Tom Silva is a television personality probably best known as a member of the “This Old House” cast, a long-running television show that focuses on home renovation and improvement projects. Tom has been a staple of the show for many years, providing expert guidance and advice on home improvement projects to millions of viewers. Since its premiere, the show has gained wide popularity, spawning spin-offs such as “Ask This Old House”, and a magazine.

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Tom Silva’s career

From early childhood Tom has been involved in construction activities with his family, who were all craftsmen. One such activity was a fallout shelter his family built underneath their house in 1987, a relatively common occurrence at that time, as many people feared that a nuclear war could erupt any minute due to rising tensions of the Cold War, and during which Tom discovered his passion for construction.

He later started a company called “Silva Brothers’ Construction” with his brother Richard, which was relatively successful in the beginning, but their rise to fame came about when their work was noticed by Russell Morash, the producer of “This Old House”. Russell initially saw them working on renovating a Greek Revival style home, and was impressed by the company’s excellent work, and later made an offer to the Silva brothers to become the show’s permanent contractors. After that point, Tom took on the role of a leader of the show’s construction.

Tom grew up with an appreciation for the way things were done in the old days. He prefers to use techniques common in the past, which are rarely seen today, but which ensure that his products stand the test of time. Still, Tom doesn’t shy away from using modern materials and tools which simply make the job easier. His appreciation for details and old things in general makes Tom’s job as a contractor very rewarding. He’s a big fan of taking a ride with his kids, and showing them the houses he worked on decades ago.

Tom stated that he loves that every project featured on the show is unique, and that he’s become very close friends with the entire cast of “This Old House” and that he loves his job.

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Tom Silva’s personal life and family

Tom Silva is married to Susan Silva, and they have been together for over three decades. Since their marriage in the late 1980s they’ve had two children, Kate and TJ Silva. He also maintains a close relationship with his brother Richard, as they work together on “Silva Brothers’ Construction”.

They live in a 19th century house in a suburb of Boston, which Tom continually renovates, and spends a lot of his free time creating furniture in his workshop, or driving his boat.

“This Old House” and “Ask This Old House”

Since its 1979 premiere, “This Old House” has endeared itself to homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike as a long-standing television series dedicated to home improvement and renovation, with its continued airtime cementing its position as a beloved classic.

With a straightforward premise, the show’s hosts and crew tackle a diverse range of home renovation projects each season, highlighting the entire process from initial planning and design to construction and finishing touches, featuring homes that are often of historical or unique significance, with renovations varying from minor updates to complete overhauls.

Over the course of each season, “This Old House” grants viewers an insider’s perspective into the renovation process, delving into the techniques and materials employed in depth, and featuring a knowledgeable team of experts who offer their insights and expertise on various aspects of the project, including electrical work, plumbing, and landscaping.

“This Old House” is famous for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The show’s hosts and crew take pride in their meticulous approach to renovation, as they preserve historic features of the home, while often incorporating modern updates and conveniences.

Over time, “This Old House” has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless homeowners to undertake their own DIY projects and giving rise to spin-off shows and online communities dedicated to home improvement and renovation. Among these spin-offs, “Ask This Old House” stands out as the most popular, featuring the same host and crew as the original series, but focused on answering viewer questions about home improvement and repair through demonstrations, how-to guides, and guest experts in various trades.

Over its runtime spanning several decades, “This Old House” has earned various awards, most notably 17 Emmy awards and 82 nominations. These awards are a testament to the quality of the show and the work that is put into it. So far, the show has been on air for 44 seasons with over 1000 episodes.

Tom Silva’s time on “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House”

Throughout his time on the show, Silva has become a fan favorite for his friendly demeanor, his dedication to craftsmanship, and his willingness to share his knowledge with viewers.

Silva’s role on “This Old House” has evolved over the years, but he’s currently the show’s general contractor and a co-host. He oversees the construction and renovation work on each project and works closely with the other hosts and crew members to ensure that everything runs smoothly. He’s also responsible for explaining the technical aspects of each renovation to viewers, often demonstrating techniques and offering tips and tricks for DIY enthusiasts.

In addition to his work on “This Old House,” Silva also appears in the show’s spin-off, “Ask This Old House”,  in which he and the other hosts travel to homes across the country to answer viewers’ home improvement questions, and offer advice on a wide range of topics, from plumbing and electrical work to landscaping and masonry. Silva’s expertise and experience make him an invaluable asset to both shows, and he’s a key part of the reason why they continue to be so popular with homeowners and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Tom Silva’s Net Worth

Over the course of his career, Tom has worked as a television host for nearly 40 years, so it is not surprising that he’s accumulated a sizable amount of wealth. Aside from working on the TV show, being a co-owner of “Silva Brothers’ Construction” has also had an impact on his net worth. As of 2023, Tom Silva’s net worth has been estimated at around $5 million.

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