Rebecca Pritchard is a British antique dealer and restorer, who rose to fame as a cast member of the popular TV show “Salvage Hunters”, alongside her former husband Drew Pritchard. The show follows Drew and his team as they travel around the country searching for rare and valuable antiques to sell in their shop. In 2017, Drew and Rebecca divorced after Drew’s extramarital affair came to light. Still, their divorce didn’t prevent the two from maintaining a good relationship and continuing to be business partners in the show.

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What is “Salvage Hunters” about?

The show features Drews expert skills in finding rare and interesting items, negotiating deals with sellers, and restoring these items to their former glory. Drew specializes in salvaging architectural antiques, such as fireplaces, doors, and stained-glass windows, but the team also looks for other unique items, including furniture, art, and anything collectible.

Each episode of Salvage Hunters typically features a specific location or theme, such as old churches, country estates, or abandoned factories, where Drew and his team scour for antiques that have a story to tell. The show sheds light on the backstories and historical significance of these items, which often sit abandoned and forgotten. Drew and his team highlight the restoration and renovation process, showcasing the craftsmanship and skill involved in turning old and worn-out items into stunning pieces of art.

The show also explores the world of interior design and decoration, as the team often incorporates the antiques they find into stylish and unique designs for their clients.

So far, “Salvage Hunters” has been on air for 17 seasons and over 200 episodes, and its popularity among fans has earned it a 7.8 star rating on IMDb.

“Salvage Hunters: has become popular among antique enthusiasts and history buffs, as it offers a unique insight into the vast world of antiques and restoration. It has also helped bring attention to the importance of preserving and repurposing old items, rather than discarding them as worthless.

Rebecca Pritchard’s career

Born in 1958, Rebecca Pritchard has become a widely respected name in the world of antiques and restauration. Her career kicked off in the field of women’s fashion in which she worked for twenty years. She mostly dealt with manufacturing, wholesale and retail of products in the UK and China, and it was in this period of her life when met Drew Pritchard, and her passion for antiques developed from their relationship. Aside from the fashion business, she was also involved with real estate development in North Wales, where she dealt with purchasing and selling residences.

Rebecca’s time on Salvage Hunters

Her first appearance on television screens came about in 2012, when she was cast as a co-presenter for “Salvage Hunters” with her now former husband Drew. Since then, she’s also been cast in the spin-off series “Salvage Hunters: The Restorers”, which is more closely focused on the restoration aspect of the show, and features numerous experts.

In the show, she demonstrates her brilliant skills as an antique master and restoration expert. Her keen attention to detail helps her pick out jewels from piles of rubbish she often encounteres strewn about.

While Drew has the difficult task of collecting antiques and negotiating with sellers on his travels around the country, Rebecca is responsible for their evaluation and restoration. With her vast knowledge of history, she’s often able to shed light on even the most mysterious items featured on the show. While restoring various antique items, Rebecca often uses creative and innovative methods to achieve the desired result, and her passion has made her a respected figure in the industry and in the show.

Rebecca’s marriage with Drew and their divorce

Rebecca and Drew had been married for over two decades before their marriage ultimately ended in divorce in 2017. They kept their married life private, but it’s rumored that they have several children together.

The reason for their divorce has been put down to Drew having an affair with another woman, revealed after a man named Thomas assaulted Drew in a pub, accusing him of having an affair with his wife. The incident resulted in Thomas being fined and banned from the pub, while Drew was also banned. As a result of the divorce, Drew has put the house in which he lived for 20 years up for sale.

Despite Drew’s affair and the divorce, Rebecca didn’t hold a grudge against him, and the two are on good terms. They still work together on the show as partners, and together they take care of their children.

Rebecca’s current relationship

After Rebecca divorced Drew, she decided to focus her attention on her television personality career, and has remained single, preferring to keep her personal life private and out of the spotlight.

Rebecca’s net worth

Rebecca’s net worth has been estimated at $2.5 million, mostly resulting from her success on “Salvage Hunters”, as well as her accomplishments as a property owner.

Rebecca’s life today

Today, Rebecca is still a member of the “Salvage Hunters” cast alongside her ex-husband. She continues to delight the fans of the show with her insights and unique restoration methods.

Outside of her life on the show, Rebecca is a big horse-riding enthusiast, and a cook. She loves to go caravanning in nature, and also owns a boat.

She currently lives in London and has her own business as a Dealer, Researcher and Finder of Decorative Antiques. She works for private clients and interior designers who contact her to locate unique decorative items and various antiques. Through her wide network of dealers, restorers, and auctions, as well as her experience in the field, she is able to provide her clients with the best possible results.

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