Who is Joanna Cameron, and what is she doing today?

Joanna Kara Cameron was born in Vail, Colorado USA, on 20 September 1951 – her zodiac sign is Virgo and she holds American nationality. She is an actress, who is perhaps still best known for her portrayal of the lead character Isis in the family fantasy adventure series “The Secrets of Isis”, which aired in 1975 and 1976, and also starred Brian Cutler and Joanna Pang. The story follows an archaeologist who, after finding an ancient amulet, gains the ability to transform into a superhero and fight evil.

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After retiring from acting, Joanna began working in the home healthcare industry, staying for 10 years before she started working in marketing.

Early life and education

Joanna was raised an only child in Vail by her father who was a truck driver, and her mother who taught English at a local elementary school. Joanna grew up watching a lot of TV with her mother, but didn’t start to dream about becoming an actress until she enrolled at high school, and started appearing in school plays. Upon matriculation in 1969, she enrolled at the University of California, Riverside where she met Linda Hope, the daughter of the late British-American comedian, actor and dancer Bob Hope, and Linda introduced Joanna to her father who then cast her in her first movie – “How to Commit Marriage” in 1969. Joanna graduated from college in 1973 with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, and then chose to focus on her acting career.

Roles in movies

In 1969, she was cast to portray Belinda Hastings in the crime movie “The Last of the Power Seekers” starring Gregoire Aslan, Michael Bell and Ralph Bellamy, and which is about a bank president who is requesting his son-in-law to resign. The following year saw Joana portray Nurse Sharon in the comedy “I Love My Wife” which is about a young surgeon who gets bored of his wife and starts having short and meaningless affairs with other women.

In 1971, Joanna played Yvonne in the crime comedy film “Pretty Maids All in a Row”, which starred Rock Hudson and Angie Dickinson, and is about a California State Police Captain who is investigating the murder of several teenage girls at Oceanfront High School.

The same year saw her portray both Marilyn and Michelle in the romantic comedy “B. S. I Love You” written and directed by Steven Hilliard Stern.

In 1973, Joanna portrayed Gloria Rockwell in the drama “The Great American Beauty Contest”, and the same year saw her play Mini in the romantic drama “A Time for Love”, which failed to attract much attention. Some of her following roles were in the 1974 thriller movie “Sorority Kill” starring alongside Jane Actman and Anthony Geary, the crime thriller “Night Games” in which she portrayed Thelma Lattimer in 1974 as well, and the comedy “It Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Guy”, about a beautiful woman who kidnaps a man and rapes him in a secluded place.

Two of Joanna’s final roles in movies before retiring from acting were in the crime comedy “High Risk” in 1976, and the 1980drama “Swan Song”, written and directed by Jeffrey Bloom.

Roles in TV series

Joanna made her debut TV series appearance in 1969, when she guest starred as Jan Speiser in the episode “Man Without a Heart” of “The Bold Ones: The New Doctors”, also starring David Hartman, E. G. Marshall and John Saxon, and which follows the lives of neurosurgeon Dr. David Craig and his two colleagues.

The following years saw Joanna appear in single episodes of many series, such as the drama “Medical Center” in 1969, the western “Daniel Boone”, and the science fiction adventure “The Name of the Game” in 1970.

Joanna Cameron

She went on to guest star in the episode “Love and the Eyewitness” of the romantic comedy “Love, American Style”, as well as in the episode “Have I Got an Apartment for You!” of the comedy series “The Partners” in 1971.

Joanna gained recognition when she was cast to portray both Carolyn Kingsley and Nurse Anne MacAndrews in four episodes of the drama “Marcus Welby, M. D.”, which was created by David Victor and starred Robert Young and James Brolin, while the story follows doctors Marcus Welby and Steven Kiley as they are trying to treat people as individuals. The year 1972 saw Joanna appear in a single episode of the adventure series “Search”, and in 1974 she was cast to portray Lorna McGrath in the episode “Negative Reaction” of the crime mystery drama “Columbo”.

The following year Joanna was cast as Isis in three episodes of the action family fantasy series “Shazam!”, while the year 1977 saw her guest star as Vanessa Vale in the episode “Have You Heard About Vanessa” of the crime mystery drama “McMillan & Wife”.

Three of her final roles in TV series before retiring from acting were in the episode “In the Silence” of the drama “Gibbsville” in 1977, two episodes of the action adventure crime series “The Amazing Spider-Man” in 1978 a,nd two episodes of the action crime drama “Switch” in 1978 as well.

Who is she married to?

Joanna met her now ex-husband Grant D. Conroy at a party in 1970, when they were introduced by a mutual friend, and they began dating several days later – Grant was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and his father was a pilot instructor who also fought in World War 2, and was the executive officer of VP-44 squadron which became famous after participating in the battle of Midway.

Motivated by his father, Grant has also became a pilot, is a sportsman and a historian. He and Joanna married in a private ceremony attended by their closest friends and family on 24 December 1975, but the two divorced several years later, apparently because Joanna didn’t want to have children.

Joanna hasn’t talked about any other men she might have dated, and as of September 2020, she is single, was once married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Joanna’s main hobby is travelling, and her acting career took her all around the US, while she has also been to several European countries such as Italy and France.

She is a huge lover of animals with cats being her favorites, and has two pet cats today – she volunteered at an animal shelter many times during her teenage years.

Joanna likes to read historical books, while her favorites are those describing World War II, and The Romanov family which ruled Russia from 1613 to 1917.

She also likes to listen to jazz and blues music, and her favorite artists are Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker.

In her spare time, Joanna likes to watch movies, and her favorite actor and actress are Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, while some of her favorite movies are “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail” and “Notting Hill”.

Age and height

Joanna’s age is 69. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) and she weighs around 130lbs (59kgs).

As of September 2020, Joanna’s net worth has been estimated at over $1 million.


  1. Lancer Dare Reply

    Well Done biography. You might add JoAnna was picked as “one the five most beautiful women in the world” stated in the Hollywood Reporter. Mainly because of her listing in “ Guinness Book of World Records” for being in the most national commercials in TV history. Also noted as the “woman with 1000 faces” also in the Hollywood Reporter…

  2. This is the most thorough biography of Ms Cameron I’ve seen to date. The fact that she didn’t want children will stick out the most to many people even in this day and age. I wonder why. Anyway, she certainly had some serious legs. I could have sworn I saw her briefly in the film “Airport 1977” but I don’t see her credited as having been in it so who knows. I don’t really know of course but she seems a lonely soul. I can relate .

  3. John J Reale Reply

    After reading the first paragraph, I wonder where you got your information about her
    personal family life?
    This is what I remember……
    I lived across the street from she and her family growing up. I’m not sure why she never wanted to associate with her true past. Her Dad Harry, was a very successful business man, far from a truck driver. They lived in the town of Greeley Colorado. Known for cows. Not Vail the “Hip” place.
    Her Mother Erna was wonderful, and taught me things that I still think about to this day like Dingleberry pie !

    It always hurt me that sadly Patti didn’t even come to her Mothers funeral.

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