• Stacey Castor was an American convicted criminal and murderer who in 2005 fatally poisoned her second husband, David Castor.
• She was born on 24 July 1967 in Clay, New York State and was an American by nationality.
• She almost got away with the murders of her two husbands and was charged with the death of her first husband, Wallace, and an attempt on her daughter's life.
• She was arrested, prosecuted and found guilty of second-degree murders and attempted murder, and was sentenced to 52 years in prison.
• At the time of her death in 2016, Stacey's net worth was minimal.


Who is Stacey castor?

Stacey Castor (24 July 1967 – 11 June 2016) was an American convicted criminal, a murderer who in 2005 fatally poisoned her second husband, David Castor, using antifreeze. The court also charged her with poisoning her first husband, Wallace, and for an attempt on her first-born daughter’s life.

Stacey Age, Zodiac Sign, Early Life, and Education Background

Stacey was born under the Leo zodiac sign on 24 July 1967, in Clay, New York State, USA, to Jerry Daniels whose death circumstances have remained a mystery since he died in hospital in 2002.

Stacey’s mother and sibling’s names have not been disclosed. It is not known when and where she attended school, and what educational qualifications she possessed. Stacey was an American by nationality, and belonged to white ethnicity.

Stacey, “The Black Widow,” Murders

Stacey almost got away with the murders of her two husbands. She wanted people to see her crippled by the tragedy of losing her first and second husbands, who died of a heart attack and poisoning, respectively.

She thought that the detectives would buy the story that her daughter Ashley Wallace had attempted suicide, but according to the detectives, all was a lie – the seemingly grieving mother and wife was a cold-blooded murderer, who got the name “Black Widow” from the murders she orchestrated.

As the year 1999 was ending, Wallace started feeling sporadically ill; he acted unsteadily, coughed, and seemed swollen. His sickness was worsening, and finally he agreed to go to the hospital, but sadly passed away in 2000 before he could do so. His daughter, who was 11 at that time, was present as he was dying – for some reason she blamed herself for her dad’s death.

Stacey married David Castor in 2003. In 2005, she called the Sherriff’s office, informing him that her husband had locked himself in the bedroom after being in an argument with her. According to her, David had been depressed. The police found him lying dead next to a glass containing a bright green liquid and a container of antifreeze. Castor broke down when she saw her husband dead, shouting and scream “He is not dead! He is not dead!”

The coroner said that David had died of self-poisoning.

During the investigation that was conducted later, the police found Stacey’s fingerprints on the glass David had drunk from, and she became the main suspect. During the 2-year-long investigation, Wallace’s body was exhumed and taken for post mortem. They found traces of antifreeze in his body, and proved Stacey’s hand in his murder. She had also killed her second husband.

Stacey tried to cover up her murder crimes by poisoning her daughter Ashley, and forging a suicide note that was found next to her. Ashley had supposedly confessed to having poisoned her father. She was luckily saved and rushed to the hospital.

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Stacey was arrested, prosecuted and found guilty of second-degree murders and attempted murder. She was sentenced to 52 years in prison. She allegedly committed the crimes for monetary gain.

Stacey Personal Life, Husbands, and Daughter

Stacey was just 17 years old when she met her future first husband, Michael Wallace; they bonded immediately after they met. She felt that he was her true love, and married him. The duo had their first daughter, Ashley, shortly after their marriage, and their second and last born girl, Bree, shortly afterwards.

Castor revealed that Wallace became very close to Bree, and showed favoritism which she chose to make up for by becoming Ashley’s “best friend.”

Despite being close to their daughters, the couple was steadily growing apart. During an interview that was hosted by David Muir in 2009, Stacey revealed how her marriage with Wallace had many problems, despite looking normal. She said that her husband was struggling with alcohol and drugs for a long time. Rumors had it that each of them was having an affair.

One of Castor’s friends shared with ABC News that at the time of Wallace’s death, Stacey had been planning to divorce him. After his death, Stacey collected life insurance policy funds amounting to $55,000.

Castor wedded her second husband, David Castor, in 2003. In August 2005, she poisoned him with antifreeze. It was also alleged that Castor’s father Daniels, who passed away in February 2002, was poisoned while he was in hospital following a lung ailment. The relatives of her first husband, Michael Wallace, brought the matter before investigators.

According to John Corbett, Wallace’s brother-in-law, Daniels was getting better while at St. Joseph’s hospital until her daughter, Castor, came to visit him with a can of soda. According to Corbett, Daniels passed away soon after he took the drink that his daughter had brought to him.

Stacey Body Measurements and Features

The convicted murderer stood at an average height.  Neither her weight nor her shoe, bra, and dress sizes are available, nor information regarding her vital statistics. She had long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Stacey Castor Net Worth

Before her conviction, Stacey earned her living as an ambulance dispatcher.

During that time, her husband, Wallace, was working as a mechanic during the night shift. The couple allegedly faced serious financial difficulties, in addition to spending little time together due to the nature of their jobs. At the time of her death, Stacey’s net worth was minimal.

Stacey passed away at the age of 48 in 2016 while serving her time in a Westchester County women’s maximum-security prison. She died of natural causes, a heart attack. She never admitted to her despicable crimes before she died. Stacey would have been eligible for parole at the age of 88 in 2055 if she had lived.

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