• Jenesis Sanchez is best known for being the partner of the late Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known as XXXTentacion.
• As of early-2020, Jenesis Sanchez’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.
• XXXTentacion had a history of abuse towards his previous partner Geneva Ayala.
• He was killed in a robbery in 2018, leaving his estate to his mother and brother.
• XXXTentacion's life and death were filled with both celebrated moments and questionable decisions.


Who is Jenesis Sanchez?

Jenesis Sanchez was born on 6 March 1998, in Florida, USA, and is best known for being the partner of the late Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, better known by his stage name XXXTentacion. Her partner achieved bursts of popularity during his relatively short career, but never got to fulfill his potential as he was killed in a robbery.

The Net Worth of Jenesis Sanchez

As of early-2020, Jenesis Sanchez’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, gained mostly during her time together with XXXTentacion when she was supported by her partner. T

he late rapper had a net worth of $5 million before his passing, though he gave most of his estate to his mother and brother as he had not updated his will after his girlfriend became pregnant.

Relationship with XXXTentacion

He began a relationship with Jenesis Sanchez. At this time, the rapper was enjoying significant wealth from his success in the music industry and even bought a 6,000 square foot mansion in Parkland, Florida valued at over $1.4 million. He was making plans to return to school and complete his GED. He was also known for his struggles with depression.

XXXTentacion had a history of abuse as narrated by his former girlfriend Geneva Ayala. She went to court stating that the rapper had perpetrated various types of torturous abuse on her, beating her, choking her, and often backhanding her. He also threatened her with knives, and with drowning on several occasions. He was a jealous man, and even threatened to sexually assault her. He then used his depression and threats of suicide to keep her in check. However, by the time he was dating Sanchez, he proclaimed that he had changed and was working on his way to becoming a better person.

Jenesis Sanchez

The Death of XXXTentacion

In 2018, while Onfroy was set to leave a motorcycle dealership, his car was blocked by a black SUV and two armed men exited the car, hoping to get whatever valuables he had inside. The thugs stole a Louis Vuitton bag which contained $50,000, and he fought back against them which led to him being shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Broward Health North hospital. One of the suspects was arrested just two days after the shooting, and was charged with first-degree murder without premeditation. The arrest later led to the discovery of the other assailants, including the shooter Michael Boatwright.

With his passing, XXXTentacion had already written a will some time previously, naming his mother and brother as the beneficiaries of his estate, but hadn’t updated it since his girlfriend had become pregnant, so legally she left with nothing from him. However, the late rapper’s mother was very supportive and took them in. She also announced to the world that Sanchez was pregnant with XXXTentacion’s child; he was later named Gekyume which was the father’s wish if the child was a boy. If it was a girl, the child would’ve been named Xiorra which as the father describes, was a name he made up to mean “a different universe of thought”.

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Who Was XXXTentacion?

Onfroy lived a troubled childhood and was raised primarily by his grandmother due to the problems his mother had. At the age of six, he was put into a youth program for attempting to stab a man who was attacking his mother. Following his return, his aunt set him to attend school and church choirs, which built his interest in music.

However, he was still deemed a problem child, often getting into fights with other students. He was expelled from middle school, and then attended Sheridan House Family Ministries, where his interests in music grew, and although he then attended Piper High School, he dropped out to pursue a career in music.

In 2013, he befriended another juvenile who went under the stage name Ski Mask the Slump God. The duo began making music and recording together, first uploading onto the website SoundCloud.

Musical Success

XXXTentacion abandoned his life of crime, having decided on a life dedicated to music. He started the Members Only collective, in which he was joined by Ski Mask. In 2014, he released his first extended play (EP) called ”The Fall”, and regularly uploaded music to SoundCloud as well, including collaborations with his friend. In 2016, he released “Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer”, which gained huge attention online.

However, he was living with rapper Denzel Curry, and was later arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in unexplained circumstances. After his release, he worked on his debut independent album called “Bad Vibes Forever”.

His songs were starting to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100, while he also continued to cater to his fans on SoundCloud. He released two albums called “17” and “Bad Vibes”, and a mixtape called “I Need Jesus”, citing various musical genre inspirations. In 2017, he held his first tour with his debut studio album reaching second spot on the US Billboard 200.

He released various popular songs including “Fuck Love”, “Revenge”, and “Jocelyn Flores”, meantime expanding his reach to YouTube, creating a vlogging channel and working on his second album “?”, which debuted at the top of Billboard 200. Following its release, he was killed, and other recordings of he’d made were released posthumously.

A Controversial Legacy

XXXTentacion’s life and death were filled with great celebrated moments and questionable decisions. Before his death, he was on trial for domestic abuse following a leaked online video which showcased him slapping a woman.

There were also recorded calls in which he admitted to stabbing nine people and abusing his then-girlfriend Ayala. While he repeatedly admitted to trying to move away from crime, his actions indicated otherwise – he was charged with assault, robbery, home invasion, possession of a deadly weapon, and gun possession charges.

Publications such as “Rolling Stone” opined that his musical achievements were overshadowed by his life story, and his history of abuse and other crimes. Despite that, his music has made an impact that has affected numerous current artists, and will likely influence future artists. He was in a waytrue to who he was, despite the issues of depression and misogyny.

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