• Tia Bhatia was born in Ambala, India on 15 October 1991 and holds both Indian and Canadian nationality
• She is best known for her funny YouTube videos, pulling pranks and telling stories
• Her father Nav Bhatia is a businessman and superfan of the Toronto Raptors
• She is an actress, starring in the movie "Dr. Cabbie" and other films, and has been taking dancing lessons for over 10 years
• As of August 2020, Tia's net worth has been estimated at over $200,000


Who is Tia Bhatia?

Tia Bhatia was born in Ambala, India on 15 October 1991 – her zodiac sign is Libra and she holds both Indian and Canadian nationality. She is a YouTuber and an actress perhaps best known for uploading funny videos in which she is pulling pranks on her friends and family, doing challenges and telling funny stories.

Who is her father?

Tia was raised as an only child in Canada by her adoptive father Nav Bhatia and her mother – Nav was born in New Delhi in India on 9 July 1951, and is a businessman who is best known for being a superfan of the basketball team Toronto Raptors.

Since 1995, he has attended each and every game the Raptors have played, and he’s currently the head of the Superfan Foundation. On 19 June 2018, Nav won the Royal Bank of Canada Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award. After he moved to Canada in 1984 in search of a better life, he started working as a car salesman selling 127 cars in 90 days, and in only two years, he bought the dealership at which he worked. His net worth as of August 2020 has been estimated at over $50 million, as he is today the owner of one of the top-selling Canadian Hyundai car dealerships.

Early life and education

Tia became interested in acting while attending elementary school, and her father enrolled her at an acting school after she promised him she would still focus on her education. She continued to practice acting while attending high school, and after matriculating in 2009 enrolled at Ryerson University, from which she graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in hospitality and tourism.

Career as a YouTube star

Tia launched her eponymous YouTube channel on 19 September 2012, and it’s currently subscribed to by nearly 600,000 people, and counts over 105 million views of all her videos combined. Two of her most popular videos are “Brown Girls vs White Girls – Wedding Edition” which has been viewed over 16 million times since 4 August 2016, and “Bride to be Surprise Engagement Performance”, seen over nine million times since 13 June 2017. Tia is also active on many other social media networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

She launched her acting career in 2014 when she portrayed Zarah in the comedy movie “Dr. Cabbie”, starring Vinay Virmani who also wrote the movie, Adrianne Palicki and Kunal Nayyar, and follows an Indian doctor who comes to Canada to become a taxi driver. In 2016, she starred alongside Vansh Bhardwaj and Janki Bisht in the crime movie “Anatomy of Violence”, which is about the life of a young woman after she was raped by six men in a bus in New Delhi – the movie won a Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Award for Best Cinematography and was nominated for two other awards.

Tia Bhatia

In 2018, Tia appeared in a single episode of the documentary series “50 Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind”, and her latest appearance has been as The Cricket Fan in the episode “The Catch” of the comedy series “The Ninth”, which is ‘a baseball comedy about everything but baseball’.

Friends, love life and relationships

Tia hasn’t talked about any men she might have dated, and it’s believed that she is a very traditional Indian girl who will only marry a man who is from India as well – some of her fans have stated seeing her with such a man on multiple occasions while they were dining at a restaurant in Toronto.

There are also rumors circulating the internet that Tia has already married the love of her life, and that the two have known each other for over five years, but there hasn’t been any proof or acknowledgement by Tia to support these claims.

Tia is a highly social person who has many friends – most of the actors and actresses who have worked with her have described her as a friendly and outgoing person. She has become close friends with some of the people she has worked with, including Benjamin Blais and Aaron Chartrand.

As of August 2020, Tia is single, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Hobbies and other interests

Tia likes to dance and has been taking dancing lessons for over 10 years now – she occasionally makes videos featuring herself and her friends dancing. She likes to travel, and has been to many states in the US, while she has also been to several European countries, and usually visits her family in India at least once a year. However, she is very cautious while in India, because of how the Sikhs are occasionally treated. Tia is physically active as she goes jogging and does yoga, while also following a strict diet, thus her fit body.

She prefers to listen to Indian music over western.

In her spare time, Tia likes to watch Hollywood movies, and her favorite actors and actresses are George Clooney, Matt Damon and Rosario Dawson, and some of the movies she likes to watch the most are “The Descendants”, “Good Will Hunting” and “Seven Pounds”.

Age and net worth

Tia’s age is 28. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 2ins (1.57m) and she weighs around 100lbs (45kgs).

As of August 2020, her net worth has been estimated at over $200,000.

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