• Elaine Trebek Kares is an American businesswoman, journalist and reporter.
• She is best known for being the ex-wife of Alex Trebek, a famous actor and TV host.
• She was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and attended Ohio State University.
• She was a Playboy Bunny with a pseudonym, and has pursued many business interests such as her companies Scent Seal and Mag-a-Music, and her own art gallery.
• She was married to Louis Callei, and to Alex Trebek with whom she has a daughter, Nicky. She is now married to film producer and director Peter Kares.


Who is Elaine Trebek Kares?

Elaine Trebek Kares is an American businesswoman, journalist and reporter, who has worked for several television stations in Canada, including CTV, and CHCH, before reaching a turning point in her life and starting her own companies – Scent Seal and Mag-a-Music. However, despite all of her accomplishments, she is best known to the world as the ex-wife of Alex Trebek, a famous actor and TV host.

The Untold Truth of Elaine Trebek Kares

Elaine hasn’t revealed her age and her last name; however, some sources claim that she is around 70 years old.

She was born in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and attended Ohio State University, from which she obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism.


Before she became a journalist Elaine, was a model, and stunned the world in the ‘60s when she was a Playboy Bunny, but credited as Teddy Howard which she used as a pseudonym. She moved to Toronto, Ontario Canada with her then-husband Louis Callei, and started her own promotion and party planning business.

However, this didn’t last long and she began pursuing a career as a journalist. Her first job was at CHCH-TV in Hamilton, hosting a daily talk show, “Call Callei”. She became very popular while working on the show, as she was making taboo topics normal, including her interest in sexual matters. She left CHCH, and joined CTV as a co-host of the show “Canada AM” in early 1973. Unfortunately, just a few months passed before Elaine figured out that she wasn’t fit for the position, and left the show and channel by a mutual agreement.

Elaine Trebek Kares

She then started working for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), and then moved to the US in 1974. Since then, her career has gone to the other side, as she has pursued many other interests. In addition to her companies, Elaine also runs her own art gallery – named Gallery GO – located in Los Angeles, California USA.

Elaine Trebek Kares Personal Life, Marriage, Children

Before Trebek, Elaine was married to Louis Callei – there is no information about when the couple met or when they married, but they had a daughter together, Nicky.

However, the two divorced in 1974, and the same year she started a romance with Alex Trebek, and the two married. They didn’t have children together, though Alex adopted Elaine’s daughter Nicky, who now goes under name Nicky Trebek and she is now a production manager on the show “Jeopardy!”, and shares a tight bond with her adoptive father, Alex Trebek.

Elaine and Alex divorced in 1981. 20 years later, Elaine married film producer and director Peter Kares.

Elaine Trebek Kares Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Elaine has become successful in many fields, which have added a considerable amount to her wealth.

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According to sources, it has been estimated that Elaine Trebek Kares’ net worth is over $15 million, as of early 2020.

Elaine stands at 5ft 6ins (1.68m) tall, while she weighs approximately 132lbs ~ 60kgs. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Elaine Trebek Kares’ Ex-Husband, Alex Trebek

Born George Alexander Trebek on the 22nd July 1940, in Sudbury, Ontario Canada, to George Edward Trebek and Lucile Lagace, Alex traces roots back through Franco-Ontarian and Ukrainian ancestry. Alex attended Sudbury High School, and after matriculation enrolled at the University of Ottawa.

During his university years, he became interested in broadcasting, and would work at nights for CBC. He eventually obtained a degree in philosophy, but became entirely focused on his career.

Alex Trebek’s Career

Alex is best known to the world as the host of the long-running TV show “Jeopardy!”, but before that, he spent 20 years working his way up. In the beginning, he was a replacement for regular announcers on CBC’s shows, then as time passed he would improve to become a national news reporter, covered special events, and worked on CBC radio.

His first official hosting position was on the TV show “Music Hop”, then after a year he started hosting other shows, including “Reach for the Top”, “The Wizard of Odds”, and “High Rollers” among others. As he progressed in his career, Alex was slowly becoming a star, but real stardom happened when he became the position of “Jeopardy!” in 1984. Since then, he has hosted 8105 episodes in total, and the show is still on. In addition, Alex has worked on “Wheel of Fortune”, “The National Geographic Bee”, and “Game Changers”.

He has made a name for himself as a TV host, but has also been successful as an actor, although appearing in films and TV series mostly as himself. Some of the titles include the TV series “Beverly Hills, 90210” back in 1995, and the TV series “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” in 2018.

Personal Life, Wealth, Health Problems

Following his divorce from Elaine, Alex married Jean Currivan in 1990; the couple has a son Matthew and a daughter Emily.

Alex is one of the most famous TV hosts and his net worth is now estimated at $75 million.
Alex has had health problems since 2007, when he experienced his first minor heart attack. Since then, he has been in and out of hospitals with cardiovascular problems. Most recently, he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer, and after a year of successful chemotherapy and other treatment, he is still vital and on his job, though he is now working without the audience as he is in the high-risk group for coronavirus infection.

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