• Viva Vadim Arnett is the daughter of actress Vanessa Vadim and music producer Matt Arnett.
• Her grandmother is Jane Fonda and grandfather is Roger Vadim.
• Her mother Vanessa is a co-founder of MayDay Media and also a columnist for The Mother Nature Network.
• Viva is an activist, fighting for equal rights for women and men, as well as for the rights of the victims of incarcerated trafficking.
• Viva is a high school student and her net worth is currently unknown.


Viva Vadim is the daughter of Vanessa Vadim, who is a producer and actress. Viva is a member of a celebrity family, as her grandmother is Jane Fonda, her grandfather is Roger Vadim, and she also has many other famous relatives.

Early life and family

Viva Vadim Arnett was born on 23 November 2002, in Georgia USA, so her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she holds American nationality. Viva is the second child of the actress Vanessa Vadim, and her father is Matt Arnett, the music producer and art curator. She has a half-brother, Malcolm Vadim Arnett, born on 28 May 1999. Viva spent her childhood living with her celebrity parents and grandparents. Her grandmother is the popular actress, Jane Fonda; her grandfather is Roger Vadim, the famous actor, artist, producer and film director.

Viva’s mother, Vanessa Vadim

Viva’s mother, Vanessa Vadim Plemiannikov, was born on 28 September 1968 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine France. After graduating from Brown University, located in Providence, Rhode Island, Vanessa tried herself as an actress, inspired by the example of her mother, Jane Fonda, and her grandfather, the legendary actor Henry Fonda (best-known for starring in “The Grapes of Wrath”, “Jezebel” and “12 Angry Men”). However, her acting endeavors were not as successful as she had hoped – she appeared in the TV documentary about her grandfather in 1978, but couldn’t get any significant roles in the movies.

In 1997 she worked as a production assistant on the documentary “Blue Is Beautiful”, and in 2002 she was a producer to “The Quilts of Gee’s Bend”. In 2018 she could be seen in the “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” documentary.

For more than a decade Vanessa was married to Matt Arnett, giving birth to two children, but eventually the couple divorced. On 12 June 2010 Vanessa married Paul Van Waggoner, who she still lives with on their family farm in Vermont. Vanessa is a co-founder of MayDay Media, which is a non-profit documentary production company Vanessa manages along with Rory Kennedy. Vanessa also worked for The Mother Nature Network as a syndicated environmental columnist.

As of 2020, Vanessa is mostly busy raising chicken and ducks on her farm; she also takes care of  her bee hives, making honey and selling it. Vanessa impressed her Instagram followers with the photo of the dead cock she killed herself to cook him; when she was asked how the cock really died, Vanessa answered that he was murdered ‘by her own hand, quickly and quietly’.

Viva’s grandfather, Roger Vadim

Viva’s celebrity grandfather, Roger Vadim Plemiannikov, was born on 26 January 1928. He was the son of a military officer, Igor Plemiannikov, who immigrated from Russia and was naturalized in Paris, France. For a couple of years Roger studied journalism and writing at the University of Paris, but dropped out to start working as a screenwriter and director.

Roger is famous for his multiple marriages to such popular actresses as Brigitte Bardot, Annette Stroyberg, Jane Fonda and Marie-Christine Barrault; Roger also dated Catherine Deneuve from 1961 to 1964. Roger is most famous for working on such movies as “And God Created Woman” (1956), “Pretty Maids All in a Row” (1971) and “Barbarella” (1968).

Viva’s grandmother, Jane Fonda

Viva’s celebrity mother, Jane Seymour Fonda, was born on 21 December 1937, in New York City USA. Even though born to her famous parents, Henry Fonda, the legendary actor, and Frances Ford Seymour, a socialite, Jane never felt secure as her parents couldn’t live in peace, always having fights in front of their children, Jane and Peter, and when Jane was 13 years old, she lost her mother when Frances committed suicide; she cut her throat with a blade, as she couldn’t agree with her husband’s suggestion to a divorce.

Jane Fonda

Jane was devastated, but found the strength to move on. In 1960 she landed her first role in “Tall Story”, portraying June Ryder. Later she became famous for starring in such movies as “Sunday in New York”, “Klute”, “Coming Home” and “Georgia Rule”.

Jane is an avid activist, a member of Democratic party, and fighting for equal rights for women and men. Jane became even more popular after releasing her workout VHS in 1982, being the first Hollywood star to share such a routine, and subsequently releasing 25 more videos, including “Jane Fonda’s Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery Workout” (1983) and “Jane Fonda’s Yoga Exercise Workout” (1993).

Educational background

Viva is about to matriculate from the Putney School. She hasn’t yet shared any details on her further education, or career choice.

Social activism

Just like her mother and grandmother, Viva is an avid activist. She was inspired by her mother’s passion for civil rights, and watched the films her production company released. In 2019, she was even arrested for participating in the protest against climate change, held in Washington D.C. Viva’s grandmother, Jane Fonda, posted their mutual photo on her Instagram account, stating she was proud of her granddaughter for joining the protest. Viva was soon released from the police office, where 38 more people were also kept after the protest was over.

Viva is also fighting for the rights of the victims of incarcerated trafficking. She tries hard to influence the situation over Chrystul Kizer, the victim of sexual abuse and incarcerated trafficking, who is now sentenced to life in prison for killing Randall P. Volar III, defending herself from another act of sexual abuse from him.

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There was also an investigation on Volar’s actions by the Kenosha Police Department, as he was suspected of sexually abusing underage girls in many towns of Wisconsin. Viva is spreading the word about the case, and hopes to influence the situation around incarcerated black women in the US.

Personal life

Viva is not active on social media, so she hasn’t shared any information on her relationship status. Her parents and celebrity grandparents also keep silent about her private life.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Viva likes spending time at her mother’s farm, helping her with routine gardening activities.

She also likes watching the hatching eggs of chickens and ducks her mother takes care of on her farm.


Viva has long dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Her height, weight and vital statistics aren’t available at the moment.

Net worth and salary

As of 2020, there is no information on Viva’s net worth, as she is still a high school student, and hasn’t yet engaged in paid employment. As to her family members, her mother, Vanessa Vadim, has an estimated net worth of over $1 million, while her celebrity grandmother, Jane Fonda, has accumulated a fortune of $200 million, and owns a 2,500 acre ranch she acquired after divorcing Ted Turner, a cable-television tycoon.

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