• Patti D’Arbanville is an actress and former model with a net worth of approximately $2 million.
• She first appeared in a film project at 8 years old, and later collaborated with director Andy Warhol.
• Her most notable films include "Flesh" and "L'Amour", and she later worked on the TV series "New York Undercover" and "Third Watch".
• She was previously in a relationship with singer Cat Stevens, and was married to actor Don Johnson, Roger Miremont, Steve Curry, and Terry Quinn, with whom she has three children.
• Her latest project was a recurring role in "Rescue Me".


Who is Patti D’Arbanville?

Patricia D‘Arbanville was born on 25 May 1951, in Manhattan, New York City, USA, and is an actress and former model, but perhaps better recognised for being the ex-wife of actor Don Johnson, known for his work in shows such as “Miami Vice” and “Nash Bridges”. During her youth, she often collaborated with director Andy Warhol.

The Net Worth of Patti D’Arbanville

As of mid-2020, Patti D’Arbanville’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, earned through a successful career in the entertainment industry, in the acting profession since the 1960s. Her earlier modeling work also helped in building her wealth.

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Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Patti grew up in Manhattan where her father worked as a bartender, while her mother was an artist. At a young age, she developed an interest in the performing arts, leading her to be cast in her first film project when eight years old, in “Tuesday and Blue Silk”. She was asked to perform by a student at New York University (NYU), and the film project was enough to convince her to eventually continue with the profession.

She first went about her studies at Quintano’s School for Professional Children, and later met director Andy Warhol, who was then working as a disc jockey. Warhol is known for his exploration of 1960s culture, as seen in some of his artworks as he explored silkscreen painting during this time.

He was known for being a controversial artist, which was also evident in some of his feature films. He’s also authored numerous books, and founded the magazine “Interview”. Many years after meeting, she was contacted by him to become a part of a film he was working on called “Flesh”.

Film Projects

“Flesh” starred Joe Dallesandro playing a character who works as a hustler in New York City. In the film, D’Arbanville played the lover of the main character, an affair he is having despite being married. The film was directed by Paul Morrissey and was the first of a trilogy, gaining a cult following, and is a representation of the ideology of that time.

While she didn’t appear in the sequels, she would later work on another Warhol film – “L’Amour” – another collaboration between Warhol and Morrissey; she co-starred alongside Donna Jordan and Karl Lagerfield in the film, which tells the story of two hippies living in Paris to hopefully find rich husbands.

Later in the 1970s, she worked on the David Hamilton film “Bilitis”, an erotic drama starring her as the titular character. It tells the story of a schoolgirl who becomes romantically attached to a married woman she spends the summer with, and who then proceeds to look for romantic partners for both of them. The film is loosely based on the Greek poem “The Song of Bilitis”. During her youth, she was known for doing a lot more risqué performances that often involved nudity.

Later Career

While her popularity waned over the years, Patti maintained consistent appearances in films and television projects, mostly working between the US and France. She lived in France for over a decade, and learned to speak the language fluently, leading her to take various projects in the country. She was involved in stage productions too, and won a Drama-Logue Award for her work in “Italian American Reconciliation”, an off-Broadway play. She later found her stride on television, first finding a regular role in “Another World” for a year.

In 1994, she became a main cast member of the series “New York Undercover” aired on Fox, in which she played the role of Lieutenant Virginia Cooper.

Patti D’Arbanville

The show followed two undercover detectives who investigate various gang-related crimes and other cases. The show was highly popular during the 1990s, and was one of the most notable shows from NBC at the time. Later on, she worked in the soap “Guiding Light” for a few years, before gaining a recurring role in “Third Watch”. One of her latest projects was another recurring role in the show “Rescue Me”, in which she portrayed the character Ellie for four years.

Former Partner – Don Johnson

Don Johnson developed a love for acting while in high school, and began working in his local theatre scene. After dropping out of college to pursue professional acting roles, he was mainly out of the spotlight during the first decade of his career in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, he found his stride, becoming a household name thanks to the series “Miami Vice” in which he portrayed James “Sonny” Crockett. The show tells the story of two detectives working in Miami undercover, and has been considered iconic especially for its use of the New Wave culture and music that was very popular during that decade. His performance even earned him a Golden Globe award.

After “Miami Vice” ended, he established himself in a new role in the 1990s, as the titular character in “Nash Bridges”. The police show follows two inspectors who work as a part of the Special Investigation Unit of the San Francisco Police Department.

The show ran for six seasons, ending in 2001. Since the 2000s, he’s taken on supporting roles on both television and in film, focusing his efforts on the latter. He was a supporting character in the film “Machete”, and also appeared in the Quentin Tarantino film “Django Unchained”. One of his latest projects is the film “Knives Out”, which was very successful at the box office.

Personal Life

Patti’s first notable relationship was with singer Cat Stevens in the late 1960s. At the time, she was working as a model, and is said to be the inspiration of several of his hit songs including “Wild World”. The two broke up as she continued her pursuit of modeling in New York.

In 1981, she met and began a relationship with Don Johnson, and they stayed together for five years; they had a son during that time.

Later on, while living and working in France, she met actor Roger Miremont whom she would later marry. The two stayed together for five years, and after breaking up, she then started a relationship with Steve Curry. The two were married for a year, then after their divorce, she returned to the US. Her last marriage was to firefighter Terry Quinn which lasted for nine years, ending in 2002. From across all her relationships and marriages, she has three children.

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