and had a passion for computer science and making money from a young age.
• He briefly worked as a dating coach and became a CEO consultant before founding his search engine optimization platform Konker.
• He then founded Source Wave and Market Hero, two companies focused on providing courses for people interested in online marketing.
• He also wrote a book, has a YouTube channel with over 430,000 followers and owns several other companies.
• Becker's net worth is estimated at $15 million and he is often accused of being a scam.



A unique mindset and courage to take risks can take you far. Multi-millionaire Alex Becker is proof of that. Despite being young, this man managed to earn true wealth for himself. How did Becker manage to attain such a huge success? Or is he just another online scammer?

Early life and Education

Alex Becker was born on 24 May 1988, in Dallas, Texas USA. As most of his information is being kept private, it isn’t known who his parents are or where he went to school. From a young age, Becker was interested in programming and computer science. He also had a good sense for making money, as he started designing websites while he was still a teenager so he could earn some pocket money for himself.

In 2007, Becker joined the US Air Force and worked in the position of an aircraft firefighter. He left the Air Force in 2011 so he could focus on another career path.


Becker briefly worked as a dating coach for online magazines, then became a CEO consultant for a company based in Texas, specializing in advising people about expanding their own business. Becker quickly gained recognition for his work, and some of his clients even include plastic surgeons who were trying to get more patients and leads.

After earning his first few thousand dollars, Becker launched the search engine optimization (SEO) platform named Konker, starting this project under the management of First Wave, the company he founded at this time.

Konker served as an online platform for freelancer advertising, similar to Fiverr or Upwork, but the biggest difference is that Konker was a place only for experts in the branch of online marketing. The platform achieved some success, but this wasn’t enough for Becker, so he later sold it for an amount that was never publicly disclosed.

Becker used the money from selling Konker for opening his future projects – most notably, he joined forces with SEO experts Stephen Floyd and Gregory Ortiz. The trio founded Source Wave, starting as a small educational and training-based company that provided courses for people who would be interested in a career in the field of online marketing.

Alex Becker

He quickly changed his brand’s direction, and focused more on creating SEO software – although a branch of the company under the name Source Wave University kept its original purpose and serves as an extensive course that is supposed to teach you how to make money online by using the Private Blog Network (PBN).

In 2015, Becker joined the video streaming platform YouTube, where he started posting videos on which he gives people advice about becoming an online marketing guru – all the while posing in front of some of his many assets, such as his Ferrari or Lamborghini. This helped him become closer to the general audience, who either loved or hated him because of his blunt comments and outspoken personality – a combination that made some people claim that he is arrogant.

Some of his most popular videos include “Does A Ferrari Attract Girls? Picking Up Girls in Ferrari”, “How I Went from Broke to Lamborghini” and “Why (As a Millionaire) I Own Nothing”. As of 2020, his channel has more than 430,000 followers.

In 2016, Becker founded Market Hero, the automation and email analytics application company that is located in the Fort Worth Area. With it, he is aiming to change the way email marketing is done. Market Hero is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) business that is promoting courses that teach people how to make money buying or selling products or services online, most notably on websites such as Shopify.

As of April 2020, Market Hero has more than 4,000 active users.

Becker also invested in a nutrition venture, Spekter Labs, that is creating supplements for enhancing overall human performance and health. Just like Konker, Spekter Labs was sold in 2019 for an undisclosed amount.

At the same time, Becker is the CEO of Hyros, a company that is focused on obtaining business’ sales data, and using advanced marketing tools to help improve the client’s digital marketing performance.

Along with all these companies, Becker is still doing one-on-one consulting work, while also selling online courses on various business topics. He has his own Shopify training program called H-Com 2020.

Becker is also a successful author. He launched his USA Today bestseller, “The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mindsets of the World’s Richest People”, on 17th May 2016. Through this book, he is trying to educate people about entrepreneurship and to give them advice on achieving success. One of the most popular pieces of advice he wrote in the book is: ‘Don’t invest your time on anything that does not make money’.

Personal Life

Becker keeps most of his life private, so not much is known about what he does in his spare time.

He is popular on most social media, including Instagram and Twitter.

In 2017, he began dating a girl named Rachel, however, other than her name and several pictures that can be found on Becker’s Instagram profile, there are no known details about his girlfriend.

He is friends with the Hollywood star Harrison Ford, who is known for his roles in feature films such as “Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones” and “The Fugitive”.

There is no proof that he is related to the famous German botanist, Alexander K. Becker, despite the same last name and the similarities in their first names.


Becker is often accused of being a scam, especially because of his blunt attitude. He’s never commented directly on these accusations, but instead uses his overall success to try to prove otherwise.

Net Worth

According to the information on their official website, Market Hero is making around $5 million in revenue annually. The membership for Source Wave University (SWU) costs up to $67 monthly. On average, SWU has around 100 students, which means that the monthly revenue it makes is around $6000. His H-Com 2020 course costs almost $2000!

Taking everything into the account, Becker’s net worth is estimated at around $15 million as of April 2020.

Physical characteristics

Alex Becker has a height of 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and weighs around 154lbs (70kgs). He has short, light brown hair and blue eyes. A lot of people are confusing Becker with the Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, as the two have similar facial features.

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