• Eliza Hutton is an American film assistant born on 9 February 1964 in Kansas, Missouri USA.
• She is mostly known for her romantic relationship with late actor Brandon Lee.
• She worked in several Hollywood productions from the mid-1980s to the early 2010s, and her last known job was an assistant for actor Kiefer Sutherland in 201•
• Brandon Lee was an American actor born on 1 February 1965, in Oakland, California and son of Bruce Lee.
• Eliza Hutton has an estimated net worth of $500,000.


Eliza Hutton is an American film assistant, born on 9 February 1964 in Kansas, Missouri USA. She’s more widely known for her romantic relationship with late actor Brandon Lee.

Early Life

Details about Eliza Hutton’s early life are unknown, so there’s no information about her family and educational background.

She supposedly matriculated from high school in 1981. She moved to California after finishing university.



Eliza worked as part of the staff of several Hollywood productions. Her career started in the mid- 980s, and extended to the early 2010s.

Her first known job as a casting assistant was in 1989 in the movie “Arena”, directed by Peter Manoogian and starring Danny Bilson. This sci-fi film focuses on Steve Armstrong, a human working at an interstellar arena’s restaurant.

Things get complicated for him when he’s fired from his job, and as a way to obtain money he becomes a fighter.

The next year Eliza worked on the set of “Die Hard 2”, starring Bruce Willis and directed by Renny Harlin. The movie’s story is centered on John McClane, who is a New York Police Department detective with a deep sense of justice. The same year she worked again as an assistant for Harlin, this time in the movie “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane” starring Andrew Dice Clay.

In 1991 she became a story editor for Stillwater Productions, until in 1993 she left her position in said company, and started working as an assistant for Brandon Lee in the movie “The Crow”, in which he starred. This drama and fantasy film was directed by Alex Proyas, and tells the story of Eric Draven, a musician who comes back from the afterlife to avenge his former-fianceé’s killers.

In his way to find justice, he confronts and defeats his own killers as well, creating a street legend as a vigilante which soon leads him to find Top-Dollar, the leader of a dangerous gang.

After several years without working in the entertainment world, in 1999 Eliza worked as a casting assistant for the film “Dill Scallion”, which was directed and written by Jordan Brady and starred Billy Burke. This movie is centered on a bus driver whose life is turned upside down after he becomes a country singer.

Eliza Hutton didn’t work in any productions for over a decade until 2011, when she appeared once again in Hollywood. This time she was hired as an assistant for actor Kiefer Sutherland, who was the protagonist of the action drama “The Confession” at the time. This series’ story focuses on a priest and a hitman, who by chance met in a church. Throughout its ten-episodes-run, “The Confession” explores a variety of concepts regarding human life and the definition of good and evil.

Eliza Hutton and Brandon Lee

It’s unknown if Eliza Hutton continued finding jobs in Hollywood, as she hasn’t been credited in any productions since 2011. Her current job is unknown.

Who Was Eliza Hutton’s Late Fiancé Brandon Lee?

Brandon Lee was an American actor, born on 1 February 1965, in Oakland, California. He was the only son resulting from the marriage between school teacher Linda Lee Cadwell and Bruce Lee, a legendary martial artist and Hollywood star. He has a sister named Shannon.

Although he was born in Oakland, Brandon actually grew up in Los Angeles, as his family moved there when he was a baby due to his father’s profession as an actor. As expected, Brandon learned martial arts from an early age by following his father’s training. Brandon also spent some of his childhood in Hong Kong, where his father filmed several movies.

After the sudden death of his father in 1973, Brandon’s family stayed in Los Angeles. He continued practicing martial arts for the next year, following the guide of Dan Inosanto and other instructors who trained with his father, such as Jeff Imada and Richard Bustillo. The expectations put on Brandon made him develop issues with his self-identity, leading him to stop practicing martial arts, and focusing on soccer instead.

Brandon was known in his youth for his rebellious attitude, which ultimately led to his expulsion from Chadwick School during his senior year. He matriculated after passing a variety of General Education Development tests from Miraleste High School that year.

Following his father’s path, Brandon moved to New York where he enrolled at an acting academy. He later moved to Massachusetts where he joined Emerson College, graduating with a degree in acting.


Following his graduation, Brandon Lee stayed in Boston and worked at the Eric Morris American New Theatre, and was cast to appear in the play “Full Fed Beast”.

In 1985 Brandon returned to Los Angeles, where he found a job as a script reader. It was then that he caught the attention of Lynn Stalmaster, who did cast him to appear in “Kung Fu: The Movie”, which premiered on TV in February 1986. Also that year, Brandon was cast in his first leading role for the movie “Legacy of Rage”, filmed in Hong Kong.

The following year Brandon was the protagonist of “Kung Fu: The Next Generation”, though the project remained as a series’ pilot as it received poor reviews. In 1988 Brandon obtained his first role in a series with the premier of “Ohara”, in which he played the role of an evil Yakuza member. That year he also starred in the movie “Laser Mission”, shot in Namibia although the film wasn’t premiered in the US until 1990.

In the late 1980s, Brandon started training in martial arts again, thanks to an encounter with Dan Inosanto, his former instructor. This led him to improve his physical abilities, which would serve him well in finding more acting roles.

After turning down the proposal to play the role of his father in the biographic film “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, Brandon starred in the movie “Showdown in Little Tokyo” in 1992. Later that year he appeared in the movie “Rapid Fire”, also contributing to the film’s story development and fights choreographies. Regardless of the lack of success of the movie, Brandon was praised for his acting.

Last Movie, Death & Legacy

In late 1992 Brandon Lee was cast to play the lead role in the movie “The Crow”, based on the homonymous comic created by James O’Barr. During the filming of the movie, Brandon showcased his martial arts skills in order to portray his character Eric Draven’s vengeful intentions in the best way possible.

Follow your heart. Happy Friday!

Posted by Brandon Lee on Friday, June 10, 2016

However, Brandon and the rest of the team concentrated on giving the film a unique focus to keep the original story’s mystical characteristics, instead of a superhero focus as it was usual in action movies.

Unfortunately, this was the last movie Brandon appeared in, as he was accidentally shot during the filming – he was declared dead in North Carolina’s hospital on 31 March 1993.

At the time of his death, the filming of “The Crow” was almost finished. The scenes not filmed by Lee were performed by actors Jeff Cadiente and Chad Stahelski, and the movie was dedicated to Brandon and Eliza in its premiere.

The filming of “The Crow” apparently wasn’t going to be completed as per the petition of its director Alex Proyas, who was conflicted about it.

However, Brandon’s mother Linda and Eliza Hutton gave the production team their approval to continue: ‘It was only because Eliza, and later the whole cast and crew, appealed to him (Proyas) that he started to consider it.’

Eliza’s Personal Life

Romance With Brandon Lee

Brandon and Eliza met when she was working as an assistant for director Renny Harlin in 1991. They soon started a relationship, and began living together in Beverly Hills that year.

Brandon proposed to Eliza during a trip to Italy, and they were set to marry on 17 April 1993 in Ensenada, Mexico, previous to which they visited said country to set the final details of their wedding. During their time there, the couple received gifts from many fans.

What happened to Eliza Hutton? Where is she today?

There’s no official information about Eliza Hutton’s whereabouts after Brandon Lee’s death. It’s been rumored that she married several years after his passing, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

Net Worth

Eliza Hutton has an estimated net worth of $500,000, which is the result of her work in a variety of Hollywood productions.

Physical Appearance

Eliza Hutton is a woman of white ethnicity. She has gorgeous features and brown hair. She’s 5ft 10ins (1.77m) tall, but her weight is unknown.

Interesting Facts

As per Brandon’s sister Shannon’s declarations, Eliza is a close friend of the family.

She and Brandon had adopted several street cats.

Her friends used to call her Lisa.

Allegedly she wasn’t actually hired as Brandon’s assistant during the filming of “The Crow”, though she was finally credited as such due to her prolonged presence on the film’s set.

Brandon was deeply in love with Eliza, often describing her as his ‘immortal soulmate’.

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