• Laticia Rolle is an American entrepreneur, model, fashion designer and blogger
• She started her own lifestyle blog entitled BluHazl, on which she shares tips about a variety of topics such as fashion, recipes, and romantic life
• She started her journey as a fashion designer in early 2018, by establishing TRESS, a brand focused on creating sustainable but fashionable hats for curly-haired women
• She was in a relationship with the NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal from 2014 • 2018
• As of late 2020, Laticia Rolle has an estimated net worth of $2 million


Laticia Rolle is an American entrepreneur, model, fashion designer and blogger, born on 11 February 1988 in Gardner, Massachusetts USA. She rose to fame for her relationship with the legendary basketball player Shaquille O’Neal.

Early Life & Family

Laticia was born the eldest daughter of Nancy Lee and Al Rolle. She has four siblings who are named Gisemi, Francis, Xavier and Elijah.

Regardless of the age difference between her and her siblings, Laticia has a good and close relationship with them. On an Instagram post she shared several pictures of her two brothers and two sisters – referring to them as the ‘Rolle crew’ – in celebration of the National Sibling Day. She added the caption: ‘I’m forever thankful for my mom + dad for giving me my top 4 for life. The best part of my life, my home’.

Laticia attended Gardner High School and the boarding school Worcester Academy, where she excelled at playing basketball, and subsequently obtained a scholarship to enrol into Eckerd College, located in Florida. She graduated in 2010 with a major in Business Management, and was also part of the university’s basketball team, Eckerd Tritons.


Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

In 2017 Laticia Rolle started her own lifestyle blog entitled BluHazl, on which she shares tips about a variety of topics such as fashion, recipes, romantic life and even writes about her personal life and experiences she feels will help her readers to deal with their own problems.

On 17 April 2017 Laticia posted the article “Divorce Sucks”, on which she opened up about her parents’ divorce in 2016, and how it deeply affected her: ‘It was one of the hardest struggles my siblings and I have ever endured,’ she commented.

Despite confessing the experience was difficult for her, Laticia offered her readers insight into how she accepted her situation, and helped her siblings. She assured her audience the best way to cope with such difficult moments is to understand that parents have their own struggles, and regardless of their children’s feelings, the decision to separate from each other should be taken based on their own happiness.

Besides putting her own life into words for her blog, Laticia tried to advise her readers on a variety of other subjects. This sets her blog apart from other influencers’, as she tries to positively feed her audience with valuable knowledge.

Although BluHazl is still active on the web, Laticia rarely updates said blog nowadays, as she’s more concentrated on Instagram, on which she shares content with the same positive focus.

Laticia Rolle

Fashion Designer

In early 2018 Laticia Rolle started her journey as a fashion designer, by establishing TRESS, her own brand focused on creating sustainable but fashionable hats for curly-haired women.

The initial idea for TRESS occurred to Laticia before a casual outing in late 2014, when her then boyfriend apparently rushed her to leave the house, and she didn’t have a hat to wear, as she told TheYBF.com.

The success of the brand is due to its originality and functionality, as it responds to a real necessity. Though as Laticia has commented, she not only wanted to give women with voluminous hair something useful to wear, she wanted to create a fashion statement with it: ‘I also knew that I wanted something all women would wear; you know like a little black dress, I wanted a little black hat.’

Laticia’s journey to develop TRESS as a brand started in 2015, but her path to achieve said goal was not easy. She was scammed and lost money several times, until she finally found the right manufacturer.

From then on, the brand simply increased in popularity as it caught the attention of mainstream media due to its pioneering concept, which offered women an alternative to the uncomfortable and non-curl-friendly existent hats. So TRESS has now been featured in magazines such as Allure, Elite Daily and Pop Sugar. The brand also successfully launched a collection with True Religion in February 2020.

Personal Life

Famous Ex-Boyfriend Shaquille O’Neal

Although Laticia Rolle is an accomplished and successful woman in her own right, her relationship with the National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Shaquille O’Neal was what put her under the media spotlight.

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Shaquille O’Neal was born on 6 March 1972, in Newark, New Jersey USA. At an early age he moved with his family to Texas, where he started playing basketball at Robert G. Cole High School. After his matriculation he attended Louisiana State University (LSU), and was part of the college’s basketball team LSU Tigers.

O’Neal started his career with the NBA in 1992, when he was drafted by Florida’s team Orlando Magic. In 1996 O’Neal was chosen to form part of the US Olympic Basketball team.

Later that year he left Orlando to join Los Angeles’ Lakers, a team with which he played for several years until 2004, when he was traded to the Miami Heat. In 2008 he joined the Phoenix Suns, and stayed with them until 2009 when he was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. His journey with the Cavaliers was short-lived though, as in 2010 he was acquired by the Boston Celtics, then in 2011 he announced his retirement.

At the end of his career, he had scored over 28,000 points and had collected four championship rings. He told SportsCenter that although he was going to concentrate on his family and on his new-born baby from then on, his time as an NBA player was something he would treasure forever: ‘I’m going to miss the competition. I’m going to miss, you know, the chase for the ring. You know, I’m actually going to miss everything’.

Nowadays Shaquille O’Neal is a sports analyst in TNT’s “Inside the NBA”, and has an estimated net worth of $400 million. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016.


Laticia and Shaquille met in 2014 after he introduced himself to Laticia at a party. Apparently he had caught sight of her from afar, and asked her to make ‘blue eyed babies’ together, as Laticia said in 2018.

At the time Laticia was dating someone else, however, Shaquille O’Neal disregarded her then-boyfriend opinions’, and asked him not to call Laticia anymore.

After that out-of-the-ordinary first meeting, Laticia and Shaquille officially started a relationship which they managed to keep mostly private, despite attracting taken the attention of the media from the start.

Although both Laticia and Shaquille had their own professions and projects to keep them busy, they managed to find time for each other: ‘If I’m not working, I’m on the road with him, and in one week we can be in three different states,’ she told Telegram in 2017.

Rumors & Split

In late 2017 Laticia shared a pic on Instagram of herself wearing a diamond on her fourth finger. This caused an uproar as fans of the couple assumed that they were engaged.

However, Rolle soon denied the veracity of said rumors: ‘I have a lot of diamond rings. Shaq buys me a lot of diamonds. I didn’t realize people were going to acknowledge that. I just thought it was a great picture.’

Everything seemed to be going well for the couple until July 2018, when several websites began speculating that Laticia and Shaquille had broken up. According to reports, the relationship ended in March that year, though the media only noticed the split had happened when she deleted her birthday’s pics off her Instagram on which he appeared.

Also in late June that year, Laticia went on a long trip to Europe of which she shared several pictures on her social media. On her posts’ captions she affirmed she felt ‘free’. Meanwhile Shaquille attended various official NBA events, and she wasn’t present for it.

Although neither of them confirmed that their relationship had ended, they were never caught together again.

Net Worth

As of late 2020, Laticia Rolle has an estimated net worth of $2 million, the result of her career as a fashion designer, and from the sponsorships she has obtained from being a lifestyle blogger.

Physical Appearance

Laticia Rolle is a beautiful woman of mixed ethnicity. She has a slender build, blue eyes and curly brownish-blonde hair. She’s 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall, but her weight is unknown.

Interesting Facts

Laticia Rolled wants to have two children. In 2020 she confessed through an Instagram post that she had suffered a miscarriage early that year, writing on the pic’s caption: ‘Healing has been a beautiful journey for me filled with highs and lows, grief and joy.’

She has two tattoos on her right arm.

She has an Instagram TV series entitled “Amplify Her Voice”.

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