• Austin Constantine ‘Awsten’ Knight is a singer best known for being a member of the Waterparks band
• He formed the band with Gage Matthieu in 2011 and has since gone on to win two awards
• He also wrote a book entitled “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)” which was published in 2019
• Awsten used to date Ciara Chantel ‘Hannabut’ Hana from 2015-2018
• He is currently single and has a net worth of over $400,000.


Who is Awsten Knight, member of the Waterparks group? Wiki Bio

Austin Constantine ‘Awsten’ Knight was born in Houston, Texas USA, on 17 January 1992 – his zodiac sign is Capricorn and he holds American nationality. He is a singer, best known for being a member of the Waterparks band.

Early life and education

Awsten was raised in Houston alongside his sister, and grew up being interested in music listening to rock bands such Guns ‘n’ Roses, Aerosmith and AC/DC. He started listening to Sting after seeing the movie “Leon the Professional, but stayed dedicated to the rock genre, and at the age of nine his mother enrolled him into a music school.

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He learned how to play the guitar at the age of 11, while he admits he is still learning new things today, as you can never learn everything when it comes to playing that instrument. Awsten was physically active while at high school, as he played soccer and table tennis, while he admitted that he did this only as it helped him get better grades. After matriculating in 2010, he decided to focus on his career as a singer, and didn’t enroll at college.

Career as a singer

Awsten is credited with forming the Waterparks band together with Gage Matthieu in 2011 – the two wanted to form it in 2010, but were both members of other bands at the time, so made a deal to leave these in 2011.

They made their debut performance as Waterparks on 17 August 2012, in Houston’s Warehouse Live music venue, together with other bands and singers such as Invent, DWHB, and Life as Lions, among others.

They went on to perform all around Texas in 2012 and 2013, with their most notable work being performing before famous pop musician Aaron Carter, while he was on his Houston tour. The band signed their first deal on 6 November 2015 with Equal Vision Records, with Joel and Benji Madden as their producers; they had an opportunity to perform with Good Charlotte at The Troubadour in West Hollywood just a few days later.

Their debut extended play (EP) entitled “Cluster” came out on 15 January 2016, and their debut full-length album called “Double Dare” followed on 4 November 2016. Their second album entitled “Entertainment” was completed on 26 January 2018, and it was loved by the band’s fans.

Waterparks has been nominated for several awards, winning an Alternative Press Music Award for the best breakthrough band, as well as a Rocksound Award for best international breakthrough band, both in 2016.

Awsten is also a writer – he started writing his book “You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)” in 2018, when he was feeling depressed during one of his band’s tours, and it was published on 10 June 2019, since becoming a hit.

Love life and relationships

Awsten met Ciara Chantel ‘Hannabut’ Hana in 2015 and the two started dating just a few days later. Ciara was born in Orange County, California USA, on 20 January 1991, so her zodiac sign is Aquarius and she holds American nationality.

Awsten Knight

She is a model and an actress, best known for playing Gia Moran in the TV series “Power Rangers Megaforce”, as well as Nicole Parker in the science fiction horror film entitled “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys”.

The two dated for three years before rumors started circulating the internet that the actress was cheating on Awsten, and he went on to break up with her. Awsten allegedly started dating the man with whom she was cheating on Awsten after the break-up while he went on to write a song about Ciara and the break-up, uploaded it onto YouTube, but deleted it just a day or two later.

Awsten is currently single, while there are rumors that he has found love once again as a few of his fans have tweeted about seeing the two attending parties in Houston together.

Hobbies and other interests

Awsten loves going on tours with his band, and they have toured around the US, while they have also travelled around Europe and performed in England, Germany, and Slovenia. He enjoys partying and drinking, with his favorite drink being beer while he is against the use of drugs and believes these would only ruin his career.

He likes to watch movies in his free time with some of his favorite actresses and actors being Charlize Theron, Julianne Moore, and Denzel Washington while some of his favorite movies include “The Iron Man”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

The two bands he is mostly listening to nowadays are Nirvana and AC/DC while his favorite singer is Kurt Cobain, the former frontman of Nirvana who committed suicide on 5 April 1994.

Awsten is physically active, but isn’t a fan of the gym as he rather enjoys exercising outdoors and running in parks and woods. He is not following a strict diet, but is trying to eat healthy foods, avoiding sugar and fast food.

Appearance and net worth

Awsten is 28 years old. He has medium long brown hair which he dyes blue (not blonde), and has brown eyes, is 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, and weighs around 145lbs (66kgs). As of early 2020, his net worth is estimated at over $400,000.

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