55 Year old American former model Sharise Ruddell, who also made a name for herself as the ex-wife of rock-star Vince Neil, has long been familiar with a life of comforts, but it hasn’t been without difficulties and tragedy. Sharise has had a busy life that transitioned from being a model, ring girl and mud wrestler, to becoming a celebrity spouse, then a fashion designer and reality-TV star.

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However, despite the glamorous life she had, Sharise has seen her fair share of heartbreak. Her relationship with the Motley Crue lead vocalist was full of ups and downs, plus suffering the loss of her firstborn, Skylar Lyanne, who passed away from stomach cancer at the age of four.

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Early Life in Orange County

Sharise Lee Anne Ruddell was born to a wealthy family that lived in Orange County, California. On 27 October 1964, Shirley Ruddell gave birth to Sharise, one of four children she had with her husband Gary Ruddell. Sharise was raised with her three siblings in Huntington Beach, a seaside city in Orange County, located approximately 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles, that is well known for being one of the most expensive places of California to reside in. Sharise has two brothers, Gary Lee and Greg, as well as a sister, Shanae, alongside whom Sherise once modelled. She lived most of her early life in Huntington Beach, where she attended the Whittier Christian High School located in La Habra.

It is the only known educational institution from which Sharise matriculated, and instead of attending college, Sharise left Orange County in search of a career as a model.

Her Pursuits in Los Angeles

Sharise moved to Los Angeles, where she started working as a ring girl and mud wrestler at the Hollywood Tropicana Club. The old club is no longer in operation but was a popular venue in Western Hollywood, that provided night entertainment with a very unique twist. It was hard to miss the place, with a prominent neon sign beaming on the 101 Freeway northbound traffic for several miles, beckoning gentlemen from all over to its bright and loud halls.

Vince Neil and Sharise Ruddell

It was once believed that a visit to Los Angeles was incomplete without a visit to the provocative Tropicana Club. Undoubtedly, the beautiful women who made a living selling kisses, and entertaining men with oil and mud wrestling amidst the noisy atmosphere of the most popular rock and disco music of the era, where the alcohol flowed and the spirits were high, had been the main attraction.

The club had many regular visitors and attracted prominent figures from the likes of rock stars, sports all-stars, film celebrities, and politicians. It was in this provocative setting that Sharise began her career. As can be expected, her voluptuous figure, golden hair, and sharp green eyes afforded her plenty of attention, and of course money.

The club was iconized by a popular song from Motley Crue, entitled ‘Tropicana is where I lost my heart’.

How true this would turn out was proven by Vince’s marriage to one of the most popular women working there, Sharise Ruddell.

Aside from working as a ring girl and mud wrestler, Sharise also appeared in Blast! magazine as a swimsuit model. Her popularity at the Tropicana Club caught the attention of several musicians, and landed her appearances in music videos as well. These included productions by Autograph and Motley Crue – she appeared in Autograph’s videos for ‘Loud and Clear’ and ‘Dance All Night’, and in the Motley Crue video ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’.

Following her marriage to Vince Neil, Sharise became interested in fashion designing, including stage outfits and jackets for high profile magazine covers like Rolling Stone. She also designed lingerie, swimsuits and other original pieces, for eclectic boutiques on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard.

She founded her own designing firm NA-NA, and designed bikinis for Kandy Wrappers. Sharise commented on her design style saying: “I consider my style, a little bit of surf and a ton of Rock ‘n’ Roll. I want to make women feel sophisticated and sexy when they wear my things. My philosophy is simple… show a little, hide a little.”

Her latest appearance on television is in the reality show ‘Ex-Wives of Rock’, which chronicles the life of four women including Sharise, who had previously been married to rock stars, also including Bobbie Brown-Lane, Sheila Lussier, Susan Dixon and Athena Bass.

Relationships and Children

In April 1988 Sharise married Vince Neil – he had invited her and other women from The Tropicana Club to perform mud wrestling at a private venue for him and his guests. Vince had been taken by the beautiful Sharise, and dedicated his infatuation with her by tattooing the imprint of her lips along with her signature on his shoulder.

While at first the relationship had been healthy and happy, Sharise revealed the true nature of their marriage in an interview with Metal Sludge Magazine. She is quoted saying that Vince had two sides. The kind and generous man, and the intoxicated, wild rock star that many knew.

Sharise went into detail about his lifestyle, speaking frankly about his expenditure and drug addictions. “When we would go out, people would hand him drugs.

They would literally put things in his hand, and he would go to the bathroom. Later, he’d be passed out, and I would go through his pockets and his wallet, and I would hide the drugs or flush them down the toilet. He wouldn’t remember the next day. He’d be like, ‘Where did I put that?’ ”

Their relationship went through many on/off periods, and as quoted by Sharise, he would often attempt to win back her affection with expensive gifts.

“At one point, we would break up, and another point he would be swaying me back. That Porsche was the one he gave to me after lunch at the Bel-Air Hotel. He surprised me with it in the parking lot. It was there waiting for me. We were on the rocks at the time.”

Their union was blessed with the birth of Sharise’s first child, Skylar, but who passed away on 15th August 1995 at the age of four years. Sharise filed for divorce in 1993, and gained a settlement of just under $100,000.

However, it also came to light that during a period of separation, Sharise had an encounter with Kelly Nickles, the lead singer of L.A. Guns, apparently just a month after she married Vince.

There are also plenty of rumours that hint about her being involved with other men. These include the rapper Tupac, actor Judd Nelson, and Kirk Seigel from 2000 to 2006, with whom she had a second child – her son, Colt Seigel, was born 3 November 2002.

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