• Hyoon is an illustrator, social media personality, and Twitch streamer known as Aikuros.
• She has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• She began her online career by posting illustrations of her favorite anime and games.
• She has since transitioned to more of a video game streamer, playing classic and newer games.
• She has a passion for video games and has a collection of Pokémon collectibles in her home.


Who is Aikuros?

Hyoon was born on 12 June 1995, in the United States of America. She is an illustrator, social media personality, and Twitch streamer, best known for initially finding fame on the website Instagram under the name Aikuros, displaying illustrations of her favorite anime and games. Over the years, she transitioned to more of a video game streamer, only illustrating occasionally.

The Riches of Aikuros

As of mid-2020, Aikuros’ net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career online. She’s gained numerous opportunities thanks to her online fame, including from her Twitch stream.

Early Life and Online Beginnings

At a young age, Aikuros developed a love and passion for video games.

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One of the earliest she played was one of the “Pokemon” games – also known as Pocket Monsters in Japan, Pokemon has become a worldwide phenomenon, popularizing the fictional creatures which can be caught and trained to battle others in the game. As she grew to know more games, she also developed a love for first-person shooters (FPS) and more competitive games. One of the earliest FPS games she played was “Counter-Strike” a mode of the game “Half-Life”, which would later grow to become one of the most popular competitive shooters on PC.

Aside from games, she loved watching anime and spent some of her time drawing and illustrating. She became very good at it, and after later creating an account on Instagram, she began posting photos of herself alongside her illustrations. Instagram is a photo-sharing site that has been responsible for the fame of many. Her following on the site soon grew significantly, as she posted more selfies and illustrations.


One of her earliest most popular works on Instagram was an illustration of the character Kageyama Tobio, from the popular manga and anime franchise “Haikyuu!!” The show focuses on high school student Shoyo Hinata who is on a path to fulfill his dream of becoming one of the best high school volleyball players in Japan.


He develops a friendship with a former rival Kageyama and joins the high school team of Karasuno, who begins competing with some of the top teams in Japan thanks to their desire to reach their full potential. It is one of the most popular animes of recent years.

With her ever-growing fame, more people started to request illustrations, or commissions which would bring in extra income. However, she later grew tired of constantly drawing and had trouble fulfilling some orders, leading her to transition her online account as more of a personal site, posting photos of herself. She still posted a few illustrations from time to time, ranging from “Pokemon” to more recent hits such as “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

Her fame continued to grow, as more people were interested in and attracted to her work.

Video Game Streaming

Wanting to interact more with her followers and earn money, Aikuros set up an account on Twitch, a popular video game streaming platform on which people can broadcast themselves playing games, while interacting with an audience. It has proven to be a lucrative avenue for many, especially if one finds a regular audience who can consistently bring in donations or subscriptions. She first did some live streaming, showcasing some of her illustrations, or creating a few from scratch.

Later on, she tried video game streaming, playing classic games before later transitioning to “Pokemon Heart Gold” and “Pokemon Soul Silver”, remakes of “Pokemon Gold and Silver” and were released for the DS. It was a part of a series of remakes done of older “Pokemon” games, which she played as they reminded her of her first time playing “Pokemon”. She also plays the game “Animal Crossing”, which has become a hit in 2020 due to its many new features. Like many simulation games, the video game offered an escape especially to those in quarantine. People could also interact online through the game, and carry out various tasks.

One of the appealing parts of the game is the interaction with villagers who are anthropomorphic animals, who engage in various activities, or help out one’s character from time to time.

Recent Endeavors

In recent months, Aikuros has been stuck at home due to quarantine restrictions, and mostly posting online or playing video games online. She has been staying at home to prevent a chance of getting infected with coronavirus which has been affecting many parts of the world. As such, she’s been streaming more consistently, and has even started In-Real-Life (IRL) streams on which she just chats with her viewers.


She had a YouTube channel once, mainly posting videos of herself playing “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, but it later became inactive as she became more invested in streaming. She also plays the video game “Valorant”, an online multi-player shooter created by Riot Games which is known for its hit game “League of Legends” (LoL). This game takes a lot of what made “Counter-Strike” and “Overwatch” successful, implementing them into their game. While they are still in closed beta, the game has been gaining a lot of attention and is said to be a newer generation shooter that could dethrone “Counter-Strike” in the competitive or eSports aspect of things.

Personal Life

Aikuros is single and while she has gone on dates, she hasn’t yet been in a long-term relationship. She has dated a few other notable personalities in streaming, YouTube, and Instagram, but they’ve mostly been dates that never went anywhere. She’s been missing her friends a lot as she’s not been able to see them due to quarantine.

Her passion for video games is one of her biggest reasons for her current career. She took up game development in university, though it is not known if she is working professionally as a game developer or as an illustrator. She is likely focused mainly on streaming due to the community she’s already developed. She also has a lot of Pokémon collectibles in her home.

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