Adam Glick, known as “Adventure Chef,” which is a title he gave himself and later his brand, was a prominent reality TV personality for a few years. He gained fame by appearing in the second and third seasons of “Below Deck Mediterranean,” better known as “Below Deck Med.” Although viewers demanded to see more, despite his mean and condescending attitude, Adam chose not to return.

Instead, he debuted in the first season of the spin-off show “Below Deck: Sailing Yacht,” but again realized that his goals didn’t align with appearing in the show for another season. Thus, he disappeared from TV screens in 2021, and shifted his focus to other projects. We covered his on-screen journey, and studied what happened to him afterwards.

He won’t return as a “Below Deck” cast member

Since Adam tried to find his footing in two shows in the reality TV media franchise, and quit despite the show’s success, viewers assumed that he wouldn’t make a comeback. There was also a glimmer of hope that he may work on his relationships with Malia White, or Jenna MacGillivray.

Still, Adam didn’t want to keep his fans guessing, and confirmed that he plans to devote his time and energy to other things during the reunion for the spin-off show. Moreover, he clarified that he was single and would likely remain that way, but neither he nor Jenna explicitly said that they wouldn’t get back together. Sadly, Adam disappeared from social media and his website in late 2022, and his fans don’t know much about his life today.

Adam was in a love triangle in 2016

Something about Adam captivated the viewers from the moment in the second season., when he boarded SIROCCO, a charter superyacht with a Heesen-built motor At first, it was his piercing blue eyes, a somewhat overconfident attitude, and chef skills. However, once new information came to light, his love affair with Malia took center stage. They met when the superyacht was in Split, Croatia, where Adam boarded it to work in the kitchen. Malia had just joined the show and was working as a main deckhand, and the two quickly hit it off, slowly falling in love at the beginning of the season.

However, things took a massive turn once Malia began getting close to one of the higher-ups on the vessel, bosun Wesley Walton. Unsurprisingly, Malia’s feelings for both men and their surprise when they learned that they had a simultaneous romantic interest caused discord.

Malia caused him to act weirdly

After fights and arguments between the two men became frequent, Malia deliberated on her conflicted feelings, and ultimately chose Wesley. Adam mostly stopped fighting physically, although he attacked Wesley during one of his days off. After realizing that he was losing his cool and that physical assault would get him into trouble, Adam shifted to passive-aggressive things.

Many viewers remember the scenes of him putting ingredients the guests did not want into their meals. For example, two to three times he put onions into dishes against the guests’ wishes. That behavior earned him a bad reputation even among his loyal fans; although they knew he was hurting, he stopped being laid-back and displayed anger toward innocent people.

Captain Sandy Yawn stated that she would have fired him if shed known that he had done it more than once. Additionally, she complained that finding a chef mid-season in Croatia was impossible, and that Adam was otherwise calm, consistent and talented.

Charter guest Kenny Novotny, who received one such dish, posted on Twitter that he’d forgiven him. Adam retweeted it, and replied with, ‘Thank you, Kenny. I lost my cool and went down a rough road, being an ass. I’m sorry, lesson definitely learned.’

He changed the impression that others had of him

During the third season, Adam took a giant leap in how viewers saw him, since resolving the romantic issues made him refocus on his favorite things, including cooking. He was back to being cool, relaxed and a great chef, all things the yacht guests paid good money for. However, the lack of drama didn’t necessarily benefit his popularity, and he decided to accept appearing in a spin-off instead of returning for season four.

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That’s when Jenna unintentionally changed Adam’s life for the better. Adam was back to being unkind and patronizing, which made for good TV, but he also showed how a monogamous, harmonic relationship affected him.

Jenna was a steward chef in the first season of the yacht sailing show, and they bonded over a shared love for preparing food; they had many touching moments, but also caused tension. Unfortunately, fellow interior crew members, steward chefs Georgia Grobler and Madison Stalker, were caught in the middle of the latter. Jenna didn’t let it bother her, and poked fun at the show’s montage of her previous boyfriends with faces blurred, saying, ‘If my dating history is any indication, clearly I move quickly. One day, there’s a chance that he might be in a picture with me with his blanked-out face.’

Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef Adam Glick and chief stew Jenna MacGillivray chatted with #BravoDailyDish podcast's Erik…

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He went on an adventure afterward

Although the chance that his relationship with Jenna would succeed was high, when the first season of their show ended, the audience was uncertain about what the future held for the couple. Adam gave a worrying statement, telling Jenna that after the charter ended, he would ‘get the hell off this boat, hop in his van, and drive away.’ Jenna cried, and fans didn’t know whether Adam implied that she could join him.

Luckily, their social media presence provided an insight; they rented a van after leaving the Parsifal III yacht, and began long trips to explore various countries, documenting their journey with mesmerizing pictures and videos. Adam and Jenna started their trip in Greece, but then drove a van with Adam’s dog Tex across the US before reaching Canada. During that time, they met and spent time with each other’s family members. Therefore, it seemed that their relationship would have a fairytale ending.

The reunion episode explained a lot

Unfortunately, the reunion episode for the show’s first season that connected them brought terrible news to their fans. Adam and Jenna announced their break-up before confirming that they would not return to the show that brought them together. They clarified that there was no bad blood, and that they were looking forward to pursuing new goals. Jenna confirmed the news during the “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen @ Home” segment shortly after, adding that they are still on good terms, and ‘were speaking earlier that day.’ She then in mid-2022, became engaged to an unnamed man, who physically resembled Adam, and both remained active on social media.

Adam began working on a personal brand

Adam used the influence of his TV show personality to promote his brand, primarily through his website, He introduced newsletters, letting his fans stay up-to-date with his adventures. Additionally, in partnership with Messermeister, he started promoting products such as a knife set, and clothing merchandise such as t-shirts, trucker caps, tank tops and beanies, with his “Adventure Chef” branding.

Adam also began advertising his self-titled YouTube channel, and posting adventure reels of outdoor survival adventures with his dog, and cooking in the wilderness. He also answered frequent fan requests – for instance, he demonstrated how he forages for mussels. In other videos, Adam showed his vehicles, an F-250 super duty 6.7 power stroke flatbed truck, which he uses for camping with family in off-road activities, and his primary Four Wheel Campers van, which he uses as a mobile residence for long periods.

He was involved in other productions

Adam also used his website to broadcast the news about upcoming projects. He revealed in 2021 that he would host a cooking show, “STOKED” on OutsideTV, and invite famous outdoors people and athletes to compete and learn about cooking. Moreover, Adam claimed that he was working on two digital series based on the “Adventure Cooking” model, to be aired by late 2022. However, those were seemingly in production, and he removed the references from his website.

Adam has moved on

After Adam dropped out of college to pursue his passion for cooking, appearing in the first episode of “Cutthroat Kitchen” on Food Network got him going. He appeared in several talk shows, including “Today Show,” “Kelly Clarkson Show,” and “Ellen’s Roundup” for Ellen DeGeneres. However, after three seasons in reality TV shows and two failed relationships, Adam seems to have had enough of living and performing in front of the cameras, and decided to work as a chef in private. After all, he’s been a chef on dozens of yachts for over two decades. Moreover, he’s traveled over 100,000 nautical miles and visited more than 30 counties as a chef de cuisine. His outdoorsy style also led him to collaborate with brands such as BFGoodrich, Toyota, Traeger, and Unisom.

His love for the sea pushed him to inspire others through a charity, A Walk on Water, which provides surf therapy to kids and adults. When asked about it, he said, ‘My first day helping to teach these kids how to surf in Malibu, California, I was hooked, inspired, and relieved. The smile on these kids’ faces is priceless and makes you feel amazing.’

Sadly, Adam deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts under the handle @chefadamglick in November 2022, and shows no indications of returning to uploading on YouTube.

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