• Betty Broderick was born in Eastchester, New York in 1947
• She was raised in a highly religious, Catholic family and attended Eastchester High School
• She married Dan Broderick in 1969, and the couple had four children
• Issues arose in the marriage due to Dan's career advancement, and Betty eventually murdered him and his new wife in 1989
• She is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women and her net worth is $0


Who is Betty Broderick? Wiki Bio

Elizabeth Anne Bisceglia was born in Eastchester, New York State USA, on 7 November 1947, so her zodiac sign is Scorpio and she holds American nationality. She came under the spotlight after she murdered her former husband Daniel T. Broderick III and the woman he married after divorcing her, named Linda Kolkena.

Early life and education

Betty was raised with five siblings in Eastchester in a highly religious family, as both her father Frank Bisceglia and her mother Marita were Roman Catholics. Her father was a business owner who died in 1998, while her mother, a housewife, died in 2007.

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Betty’s parents were strict and they raised her to become a housewife one day, and depend on her husband who must be Catholic. She attended Eastchester High School matriculating in 1965, and after that enrolled at the College of Mount Saint Vincent located in The Bronx, New York City, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in childhood education with a minor in English language. She married shortly after graduation, and soon had to work to provide for the entire family.

Love life and marriage

Betty met her husband Dan Broderick in 1965, while she was visiting the University of Notre Dame located in South Bend in Indiana.

Dan was a Christian as well, so their relationship was supported by the two’s families and they dated for four years before marrying on 12 April 1969, at the Immaculate Conception Church – Betty and Dan went on their honeymoon with Betty coming back pregnant.

They welcomed their first child Kim in 1970, while their second daughter named Lee followed in 1971. Betty gave birth to their first son Daniel in 1976 while their second boy Rhett was born in 1979. She gave birth to one more son in 1981, however, he died just two days after he was born.

Problems in marriage

Shortly after their first child was born, Dan received his Master’s degree from Cornell University, and continued his education at Harvard Law School wanting to receive his Juris Doctor degree, leaving Betty to earn money and support the family as Dan was not working at the time. Not long afterwards, Dan was hired by a company in San Diego in California, and the family moved there, while Betty started working only one part-time job as Dan was making more than enough money now.

Dan met Linda Kolkena in 1982 and hired her as his assistant, however, Betty soon began thinking that Dan was seeing Linda behind her back and accused Dan of cheating.

Jealousy became too much of a problem for Dan who left their home in 1985, buying himself another house and after Betty tried to get him back by leaving their four children in front of his doors, the court later decided to give Dan full custody over all four children. Dan soon admitted that he cheated on Betty, with Linda filing for divorce which was finalized four years later in 1989.

Betty began losing her mind trespassing on Dan’s property destroying what she could, and on one occasion she drove directly into Dan’s house even though her boys and girls were inside.

Betty Broderick

Betty murdering her ex-husband and his new wife

Dan married Linda on 22 April 1989 – Betty had bought herself a revolver just one month earlier. She waited over half a year after the wedding, stealing her daughter’s key to Dan’s house and going there while everyone was asleep. It was 5:30 a.m. on 5 November 1989 when Betty shot Dan and Linda, Linda was killed instantly as she shot her in the head and then in the chest while she only shot Dan in the chest and the two talked a bit before his death. According to Wikipedia, Dan’s final words were ‘Okay, you shot me. I’m dead’.

Betty turned herself in, and never denied the fact that she killed the two but claimed that it was not planned but rather just happened. After the jury was not able to come up with a decision at the first trial, a second trial was held a year later and Betty was sentenced to spend 30 years in prison, 15 years per each second-degree murder.

Requesting parole. Where is Betty Broderick today?

Betty is currently incarcerated at the California Institution for Women – in January 2010, she made a request for parole for the first time, but as a psychologist concluded that Betty was not sorry for what she did, her request was denied.

She tried again a year later and once again in 2017 but was denied both times, and cannot apply for parole again until 2032.

Books about Betty’s story and her TV appearances

All the newspapers were writing about Betty and her story during her trial, while the article published by the magazine “LA Times” served as a motivation for the creation of the movie “A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story” which was released in 1991, while the second part of the film “Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, The Last Chapter” came out in 1992. The act of Betty committing murder was depicted in the episode “Till Death Do Us Part” of the show “Deadly Women”.

Since her trial, Betty has appeared in many TV shows, including “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “20/20” among others. Several writers have talked to Betty, and based on what she told them have published books, one of the most famous being “Forsaking All Others: The Real Betty Broderick Story’ written by Loretta Schwartz-Nobel in 1993.

Appearance and net worth

Betty is 72 years old. She has medium long blonde hair and blue eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs around 125lbs (57kgs). As of March 2020, Betty’s net worth is estimated at $0, after she lost all sources of income when she was sent to jail.

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