Timothy Hawking:
• Born in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK in 1979
• Net worth estimated to be over $1 million
• Considered son of Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde
• Attended Exeter University in England and University of Birmingham for postgraduate studies
• Joined LEGO as an executive and brand development manager


Who is Timothy Hawking?

Timothy Hawking was born on 15 April 1979, in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK, and is a corporate executive, but also known for being the youngest son of the late physicist Stephen Hawking. His father is considered one of the most celebrated scientists of all time, discovering numerous aspects of science in the field of quantum mechanics and physics.

The Wealth of Timothy Hawking

As of early-2020, Timothy Hawking has a net worth estimated to be over $1 million, earned mostly through success in his work as a part of the LEGO company.

He probably benefitted from the success of his father, as Stephen had a net worth estimated to be over $20 million at the time of his passing, thanks to the success of many of the works he released.

Early Life

Timothy grew up in St. Albans and is of British descent. He is the youngest among three children of educators Stephen and Jane Wilde Hawking. There was a lot of controversy following his birth as it was believed that he was the son of Jane during his relationship with Jonathon Hellyer Jones, at the time that she and Stephen separated. While disputes were made, a biological test indeed confirmed this truth, but he stated that he considered no other father but Stephen.

He grew up with his two older siblings and lived with his father, who at the time could still speak naturally, but his deteriorating physical condition led him to slowly lose the ability to speak normally. Timothy admitted to having a difficult time communicating with Stephen, but the two became close, as he visited him frequently when he went for treatment. The two also often played games such as chess, and as they grew closer, he even pranked him a few times.

Education and Career

Only one child of Stephen would go on to pursue a similar career in academics, and it was not Timothy as he opted for a career in business.

Timothy Hawking (L) and Lucy Hawking, Stephen Hawking's son and daughter, attend the global launch of "Brief Answers to…

Posted by China Xinhua News on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

After matriculating from high school, he enrolled at the Exeter University in England, where he took up a degree in French and Spanish. Afterwards he continued his studies and enrolled at the University of Birmingham and obtained a Master of Science degree. During this period, he had a bit of work experience as an account manager for several small companies within the UK.

After completing his postgraduate studies, he joined the toy company LEGO as an executive. Lego is known for being one of the most popular and well-known brands in the world – their toys actually consist of various plastic bricks of different colors that interlock leading to the creation of any number of figures.

Since its inception, Lego has partnered with various pop culture icons, be it games, and films. They also have six Legoland amusement parks around the world. At the beginning of his career, Timothy was a part of the marketing team of LEGO which handled long term partnerships and strategies. He eventually became the company’s brand development manager, based in London.

Father – Stephen Hawking

Stephen grew up in a family of medical professionals – his father worked as a medical researcher while his mother worked as a secretary for a medical institute. The family later settled in St. Albans where his father was working.

Stephen Hawking

Stephene grew up in a very intelligent family that was often considered eccentric by their peers. They often read books and lived in a large cluttered house. With the family plaed a high value on education, he attended many prestigious schools in the area, but he eventually settled at St. Albans School as they could not afford the high tuition cost of other schools. This led Stephen to live a normal childhood with a group of friends with whom he explored various concepts and played geek games.

He was smart but was not considered a successful academic, as he only focused on subjects he enjoyed. As the years progressed, he made an effort to become more popular, lively, active and witty.

After matriculating early from high school, he enrolled at University College, Oxford and found college academic work easy. He received a first-class honors degree in physics, and after a trip to Iran, began graduate studies at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

The Success of Stephen Hawking

Hawking would remain with the University of Cambridge his entire life, a significant part of the institution up to his death. He was named the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, a title he held for three decades while also being the director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology. As an academic, he was responsible for a combination of the theory of relativity with quantum mechanics, supporting the many-worlds interpretation. He also predicted that black holes emit radiation.

While he achieved many things in the field of academic science, he also made a name for himself in popular science, as his theories and writings on cosmology were enjoyed by many. His book “A Brief History of Time” was a best seller for nearly five years. Over the years, he gained numerous accolades such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

All through his life, he struggled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS which in his case was slow-progressing. He became paralyzed over the years and lost his speech, leading him to speak only using a speech-generating device. He passed away in 2018 after surviving with the disease for over five decades.

Personal Life

Timothy has lived mostly away from the spotlight, though it’s believed that he is married and has a family. He has not discussed his personal life openly apart from his past. While he had many fond memories with his father, he also recalls challenging times for the family. As Stephen’s disease progressed, many assistants and nurses began living with them which led to a somewhat intrusive setting of their family life. His parents also fought due to his mother’s Christian beliefs and his father’s lack of belief in religion. His parents divorced though they all remained close up to his passing. Some aspects of his father’s life and their family life were adapted into the film “The Theory of Everything”, released in 2014.

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