• Corey Harrison is a reality television personality and businessman, best known for appearing in the show “Pawn Stars”.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $2.6 million as of early-2020.
• He grew up in Las Vegas, and at a young age began working for the family business.
• The show “Pawn Stars” was highly successful, and created numerous international versions, as well as similar shows by other networks.
• In 2014, Corey Harrison was involved in a motorcycle accident which left him with a broken arm and multiple minor injuries.

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Date Of BirthApril 1983
SpouseCharlene Harrison
FactSon of Rick Harrison. Grandson of Richard Harrison.

Who is Corey Harrison?

Richard Corey Harrison was born on 27 April 1983, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and is a reality television personality as well as a businessman, best known for being a regular cast member of the popular TV reality show “Pawn Stars”, which airs on the History channel. He is the son of businessman Rick Harrison, who also appears in the show.

The Riches of Corey Harrison

As of early-2020, Corey Harrison’s net worth is estimated to be over $2.6 million, earned through a successful career in business, plus his television endeavors have brought in a lot of business to their pawn shop in Las Vegas.

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The popularity the show gave them also opened more opportunities for them in acting and other business projects.

Early Life and Business Beginnings

Corey grew up in Las Vegas, and at a young age he became accustomed to business thanks to his father and grandfather. His family owns the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop which would later actually become world-famous, thanks to “Pawn Stars”. He grew up alongside two brothers, and was given the nickname Big Hoss due to his large size.

At a young age, he began working for the family business, initially mainly assigned menial tasks such as polishing various items.

After completing his education, he became a more active member of the business, as he expressed his interest in it with his father deciding to train him to take over the shop one day. He rose through the ranks and was eventually became the manager of the pawnshop. He has 30 employees that work for him, as he oversees its daily operation. While the show would feature more of his father and other employees, he is credited with handling most purchases in the shop.

Pawn Stars

“Pawn Stars” began airing in 2009, and featured the 24-hour family business which has been in operation since 1989.

The show features the Harrison family along with several of its employees, particularly Corey’s childhood friend Chumlee. The show was a success for History, and became its highest-rated show. A lot of people became interested in the history and the various items that went through their pawn shops. In each episode, someone would present a particular artifact to either pawn or sell to the shop. The staff interacts with this customer, shares a bit about its history, and at times consults an expert with regards to the value of the item.

Apart from the regular day-to-day activities, the shop also focuses on some of their conflicts, either with business or their working relationships.

The show has been airing for 17 seasons with no sign of stopping any time soon. The series has featured experts who have gone on to create spin-off shows, notably Rick Dale who would head “American Restoration”. They also featured Danny Koker who would later create “Counting Cars”, both shows on History as well.

The Success and Controversies of Pawn Stars

“Pawn Stars” was highly successful, to the point that its type of programming became a trending format on many television networks. Numerous international versions of the show were created, while similar shows were also seen as an effort of other networks to get a portion of “Pawn Stars” viewership.

Corey Harrison

Rick Harrison, in particular, became a star in his own right, often appearing in other shows, with him and his son Corey making a guest appearance in “iCarly” on one occasion. In 2011, the show partnered with the Redwood Hills Financial Group to create a limited edition MasterCard debit card.

However, it has not all been rainbows for these businessmen and the show. The show was sued by promoter Wayne Jefferies who was responsible for helping launch the show, arguing that he was cut without getting a share of the royalties producers had promised him. Chumlee has also been arrested and pleaded guilty to owning drugs and having firearms in his home.

A lot of people dislike how the Harrison’s go about their business, with many criticizing them for bad negotiating skills. Others have also complained that they never actually see any of the television stars if they visit the popular Las Vegas shop.

Continuing to Run the Business

With Corey set to take over from his father, it is he who attends to the shop most days. The show often features him coming into conflict with several business decisions made by his grandfather or father. Some believe that these conflicts may be fabricated or scripted to give a bit more drama into the show.

However, he was assigned as manager due to his good judgment in sales, the ability to purchase expensive items at a low cost, and his knowledge of the inventory of the shop.

During the seventh season of “Pawn Stars”, Corey approached his father, stating that he wanted a bigger share in the shop. He threatened to leave his role and would head over to another business if he wasn’t given a 10% partnership share. While he was initially dismayed, he seemed to get better when his father gave him a 5% share of the shop, and the promised of an even larger share if he continued to work there.

Personal Life

Corey married Charlene Steele but their marriage only lasted until 2015 when the two divorced.

Two years later, he married Korina, but the two only stayed together for a year before divorcing – it’s not known if he has any children from these marriages. He is known to have struggled with obesity for most of his life, at his heaviest weighing 365 pounds (166kgs). He underwent gastric lap band surgery, in which a band is placed on the top portion of the stomach to help treat obesity. The surgery was successful, and he dropped down to 250 pounds in a year.

In 2014, the media covered a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken arm and multiple minor injuries. He was set to appear at his birthday celebration when the accident occurred.

General Info

Full NameCorey Harrison
Date Of BirthApril 1983
ProfessionTV Personality, Businessperson


SpouseCharlene Harrison
ParentsRick Harrison, Kim Harrison
SiblingsJake Harrison, Adam Harrison


TV ShowsPawn Stars

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1Son of Rick Harrison. Grandson of Richard Harrison.




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  1. We had been fans for a long while and usually gathered to watch show. But this has stopped as we find it just too depressing in the behavior of Rich Harrison,Cory
    and Chumlee, and the grandfather. They are rude, ignorant to one another and probably others. they show no professionlism. Rich insults, belittles Corys work, make fun of everyone with his dumb nervous laugh. Also takes Chumless with him instead of his son, and why Chumlee is dumb. Chumlee is just plain stupid, he should have been fired long ago as he does nothing and Rich lets him act that way rather than doing work, which he never does. Cory is just as bad

    although he does work in the store some times and when he cleans himself up and gets rid of the dirty hair, etc he’s not bad
    We are very disappointed about this show and these peoples actions, if they are only actors then you got a raw deal.
    Even my teenage kids don’t like the rudeness, Chumlee is especially a real moron and shows no respect towards his boss or anyone and acts like he doesn’t have to listen to anyone and the way they behave towards each other
    is unbelieveable, and Rich as a boss is a joke. Cory having a share in business is also a joke,he should be fired and get a real job where he has to really work,
    and develop some professional experience in business. We understand why Rich treats his son the way he does as that how the grandfather treat Rich. What as
    mess of disfunctional people.


  2. Georgia B Armstrong Reply

    Anna Lopes….then don’t watch it. I find it both entertaining and humorous….sort of a mild Three Stooges. They can’t be doing too poorly if you’ll check their net worth.

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