• Lacey Wildd is an American reality TV and movie actress, and former model best known for her numerous breast augmentations.
• As of mid-2020, her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000.
• She has undergone a variety of plastic surgeries to enhance her body, with her breast size increasing from A cup to an LLL cup.
• She has appeared in minor roles in films and numerous reality TV shows, including “True Life” and “My Strange Addiction”.
• She is currently single and has six children from different relationships.


Who is Lacey Wildd?

Lacey Wildd was born on 23 April 1968, in Montgomery, West Virginia, USA, and is a reality television and movie occasional actress, and former model, best known for her numerous breast augmentations and implants that have led to her breasts reaching a very large size. She’s been featured on numerous television programs, including “True Life”.

The Riches of Lacey Wildd

As of mid-2020, Lacey Wildd’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. Her work on television has brought in some significant paydays, though she has also spent a hefty amount to increase and maintain her bust size.

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She’s also had other work done on various parts of her body.

Early Life and Plastic Surgery Beginnings

Lacey grew up in West Virginia and lived most of her early life without much attention, though she often got into trouble or had accidents – she experienced falling down a well, and has had other near-death experiences though never specified. One specific experience she had was a feeling that she shouldn’t enter a car which proved to be a good decision as the car was involved in a crash later that day.

At the age of 16, she became involved in a relationship and became pregnant, leading her to marry at a young age.

She had two children, but was divorced five years later. When she became single, she realized that she needed to make ends meet to help provide for the children, and she worked as a waitress. She also changed her hair color and began contemplating breast augmentation surgery, something that she had always thought about. While the exact reasons for her breast surgery are not known, she decided that her A cup was not big enough for her.

Breast Augmentations and Other Augmentations

So Lacey used some of her earnings to undergo breast augmentation, increasing her size from A cup to a B cup.

Some people undergo augmentation surgery, then realize that they can do more enhancement, and begin considering a Barbie look. She wanted to become an adult Barbie, but an extreme version, so she then had her buttocks enlarged, her nose made slimmer, and her eyes widened, among many other things.

However, the main thing that she worked on was her breasts, as she continued increasing her size, over a third of her 36 plastic surgery operations. To date, she has spent over a million dollars in breast augmentation and is now credited as having an LLL Cup, a size that is almost impossible to achieve biologically. Her breast size has brought her a lot of attention, and considerable ire from those who don’t believe in plastic surgery.

Still, she quickly became a celebrity based on her breast size and other augmentations which have been the subject of numerous reality programs. In 2014, she announced that she was aiming to go for a QQQ cup size, and once again attracted controversy for the decision.

Television Appearances

Due to her breast size, Lacey’s gained opportunities to appear in minor roles in films, with the first being in the independent feature “Dr. Ice”. Later on, she would appear in “Blonde Squad” and “Beauty and the Beholder”, mostly working on various B films, so not gaining any mainstream attention for her acting.

Lacey Wildd

In 2011, her popularity surged when she was featured in an episode of “True Life” – the documentary series follows a particular topic, often related to addiction or issues about sex, money, or drugs, and has gained numerous awards over the years.

Since then, she’s been invited on to numerous shows, including “20/20”, “ABC News”, and “Dr. Drew”, which tackled her augmentation story, and debated her addiction to plastic surgery. In 2014, she was featured in “My Strange Addiction”, another documentary series that features people with what’s regarded by some as bizarre behavior, related to their beliefs or personal interests, often leading to ritualistic or compulsive behavior.

One of her latest appearances was in the same year, in an episode of “Botched”, the reality show which tackles various plastic surgery procedures that have gone wrong.

Recent Endeavors

Wildd continued with her QQQ cup surgery, though there wasn’t a lot of attention on it following her announcement, except for some controversy based on the risk that was involved with the surgery. No doctor from the US wanted to support her action, so she had to go to Brazil for medical consultations. Due to her large breast size and weight, she has had pig skin sewed into her abdomen to support them. She also had internal bra surgery to have something that is supporting the heavyweight of her augmentations.

She has to sleep at a 30-degree angle or risk getting suffocated by her breasts which have been weighed at around 21 kilograms together. She mentions that it feels like she has guitar strings in her body that support her breasts. Despite the obvious risks and dangers, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. In 2016, she started a psychic business, offering consultations in her home with the name Ghostbusty. She credits her psychic abilities to her unusual or near-death experiences as a child, but believes that her breast journey has led her to her current line of work.

Personal Life

Lacey has six children from different relationships, but is still single. She has not remarried following her first marriage and divorce, as proven by the fact that her ex-boyfriend was one of the people who encouraged her with her current psychic business. Her children have been interviewed on television, and they admit that their life has been surrounded with the attention on their mother’s boobs. Her children don’t believe in her plastic surgery enhancements for the most part, and seeing her photos of the past, they believe she was much prettier back then.


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    Lacey Wild is actually a great mother to all of her kiddies. Supringly enough she is still single. One thing I will say is she will not screw a rich man for his money. However if you’re a Mexican Rico Swave you might be surprised that she will do you in the back of your lawn service truck for free. You better make her orgasm or she may slap a Nigga! Lol

    She is truly a great human and I personally think the world of Lucy, Lacey, Paula whoever she wants to be she has a heart of Gold!

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