Who is William Fichtner?

William Edward Fichtner Jr. was born on 27 November 1956, on Mitchel Air Force Base, New York, USA, and is best known for his work as a character actor in various popular television programs. He is also a mainstay of films, with some of his most notable projects including “Prison Break”, “Blades of Glory”, “Black Hawk Down”, “The Dark Knight”, and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”.

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The Riches of William Fichtner

As of early-2020, William Fichtner’s net worth is estimated to be over $8 million, earned through a successful career in acting, with his work dating back to the late 1980s. Aside from his live-action appearances, he has also ventured into voice acting, working on various video games.

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Early Life and Education

William grew up in Long Island, and is of German ancestry. He was raised by his parents and at a young age, he didn’t intend on pursuing a career in acting. He attended Maryvale High School located near his home, and after matriculating enrolled at Farmingdale State College, taking up a course in criminal justice. After two years, he earned his associate’s degree, and then continued his studies at the State University of New York (SUNY) Brockport, completing a bachelor’s degree.

At the time, his college admissions counselor advised him to pursue a career in acting, as he displayed the talent for it, so opted not to pursue a career in criminal justice, and instead enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a private school that helps its students who are pursuing careers in television, film, or theatre. He would become friends with the counselor Don Harvey, who helped him get his first job on Broadway.

Acting Career

After a few stage productions, Fichtner got his first TV role in the soap opera “As the World Turns”, in which he played the role of Josh Snyder. The soap is one of the longest-running daytime programs in the US, lasting for 54 years.

It originally followed the story of a core family, though it later added more characters and families as the cast got older. Following his work there, more opportunities opened up for him, and he became known as a character actor, often portraying eccentric or unusual roles.

One of his earliest notable projects was in the film “Crash”, which starred Sandra Bullock and Don Cheadle, and was inspired by the events in the life of director Paul Haggis who experienced his Porsche getting carjacked in 1991. The film was a success, winning a Best Acting Ensemble Award during the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards.

During his career, he was mainly a supporting character, though he had a few leading roles. He starred in “Passion of the Mind” alongside Stellan Skarsgard and Demi Moore, directed by Alain Berliner who is known for his work in “Ma Vie en Rose”.

Continued Work and Voice Acting

In 2002, Fichtner ventured into voice acting for the character Ken Rosenberg, who appears in two “Grand Theft Auto” games, namely “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. The video game series is considered to be one of the most successful, with each iteration often changing the landscape of the video game industry.

William Fichtner

Many of its games hold high rankings in reviews, but it is equally as controversial, because the themes of each game as the name connotes, features crime, violence, sex, and the like. The games often have players jacking cars, engaging in gunfights, going to strip clubs, and other activities. The games have been praised worldwide as some of the best video games of all time, for their story and sandbox mechanics, despite the negativity.

Aside from “Grand Theft Auto”, William was then cast in the television series “Invasion” playing the role of Sheriff Tom Underlay; the show ran for a season before its cancellation, but it wasn’t the end for his television career.

Later Projects

In 2006, Fichtner played the role of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent Alexander Mahone in the series “Prison Break”. The show was widely successful, and stars Wentworth Miller in telling the story of a man trying to help his brother escape from prison using an elaborate plan tattooed on his body. He stayed with the show for three years, and then appeared in a minor role in the Christopher Nolan film “The Dark Knight”.

Afterward, he played the role of television producer Phil Yagoda in the HBO series “Entourage”.

The show is loosely based on the experiences of producer and actor Mark Wahlberg during his time as a newcomer in Hollywood.

Numerous celebrities appear in the show, often in cameos or playing fictionalized versions of themselves. In 2011, he lent his voice once more to the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, then voiced for a film “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” which was released in 2014. The film is based on the fictional superhero team of the same name, popularized in cartoons. The show was very successful at the box office, and is the highest-grossing film in the Ninja Turtles franchise.

Personal Life

William married actress Betsy Aidem in 1987 and they had a child together.

She was known for her work during the 1990s to the 2000, with some of her notable projects including “The Americans”, “Aeris”, “The Bleeding House” and “The High Life”. They stayed together for nine years before divorcing, afterward which he began a relationship with Kymberly Kalil and they married two years later; they also have a child together.

Apart from acting, he is a big fan of the professional American Football team, the Buffalo Bills, which compete in the National Football League (NFL). He supports the team a lot and even did a commercial for them in 2014. He also contributed as the narrator of the documentary “Four Falls of Buffalo”, which detailed the team’s efforts in consecutive Super Bowl appearances from 1990 up to 1993.

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