• Appeared in Disney's movie "Descendants" of 2014
• Appeared in the drama series "Ice" and the acclaimed series "The Good Doctor"
• Played lead roles in the movies "Christmas Solo" and "Once Upon a Prince"
• Appeared in the thriller movie "Counterfeiting in Suburbia" and the TV movie "Terrified at 17"
• Plays the role of Fiona in the period drama "When Calls The Heart" since 2019


Kayla Wallace is a Canadian actress, born on 31 October 1988, in Victoria, British Columbia Canada. She’s perhaps best known for appearing in the series “When Calls the Heart”.

Early Life

Not much is known about Kayla Wallace’s early life, and the only publicly known member of her family is her mother Morrie. Kayla became interested in dancing, singing and acting at a young age, which led her to improve her artistic skills and participate in various theater plays for children. She used to dance in front of her family when she was a kid, as she said in an interview with The Hallmarkies Podcast.

However, Kayla’s love for film and TV acting started in her teens, thanks to a program led by the actresses Erica Carroll and Ali Liebert: ‘What sparked my dream to become a film actor was actually a workshop that my high school acting program hosted. I was so drawn to the intricacy that acting for the screen has.’

After Kayla’s matriculation, she began studying performing arts at The Canadian College of Performing Arts, based in her native Victoria, telling My Devotional Thoughts: ‘I trained in acting, dancing, and singing six days a week, usually twelve hours a day. It definitely helped prepare me for the crazy long hours this career can have!’

Looking for more opportunities, after her graduation Kayla left her hometown and moved to Vancouver.


Early Steps

Although at the time she was living in Victoria, Kayla Wallace didn’t have an agent and could only attend open auditions, she was still able to obtain her first professional film job as a dancer in the Disney’s movie “Descendants” of 2014: ‘I remember walking on set for the first day and seeing my name on a little trailer door… I was over the moon. My own trailer?!’

Kayla Wallace

Rookie actress as she was, the experience proved to be everything she ever dreamed of:  ‘Mostly, I remember feeling so fulfilled after a day on set, and I remember feeling so excited that this was only the beginning.’

After moving to Vancouver, Kayla continued improving her skills, and joined various acting studios. In 2016 she obtained her second professional job, in the role of Alice in “Death of a Vegas Showgirl”, a movie directed by Penelope Buitenhuis and centered on the toxic and complicated relationship between Debbie Florez – played by Roselin Sanchez – and Jason Griffith played by Danso Gordon. She also appeared in the first epísode of the drama series “Ice”, playing the role of Misty.

More Professional Roles

In 2017 Kayla Wallace obtained her first lead role of Melissa in the movie “Christmas Solo”, directed by Christie Will. In this movie Wallace plays an angry teenager who has a serious rivalry with one of her classmates Charlotte – a character played by Pippa Mackie.

The experience of participating in this film was a dream come true for Kayla, who had always wanted to appear in a Christmas-themed movie. In addition, this project allowed her to display her singing skills even more: ‘It was really neat to explore the character of the antagonist, but also finding the humanity in the antagonist. Everybody has a story, even the bully’.

Following on, Kayla was then cast to appear as Grace Mitchell in the episode “Sacrifice” of the acclaimed series “The Good Doctor”. Although at first she was nervous at appearing in a renowned and established show, it was an exciting and new experience altogether for her, as Kayla was used to a different type of productions: ‘I remember trying to soak up everything I was seeing/learning. The pace is much different than working on a TV movie set.’

More Projects

In 2018 she appeared as Avery in the TV movie “Once Upon a Prince”, the second lead role of her career, but also marking her first appearance in a Hallmark channel’s production.

“Once Upon a Prince” centers on a modern-day romance between a Prince and a common girl, and was filmed in Kayla’s hometown of Victoria, which added to Wallace’s joy of appearing in the movie, as she considered it an exciting experience: ‘I had so much fun playing the quirky/bubbly character of Avery, and getting to try on a bunch of fancy ball gowns was definitely a perk!’

Also in 2018, Kayla was cast as Sarah in the TV movie “Killer Ending”, directed by Christie Will, following wthich she appeared in the thriller  “Counterfeiting in Suburbia” as the bad girl Erica: ‘Working under the direction of Jason Bourque was so great. He has such a unique creative eye. The cast and I had such a good time together.’

In 2019 Kayla played the character of Julie Price in “Terrified at 17”, the second TV thriller movie of her career. She then was cast in the TV film “Undercover Cheerleader” as Autumn Bailey, in which Kayla revisited her dancing roots, and was also her first starring role.

In early 2020 Kayla was cast in the movie “Breckman Rodeo”, and appeared in two episodes of the famous TV series “The Magicians”: ‘(it) was a really great experience. The cast was so great to work with and I loved my sassy, witty character Natasha,’ she said in an interview.

When Calls The Heart

In 2019 Kayla joined the cast of the sixth season of the period drama “When Calls The Heart”, produced by The Hallmark Channel. In this series she plays the role of Fiona, which is the most recognized characters of her career to date.

At the start, Kayla wasn’t sure if her role in the show was going to last for long. However, the character proved to be positive for the series: ‘Fiona fell in love with the community aspect of Hope Valley. She made connections with the other ladies of the town in ways I think she never saw coming.’ The key to the success of Fiona as a character was in her personality, as Kayla said: ‘(she) brought a fresh, fun quality to the town that people had never seen before, and I think it really excited everyone!’.

Kayla’s role was brought back in the seventh season of the drama, which premiered in 2020: ‘Fiona might be opening up her eyes to the more personal intimate parts of her life. I would classify her as a workaholic, so it’s nice to see Fiona outside of her switchboard setting!’

Fiona created quite a buzz when she came to Hope Valley in Season 6. 💥 Today, learn more about the lovely and talented…

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Personal Life

There’s no information about Kayla Wallace’s personal life, thus details of her hobbies and friends are unknown. Information about her past partners and actual relationship status is undisclosed as well.

When asked what were her favourite shows-to-watch during the 2020’s quarantine, she answered: ‘I’ve been watching lots of cooking shows like The Final Table and Sugar Rush. I am looking forward to finishing The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel and rewatching The Office!’

Net Worth

As a result of her work as an actress, Kayla Wallace has an estimated net worth of  over $1 million as of late 2020.

Physical Appearance

Kayla Wallace is a woman of beautiful facial features and slender build, with long, auburn hair and gorgeous brown eyes. Her current weight is around 130lbs (58kgs) and she’s 5ft 7ins (1.70m) tall.

Interesting Facts

In December 2019 she attended the play “Wicked” in New York.

She often posts videos on her Instagram account of herself singing.

In the future she wants to participate in one of The Hallmark channel’s musicals.

Although Kayla enjoys all the seasons, she has a preference for winter, and her favourite holiday is Christmas.

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