• Charlie Wright is an American TV personality, fishermen, trapper and environmental activist
• He is known for appearing in reality series “Yukon Men”
• He is a Commissioner of Tanana Hunting and Fishing Taskforce
• He has worked alongside various no-lucrative fishing organizations
• His net worth is estimated at $450,000 as of mid-2020


Charlie Wright is an American TV personality, fishermen, trapper and environmental activist, born on 2 September in Rampart, Alaska USA. He’s known for appearing in reality series “Yukon Men”.

 Early Life

There’s not much information about Wright’s childhood, early education or family. It’s known, however, that Charles –better known as Charlie – grew up in a small town near Yukon River before moving to Tanana in his twenties.


Operator and Handyman

Charlie Wright was granted a Water and Sewer certification by The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), making him an expert on water and wastewater treatment, distribution and collection.

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Thanks to this qualification, he was able to work as operator of a water plant for over 22 years.


Living in Tanana for over two decades, Charlie has been providing for his family through hunting. His extensive knowledge of the traditional activity was passed onto him by his ancestors, and nowadays Charlie helps his small town neighbors to solve problems regarding hunting of local animals, and fur harvesting.

Additionally, Charlie is a Commissioner of Tanana Hunting and Fishing Taskforce, which is an organization protective Alaskan Natives’ hunting and fishing traditions, as explained on its website: ‘These practices, provide for the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic wellbeing and survival of our people and communities.’

On 13 November 2019, Charlie published a post on his official Facebook Fan Page on which he explained his mission as part of said organization: ‘We fight for Alaska Natives Rights to hunt, trap and fish traditionally. But most importantly we try and preserve our ways of culture and substance use, with no harm to the delicate ecosystem. And by saving our wild stocks from the State of Alaska’s policies that cause over hunting, we want to preserve future generations’ rights to continue their cultural history.’

Fishing and Advocacydiar

Salmon fishing has been a tradition for thousands years on in the Yukon River’ area. Charlie Wright, who is a skilled fisherman with decades of experience, is an advocate for protection of salmon’s habitat: ‘I live off of salmon all summer and most of the winter.

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Our family commercially fished and I did that most of my youth until closed in the area. I now subsistence fish, and raise family on it.  I want to make sure salmon is available for my community and the future.’

Wright has worked alongside various no-lucrative fishing organizations. He’s part of Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association’s Directive board, whose members are elected democratically to take decisions on salmon fishery and its various practices. In addition, Charlie has helped Yukon River Intertribal Fish Commission in their mission to preserve tribes’ fishing traditions and customs.

Yukon Men – Debut

Charlie is part of the main cast of reality TV series “Yukon Men”. Premiered in 2012, this reality-documentary focuses on the life of various trappers and hunters living near the Yukon River in Tanana, Alaska.

Regarding his participation on the show, Charlie says it’s a good opportunity for viewers who had not experienced life on Alaska, to know its people’s lifestyle: ‘I thought it was real exciting to let people know how we live out here in the bush, and to let people to know how hard it is to actually live out here with the prices we have to pay for fuel and gas and food an d how hard it is to make a living off the land.’

The series received good reviews from viewers and experts, however, it has also been accused of misusing the term ‘Yukon’, mistaking the cast of the show with Canadian’s population of Yukon Territory, thus ‘thieving their identity’.

Charlie Wright

Regarding this problem, Canadian Members of Legislative Assembly complained to Discovery Channel, stating “Yukon Men” was an unfortunate representation of Yukon’s fishing and hunting traditions, which ‘are vastly different’ from the ones observed in the show.

Network’s president Paul Lewis took into consideration the allegations, though he insisted  clarified its disclaimer: ‘Life in remote Alaska is a deadly struggle. Men hunt and trap to survive. Viewer discretion is advised.’

Other Complaints

“Yukon Men” has also been criticized for showing allegedly scripted scenes. Although this issue has been denied by the cast, they made clear some events shown in the series are dramatized to motivate viewers to keep watching.

Although life on Tanana is not as dramatic as “Yukon Men” makes it seem, Charlie’s fellow cast member Stan Zuray declared that all things seen on screen are genuine: ‘all the animals are real, all the hunting is real, all the fishing is real. Everything you’ve seen has been done. Sometimes it just gets edited to make it understandable’.

Despite good reception and ratings, “Yukon Men” stopped airing in 2017.

Personal Life


Charlie Wright is married to Cheryl, though the exact time the couple met and married is unknown. It’s speculated they met near the Yukon River as young kids.

The couple has four children together – three daughters named Samantha, Taneisha, Geneva and an only son Robert, who appears beside his father in “Yukon Men” as he’s taught how-to’s on surviving in Alaska, and its intense weather conditions.

Charlie has an older son named Steven Wright, though information about him and his mother are unknown.

Brother-in-law Death

Charlie Wright’s brother-in-law, George Roberts went missing in 2012. The unfortunate event was featured in episode “On Thin Ice” of “Yukon Men”, which focused on Robert’s family and friends’ search efforts. Sadly George was found dead in the Yukon River on 28 April that year.

His death was caused by a snow machine accident when he was returning from a hunting expedition.

In charge of informing his in-laws of Robert’s death, Charlie commented on his passing with sadness: ‘George is gone, it’s like my own brother. We grew up together, we lived together. Everybody is close in here. It’s like one family’.

Net Worth

Charlie Wright’s net worth is estimated at $450,000 as of mid-2020, which is a result of his appearances in “Yukon Men” and his earnings for his work as fisherman, trapper and water plant operator.


Charlie is a strongly build man of white ethnicity. His eyes and hair are black, though his weight and height are unknown.

Interesting Facts

Charlie once declared he couldn’t stay alive without a gun in his town, stating that it was vital for his survival in Alaska’s wilderness.

Charlie affirmed on “Yukon Men” that wolves were ruthless animals that put in danger people’s life. However, following investigations of “The Guardian” reporter Adam Welz, the number of mortal attacks inflicted by wolves are incredibly low: ‘Even though the US and Canada hold over 60,000 wolves, I found only two records of fatal attacks by wild wolves in these countries in last ten years’.

Charlie’s wife Cheryl is of Alaskan Native American descendant.

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