Navarone Garibaldi:
• Born on 1 March 1987 in Santa Monica, California
• Net worth estimated to be over $1 million
• Son of actress Priscilla Presley and Marco Garibaldi
• Lead vocalist and guitarist of rock band Them Guns
• Fascinated by reptiles and has a collection of water monitors lizards and reticulated pythons


Who is Navarone Garibaldi?

Navarone Anthony Garibaldi was born on 1 March 1987, in Santa Monica, California, USA, and is a musician, but also well-known for being the son of actress Priscilla Presley, who was once married to legendary singer Elvis Presley. He is the son of her marriage to Marco Garibaldi, many years after her divorce from Elvis.

The Net Worth of Navarone Garibaldi

As of early-2020, Navarone Garibaldi’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million, earned through a successful career in music, being a part of the band Them Guns as their frontman.

He probably benefitted from the success of his mother as well, with Priscilla having a net worth estimated to be over $50 million, with a large sum from her acting and business endeavors, but also from a presumably large sum from her divorce settlement with Elvis.

Life and Career

Navarone grew up in Santa Monica, and for the most part his parents put in a lot of effort to keep them away from the media spotlight. This was because of his mother’s storied history with Elvis Presley, that often led to a lot of scrutiny. He grew up alongside a half-sister Lisa Marie Presley, who is the only child of Elvis.

At a young age, he developed a love for music, and would later pursue it as he grew older.

He helped form the Los Angeles-based rock band called Them Guns in which he is the frontman and guitarist – other members of the band include Chuck Holiday, Kyle Hamood, Bobby Vega, and Kyle Hamood. Their music is often described as rock with a mix of ska, funk, psychedelic rock, and alternative. The band has held concerts in various venues in California, including West Hollywood’s The Troubadour and The Viper Room. They also had a private show in the UK at The Kings Head Club, which marked the first time the club had hosted a live band in their venue.

Priscilla Presley and Navarone Garibaldi

Mother – Priscilla Presley

Priscilla is of English and Scots-Irish descent, with her grandfather moving to the US leading to the family settling there. Her father was a pilot in the US Navy, though she never got to know him as he died in a plane crash when she was only six months old. Her mother later remarried an officer from the US Air Force.

Over the next few years, her family moved often due to her stepfather’s military life, which she wasn’t very happy about, and which the lack of a settled home eventually made her a shy person. She thought the family was settling down in Del Valle, Texas in 1956, but another reassignment led them to live in Germany, where they rented a house that was constructed even before World War I.

They soon realized it was a brothel, but they didn’t have a choice as they were running out of money for rent. It was during this period in Germany that she would meet Elvis Presley, though she was only 14 at the time.

Life with Elvis – Priscilla Presley

Despite the insistence of her parents that she keep away from Elvis, the two remained close and were together often until he left West Germany. Following him leaving, she was soon hunted by media outlets, and received letters from Elvis’ fans telling her to keep away. Even with the long-distance, the two maintained contact, and Elvis eventually paid for her to travel to the US.

After a few more visits, she was allowed to live ‘with’ Elvis for good, and Elvis would help her attend school while she lived with Elvis’ father in a separate house. Her parents agreed if Elvis promised that they would marry, to which he agreed. While the years passed, rumors about Elvis went around that he had affairs with many of the co-stars he worked with.

At the time, he was just happy to live with Priscilla but was eventually pressured into marrying by his future in-laws, his recording executives, and agents, as not marrying would cause him a lot of trouble. They were married in 1967 in a highly publicized event, and she soon found out she was pregnant, with daughter Lisa Marie.

Over the years, they had an on-and-off-again relationship.

Divorce and Life After – Priscilla Presley

After being convinced by Elvis to take karate lessons, Priscilla began an affair with instructor Mike Stone. Elvis became aware that something was going on, and their relationship went on a downward spiral, leading to a separation in 1972, and divorce the following year. They shared custody of their child, while she received a large settlement from Elvis’ assets. After their split, she focused on business endeavors, and began collaborating with friend Olivia Bis.

After Elvis died in 1977, she became the executor for the heir of his estate, their child. With how expensive Graceland was to keep as an asset, she asked the help of a friend to turn Elvis’ home into an attraction. This also helped her make more money, as she became the president of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). Aside from her business endeavors, her popularity also led her to acting work. Some of her most notable projects include “The Naked Gun” film series, “Touched by an Angel”, and “Spin City”. She also does a lot of philanthropic work and is an ambassador for the Dream Foundation.

Personal Life

It is not known if Navarone is in a relationship or is married, as he doesn’t talk about his romantic endeavors. His parents stayed together for 22 years, but eventually broke up. His father is a writer and programmer, though at his mother’s request, he never wrote a book about her life. Apart from music, Navarone is fascinated by reptiles, and has a collection  at home – he owns water monitors lizards found in various parts of Asia, one of the largest lizards in the world. He also owns a lot of reticulated pythons, which are known for having the longest lengths among snakes and among the heaviest of snakes as well.

General Info

Full NameNavarone Garibaldi


ParentsPriscilla Presley, Marco Garibaldi
SiblingsLisa Marie Presley

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