Paola Mayfield came to the US a young Colombian dancer seeking opportunity in the land of riches, from a country ravaged by cartel lords while becoming the capital of cocaine throughout the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. She had no idea at the time that a brand-new show was in the making by TLC, which would eventually propel her into perpetual stardom.

She finally found fame on 12 January 2014, upon being featured alongside Russ Mayfield in “90 Day Fiancé” – a very popular reality TV series detailing the lives of recently engaged couples, of whom one is dependent upon a K-1 visa for their stay in the US, which lasts only 90 days, until marriage or separation.

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In Paola’s case, she was the one whose stay in the US depended on marrying, prompting some to believe that the wedding was more of a business endeavor for the Colombian, rather than a ceremony that encompassed her genuine feelings. However, it looks like promising engineer Russ knew exactly how to keep a wife, and Paola remained by his side ever since.

The lives of the couple inevitably changed after their rise to fame, leading them to engage in various endeavors that seemed either out of their comfort zone or were earlier out of reach. In mid-2023, they lead peculiar high-profile lives, although they’re also family oriented as much as any other loving husband and wife.

The origins of an adult entertainer

Paula has had a colorful and diverse life prior to appearing in the reality show, with various ups and downs having eventually brought her before the eyes of the US audience. Born in the bustling Colombian city of Bucaramanga, Paola had a passion for dance from an early age. She started taking lessons when just four years old, developing her skills in its various forms continually to present day.

Paola’s dance career started with ballet, but she soon moved onto other styles such as jazz and hip-hop. Her talent was apparently hard to ignore, and by the age of 17, she’d already won several dance competitions in Colombia. With her sights set on bigger things, Paola decided to move to the US to pursue her dreams, away from the prospect of having to endure the hardships of a still-struggling nation.

Moving to a foreign country wasn’t easy for Paola, but she persevered and soon found herself dancing professionally in Miami, Florida USA. She moved up the ladder and was soon employed as an instructor and choreographer, helping others learn the art Colombian-style. Paola’s passion for the performative sport never faded, and she continued to dance on her own as well, just for the sheer pleasure of it.

In addition to a well-developed dance career, Paola also has a passion for fitness, not unusual given her dancing prowess. She worked as a personal trainer both in person and online, helping to lead numerous individuals towards their desired physiques. Mayfield’s dedication to healthy living was evident in her own enviable appearance, which she maintained through her normal exercise regimen, and healthy eating habits.

Finding the one

In spite of being a rather successful instructor of both dance and fitness, Paola felt that something was missing from her already greatly enriched life. She longed for a partner who shared her interests and passions, but who also saw more than just her physical attributes, able to appreciate every aspect of her personality. After a not-so-successful search in real life, she took to the internet to broaden the span across the whole US.

She eventually ran into Russ Mayfield from Oklahoma, who was an up-and-coming 27-year-old engineer at the time. They hit it off right away and soon started a long-distance relationship, whose inevitably platonic nature possibly hinted that this one in particular wasn’t just all about her body. After months of chatting online and over the phone, the two felt comfortable enough for Russ to make the trip to Miami and meet her in person.

Their first face-to-face encounter was not without its challenges, as Paola was definitely nervous about closing the distance with her beau, and Russ was equally uncertain prior to meeting Paola. Their chemistry soon proved undeniable, however, and there wasn’t much left to worry about once they got used to each other’s presence.

Despite their cultural differences and slight language barrier, Paola and Russ were committed to making their relationship work. They eventually decided to go against the tide of whatever may come their way, and start a life together.

One of the biggest hurdles that Paola and Russ faced were the cultural differences between their families. Paola’s family wasn’t used to the American way of life, and Russ’s family was neither familiar nor comfortable with Colombian culture and lifestyle. They had to learn to navigate these differences and find a way towards a mutually beneficial compromise.

Another challenge that Paola and Russ had to overcome was the massive linguistic difference. Of course Paola spoke Spanish as her first language and Russ English – they had to learn to communicate with each other and find a way to bridge the language gap, with both undergoing some sort of weekly routine that furthered their knowledge of the other’s language.

Hitting it big

Their plight proved perfect for “90 Day Fiancé”, in which they were one of the first couples ever to be featured, as they graced the screen in its first season in 2014. It was perhaps unsurprising to see the audience supporting the couple so unanimously, having witnessed their everyday struggles.

That said, their journey through the series definitely had its own bit of drama attached, as is to be expected from most any reality TV show. It didn’t help that a great part of Paola’s career involved wearing rather revealing clothes and taking up body positions that would normally be seen as embarrassing, as her line of work required various physical displays for the purpose of dancing, exercising or modeling. Russ was never comfortable with his wife being exposed for all eyes to see, and this issue only grew more serious as the show progressed.

Career disagreements

Tensions began to flare between the two, conversely just as they became more relaxed with one another, holding back on less and less honesty. One of their biggest disagreements was the aforementioned line of work that Paola had been building a career in. One of her Miami photoshoots is a great example of such arguments, detailed in TLC UK’s video entitled “Revealing Photoshoot Makes Russ Freak Out! | 90 Day Fiancé: Our Journey So Far.”

Paola tells the camera crew that she’s feeling anxious about showing Russ the photos, and the audience can tell that she obviously doesn’t want to do it. Then again, she also really likes the pictures, and thinks that her husband should share in this excitement with her, as, after all, she plans on being a model for the foreseeable future. She thus felt it important for Russ to accept such revealing endeavors on a regular day-to-day basis.

She went against her own better judgment and engaged him in conversation on the topic, mentioning that she took some photos and she’d like him to see them. Russ immediately understood the nature of this request, and outright said he’d prefer not to look at any of the pictures. Paola insisted, however, and he was soon brought to the computer, where there was an entire collection waiting.

Paola made sure to note to her husband that whatever he’s about to see was done with a professional photographer, as if to note that nothing even remotely sexual had occurred during the session. Although a logical claim that does make the situation a lot clearer, this information didn’t do much to pacify Russ, who was already expecting to see some of the most brash images of his wife ever taken.

Unable to stomach the negative reaction that was already very apparently building up, Paola said she had to get a drink and went outside of the room, sat on the sofa, and covered her face. In spite of the undeniably revealing nature of the photographs, this was another big step in her career, and she wanted to share it with her husband at all costs. As a result, she simply sat there and braced for whatever was brewing in Russ’ mind as he browsed the website.

To her surprise, as well as the audience’s, the husband didn’t seem to mind the initial photos as much, even though they clearly showed the outlines of Paola’s intimate parts. He actually even called them endearing at one point, which ultimately gave false hope to the nervous wife. Upon reaching the part where Paola took her top off, it was evident that Russ was no longer having fun whatsoever.

He made a note out of the fact that she was out in broad daylight, in public, with nothing to cover her chest, even though it was censored by her arm in the photographs. An argument ensued right after Russ clearly stated that he wasn’t comfortable with the way she was dressed. Paola was determined to have her way, stating that her body is her own, and that her career simply requires that of her, as well as that he should get used to it, as such photoshoots were going to become frequent in the months to come.

She also accused him of being disingenuous, stating that he wasn’t so disapproving of her lifestyle back when they met in Colombia. According to Paola, he was simply happy to have such an attractive wife at the time, citing pretty much no qualms at all with what she did for a living.

Paola made a hard stand in the argument, telling Russ that her decision is final and leaving the room soon after. However, she knew that he wasn’t the only issue, but also his conservative family, who would never approve of such activities. This is what Russ himself said to the cameras, explaining that such behavior is completely unacceptable in the parts of Oklahoma that he hails from.

She then dialed her parents back in Colombia, aiming to tell her father about the whole photoshoot and thus get the opinion of another man, so as to show Russ that he’s the one being unreasonable. Paola’s dad characterized what she does as something that is still not indecent, as she is not actually exposing her entire body and displaying full nudity.

Paola relayed this to Russ, who said that it’s obviously a cultural difference, and that he would never allow his daughter to do something like that. This statement outright enraged his wife, as she concluded that their daughter would never be allowed to model, regardless if she so wanted of her own accord.

The aged Latino dad made sure to mention at the time that it’s easier to change a husband than one’s profession, which Paola also relayed to Russ. He then left the room, telling the camera crew that he’s tired of being ridiculed.

While it indeed seemed that arguments like this were pushing the two to the verge of separation, they miraculously still held together. Paola soon interrupted the call by telling her parents that she needs to go and talk to him because he’s really angry, hinting that she would rather calm him down than gloat alongside those who support her side of the story.

It was unity like that which kept the family going over the years, making them one of the biggest success stories of “90 Day Fiance,” even in mid-2023. The couple has a son Axel Mayfield having been born on 1 January 2019, a mere 22 minutes into the new year.

Paola’s current endeavors

With a look at her Instagram page, one can easily tell that Paola is now busier than ever, and has graduated to full-on adult modeling as well. While she doesn’t actually have an OnlyFans account, she’s located on a platform that doesn’t differ much from the former, in other than the name and visual design.

Her revealing photographs can be purchased at, and it’s still a mystery how she managed to get Russ to agree to this, but it seems that their marriage is as functional as ever. Fans expect the two to conceive at least one more child, as they’ve already been through the worst of the issues in the show itself, meaning it seems certain that a happy and fulfilling future awaits their expanding family.

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