• Courtland Mead is a former actor best known for his work in the 1990s.
• His estimated net worth is over $1 million.
• His career began at the age of two and he worked on films such as “The Little Rascals” and “The Shining”.
• He worked regularly on television and voice acted for films such as “A Bug's Life”.
• He retired in 2004 and is currently in a relationship with Chelsea Jean Whetstine.


Who is Courtland Mead?

Courtland Robert Mead was born on 19 April 1987, in Mission Viejo, California, USA, and is a former actor, best known for his work during the 1990s when he became an established child actor. Some of the notable projects he worked on include “The Little Rascals”, “The Haunting”, “The Young and the Restless”, and “The Shining”.

The Net Worth of Courtland Mead

As of mid-2020, Courtland Mead’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million earned through a successful career as a child actor with his numerous appearances in both films and television shows, though it’s not known what his current line of work is.

Courtland Mead

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Early Life and Career Beginnings

Courtland’s life growing up wasn’t like most children, as he was thrust into show business at the age of two, supported by his parents and two sisters who were likely responsible for his early career path. He first appeared as minor characters in independent films such as “Only You” and “For Parents Only”. He made his television debut in an episode of “Baby Talk” in 1991.

In 1994, he made his first feature film appearance in “Dragonworld”, portraying a young Johnny McGowan. The film was released direct-to-video, but it opened more opportunities for him in the same year, with him being cast in “The Little Rascals”.

The film is an adaptation of the short films from the 1920s to 1940s called “Our Gang”, and follows the story of a group of friends and their misadventures. He played the role of Uh-huh who is the group’s typographer, gaining the nickname due to his constant use of “uh-huh” as an answer. Another film he worked on was “Corrina, Corrina” which starred Ray Liotta and Whoopi Goldberg.

Television Work and Rise to Prominence

Aside from films, Mead eventually gained consistent work on television, first appearing regularly in the soap “The Young and the Restless” portraying Phillip Chancellor for a year.

Courtland Mead

The award-winning series is one of the few that’s left airing on daytime television from the many that competed during the 1970s to the 1980s. It focuses on numerous families and characters that have been introduced, with the inclusion of new actors as others leave.

He stayed in the series only for a year, and then had a regular role in “Kirk”, also working in it for a year. In 1997, he appeared in a television miniseries adaptation of “The Shining”, based on the Stephen King book of the same name, and created following dissatisfaction with the Stanley Kubrick version of 1980.

It received good reception following its airing, and won two Primetime Emmy award,s though the 1980 version is still the most celebrated adaptation, with it being considered as one of Kubrick’s best works, elevating the career of actor Jack Nicholson.

Continued Acting Work

As the 1990s progressed, Courtland found regular work on television with commercials, most notably working for Pizza Hut, the well-known American pizza chain. He also made regular guest appearances in television shows mainly thanks to his work, which was gaining attention on various fronts.

In 1995, he was cast in the Disney film “Tom and Huck”, which is based on Mark Twain’s novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” with its title being a reference to Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. During the same year, he also voiced a puppy for the film “Babe”, which is about a pig who wants to do work as a sheepdog, and was based on the novel “The Sheep-Pig” written by Dick King-Smith.

With his work in “The Shining”, he also became a regular in the horror genre, being cast in “Hellraiser: Bloodline”, the fourth film of the “Hellraiser” series based on the works of Clive Barker, and the last film of the series to be released in theatres.

He also began exploring voice roles more after his work in “Babe”, lending his voice to “The Haunting” based on the novel “The Haunting of Hill House”, which would have another popular adaptation in recent years.

Voice Acting and Retirement

During the latter part of Mead’s childhood career, he focused more on voice acting, working on the animated film “A Bug’s Life” voicing the character Fly. The film is one of the earliest efforts of Pixar, and was highly successful, receiving positive reviews and earning well at the box office. The film is inspired by the fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, and features the voices of Kevin Spacey and Hayden Panettiere.

He then joined the cast of the animated series “Recess”, in which he voiced the character Gus Griswald for its entire run from 1997 to 2001. The show aired on Disney, and followed the lives of six students in elementary schools, focusing on their interactions with one another and other school people. The show was successful, so he then voiced the character in two animated films based on the show – “Recess: School’s Out” and “Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade”. One of his last projects before retiring was “Lloyd in Space”, in which he voiced the titular character for its entire run of three years.

He quietly moved away from the acting world in 2004, though he briefly returned recently in the direct-to-video movie “Never Hike in the Snow”. It is not known if he intends to return to acting or if it was just a one-time thing.

Personal Life

Courtland is in a relationship with Chelsea Jean Whetstine, and they have a child together; it’s not known if they plan on marrying anytime soon. He mostly keeps to himself, and doesn’t have any public online accounts, which have led to a lot of speculation. He never spoke out publicly on why he left acting, though it is common for many child actors to pursue other things even after their success, as acting can be a very stressful line of work.

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