If you loved the TV series “Webster”, you are familiar with the main actor, Emmanuel Lewis. The cute little boy was even known as the face of Burger King! However, after the series ended he seems to have disappeared into thin air. What happened to Emmanuel Lewis, and what is the reason behind his height?

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Early life and Education

Emmanuel Lewis was born on 9 March 1971, in Brooklyn, New York City USA. His mother is Margaret Lewis who worked as a computer scientist, and he is the youngest of four children. His brothers’ names are Roscoe and Chris and his sister is called Lizziebeth.

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His father isn’t mentioned, but then when he was two his parents divorced. He went to Midwood High School and matriculated in 1989. He then moved to Los Angeles, California to further pursue his acting career, and although he enrolled at Clark Atlanta University located in Atlanta, Georgia in 1989, his acting obligations meant that he didn’t graduate in 1997, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the theatre arts.


Lewis started his acting career when he was still a kid, after he was asked by his actor friend if he wanted to join the entertainment industry.

Lewis’ mother contacted the Schuller Talent Agency that specialized in hiring talented kids for acting in commercials, and he was immediately hired, and started appearing in various advertisements for toys, juices, cars, and, most notably, Burger King. In just a short time, Lewis was a star of over 50 commercials. His commercial for toothpaste brand Colgate can even be seen in the movie “Splash” from 1984!

He made his TV debut in 1982, when he appeared in the TV movie version of Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, after which he soon appeared on several TV talk shows, such as “The Phil Donahue Show” and “The Tonight Show”.

The very next year, he landed the starring role in the TV series “Webster”, and remained in the show until it ended five seasons later, even winning the People’s Choice Award for his portrayal of the adopted boy, Webster.

In 1984, he portrayed Billy in the TV movie “A Christmas Dream”, and the next year appeared in the television movie “Lost in London”. After “Webster” was over in 1989, he took a break from acting until 1995, when he appeared in “The New Adventures of Mother Goose”. Three years later, he had a guest role in the TV series “Moesha” in which he portrayed David. In 2005 he portrayed himself in the TV series “One on One”.

As of April 2020 his last feature film appearance was a cameo in the comedy film “Kickin’ It Old School” in 2007. In 2014 he was a guest on “TV Guidance Counselor”, a podcast by Ken Reid.

Personal Life

Lewis was raised by a rather strict family, which is the main reason why he didn’t follow the destructive path of many child actors. His mother is said to have driven him to work every day and back home, and she would limit any activities that could lead to substance or alcohol abuse – she was even present during the filming of “Webster”. It is reported that one time she got in a fight with his colleagues who would constantly pick him up and carry him like a child to the set.

Emmanuel Lewis

He has keeps his private life away from the media, so his romantic connections are unknown,  including whether or not he is married, dating, and if he has any kids.

He has a huge fan base not only in the US, but also in Japan. He traveled three times to that country just to organize meet-and-greets, and to make a TV movie called “Samurai in New York” that aired on a Japanese television channel. Lewis is also known as a singer in Japan, and his single reached Number 2 on the Japanese Oricon chart.

Lewis is the founder of the Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment music label.

He is a martial arts expert, and even has a black belt in karate! He studied Tae-Bo through Billy Blanks fitness’ course, and is also good at taekwondo.

He was a good friend of the late superstar singer Michael Jackson. The two met during the recording of a video for Jackson’s song “Thriller”, after which Lewis accompanied Jackson to the Academy Awards Presentations and The Emmy Awards Show. The two loved to dress alike, and were often seen on television together. Jackson even lived with Lewis for a while, after he burned his hair during the recording for a Pepsi commercial.

Lewis is a good friend of stand-up comedian Marc Price, and the two have made several public appearances together.

He is often confused with fellow actor and “Diff’rent Strokes” star Gary Coleman, due to their numerous similarities, including small stature.

Lewis isn’t a huge fan of social media, and only has a profile on Twitter, with less than 2000 followers.

Net Worth

Lewis earned small fortune acting in commercials, TV series, and feature films. As of April 2020, his net worth is estimated at around $1 million.

Physical characteristics

Lewis is an African-American with a weight of 77lbs (35kgs), and a short height of just 4ft 3ins (1.3m). He had stated that there is no known scientific reason behind his height, and that he doesn’t have any medical condition – his body simply stopped growing. In fact, Lewis is one of the shortest actors in Hollywood! He has short, black hair and dark eyes.

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