• Ashley Bratcher is an actress known for her role in the 2019 film "Unplanned" portraying anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson.
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through her successful acting career since 2012.
• She attended Campbell University in North Carolina, and after graduating, she tried a brief stint as a school teacher before focusing her attention towards acting.
• She has appeared in a number of Christian-themed films and television programs.
• She is married with a child and is an anti-abortion advocate, and enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu in her free time.


Who is Ashley Bratcher?

Ashley Bratcher (not her birth name) was born on 2 May 1987, in North Carolina, USA, and is an actress, best known for being the star of the 2019 film “Unplanned” portraying anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson. She’s also known for her roles in various Christian-themed films during her career.

The Net Worth of Ashley Bratcher

As of early-2020, Ashley Bratcher’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career in acting since 2012, including starring in various independent films. She’s also made a few guest appearances in television programs.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

Her mother had her when she was 19 years old, and Ashley initially grew-up in a mobile home, but the family moved around a lot, with her eventually considering Georgia her home state as she spent a lot of time there, As she grew up, she developed an interest in acting from high school, and there began participating in various school and local productions.

After matriculating, she enrolled at the private Campbell University in North Carolina. The school dates its history back to the 1880s, when it was founded by a minister.

They offer numerous programs and has connections with Malaysia at the Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Their athletics team competes within the Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Ashley graduated with honors, but didn’t pursue acting immediately, instead trying a brief stint as a school teacher. She then decided to fully focus her attention towards acting, and at the start of her career, she worked on various short and independent films, including “The Perfect Summer”, “Wrinkle”, and “Fifty Shades of Olivia!”

Ashley Bratcher

Rise to Fame

In 2013, Bratcher was cast in her first mainstream project in the film “Safe Haven”, though her role was uncredited. The film is based on a Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name, starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough. During the same year, she had another small role in “Are You Here” which starred Owen Wilson, Amy Poehler, and Zach Galifianakis, and follows the story of a man who inherits his estranged father’s fortune, and then has to battle his sister for it while he is also dealing with bipolar disorder.

Over the next couple of years, she continued her independent film work with “Mean Green”, “Southern Comfort”, “The Dempsey Sisters”, and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”.

In 2015, she began gaining attention when she starred in the film “Princess Cut”, alongside Joseph Gray. It tells the story of a girl who must rediscover the meaning of being in love with another person with the help of her father, just after she has been devastated by her previous relationship. This began a string of Christian-themed films that helped establish her career.

Continued Acting Work

After “Princess Cut”, Ashley was cast in “War Room” as the character Lindsay, working with Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, and Alex Kendrick who directed the film. Critics gave it generally negative reviews, but the film was successful at the box office, earning $75 million globally and becoming the 5th highest-grossing Christian-themed film in the world.

During the same year, she also worked on “90 Minutes of Heaven” with Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth. The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Don Piper and Cecil Murphey, and film tells the story of a man who experiences a car crash and dies, only to miraculously return to life and claim that he’s seen heaven.

She also had a few television projects in the year, appearing in a small role in “Secrets and Lies”, an anthology series which aired on ABC, based on an Australian series of the same name, following a detective who investigates various homicide cases. She also worked on the documentary series “Your Worst Nightmare”, which features various re-enactments of crimes, and commentary from people involved in each case.

Recent Projects and Unplanned

In 2016, Bratcher was cast in an episode of “A Haunting”, another anthology show which focuses on more paranormal experiences, telling stories of ghostly encounters, possessions, and exorcisms that allegedly occurred. The stories are often interspersed with real-life accounts, interviews, and re-enactments. Some of the show’s earlier episodes including “A Haunting in Connecticut” and “A Haunting in Georgia’ were later made into films. The following year, she had a small role in “Good Behavior”, portraying a party girl, the story of a con artist played by Michelle Dockery who becomes involved with a hitman.

The show ran for two seasons before being canceled.

Her latest is her most notable project as she starred in the film “Unplanned”. She identified very close to the role as her mother once thought of getting an abortion due to her being at a very young age during her pregnancy, but ultimately decided to raise Ashley. The film is based on Abby Johnson’s memoir which is often disputed, and tells the story of Johnson as she works as a Planned Parenthood clinic director before becoming an activist for anti-abortion. The film was a success at the box office, but it was heavily criticized by doctors, while the film’s very sensitive themes led to television networks opting not to air the program.

Personal Life

Ashley married David Bratchner in 2010 and they have a child together. She admitted to feeling a bit of shame after the birth of their child as it was unplanned, and she recalled moments with her mother where they had to depend on government assistance to get by. She’s since changed her mind after the birth of her son, and it has helped her deepen her beliefs in Christianity. Since filming “Unplanned”, she has also become an anti-abortion advocate. She supported the Living Infants Fairness Equality (LIFE) in Georgia, which would ban women trying to get abortions if they are already past six weeks of pregnancy. One of her hobbies is Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which she also promotes as a way of personal development; she participates in competitions when she can.

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