• Born in 1976 in Beit Ur al-Fauqa, Palestine
• Married Rashida Tlaib in 1998 and had two sons together
• Divorced in 2015 and has since kept out of public life
• Rashida has become a US House of Representative from Michigan's 13th congressional district
• Has formed the informal group The Squad with other female members of Congress and has influenced many young Palestinians to chase their dreams


Who is Fayez Tlaib?

Fayez Tlaib is somewhat unknown in the media, and only goes by being Rashida’s now ex-husband. He was born on the 1st July 1976, in Beit Ur al-Fauqa, a Palestinian village in the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate in the Northern West Bank. The two married in 1998 when Rashida was just 22 years old, and eventually divorced in 2015, but not before they welcomed two sons, Adam and Yousif. Fayez has remained out of public life, and there is no information about him and where he presently is.

Rashida Tlaib Wiki- Age, Childhood, and Education

Born Rashida Harbi on the 24th July 1975, in Detroit, Michigan USA, she is the oldest of 14 children born to working-class parents.

Growing up, she tended to her younger siblings as her parents were working to provide for the family. She attended Southwestern High School, from which she matriculated in 1994. After which she enrolled at Wayne State University, from which she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1998. Then Rashida furthered her education as she obtained a Juris Doctor degree from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.

Career Beginnings

Rashida’s political career started in 2004 when she was an intern under Steve Tobocman.

Three years later, Steve took over the position of the Majority Floor Leader, and Rashida became a member of his staff. The following year, she ran for his seat, as Tobocman had to renounce his position due to term limits, and won the vote with over 90% to her name.

Two years later, Rashida had to fight to get re-elected as Jim Chazchorowski was her challenger. Nevertheless, Rashida had 85% of the vote, while at the general election, she had an impressive 92% of the vote, when her opponent was the Republican Darrin Daigle. Rashida continued winning the elections as in 2012 she was re-elected to the Michigan House.

Rashida Tlaib

Two years later, she had to decide what to do further in her career, as she couldn’t run again for the seat because of term limits. She opted for the Michigan Senate, however, she lost the election to Virgil Smith Jr.

Rashida served as a legislator from then on until she decided to run for the US House of Representative seat from Michigan’s 13th congressional district. She won the Democratic nomination in 2018 and was unopposed in the general election, thus becoming the first woman of Palestinian ancestry in Congress, and the first Muslim woman to serve in the Michigan legislature.

Rise to Prominence

By taking the congressional oath of office on the 3rd of January 2019, Rashida rose to stardom and became popular among a number of Palestinian and Palestinian-American women.

Being against the Israeli oppression against the Palestinians, she was forbidden from entering Israel, and is strongly against the current President, Donald Trump and his administration. She has openly supported the efforts of Trump’s impeachment, which only further gained her popularity.

Furthermore, Rashida has criticized Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations, and also their actions in Yemen.

Rashida Tlaib Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Her political career has contributed a lot to her wealth. Her monthly salary is somewhere around $15,000, while her wealth is now estimated at around $800,000, as of early 2020.

Rashida Stands at 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, while she weighs approximately 120lbs ~ 55kgs. Rashida’s vital statistics are 34-28-34, and her bra size 33B. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Rashida Tlaib Personal Life, Marriage, Divorce, Children

Rashida married when she was just 22 years old; she hasn’t spoken much about her marriage and life with Fayez, including at the time of their divorce, keeping all things secret until three years later.

According to reports, the two divorced in 2015 – some have reported that Rashida and Fayez are distant relatives, as her ex-husband is related to her mother, Fatmeh Tlaib.

She hasn’t entered the dating waters since the divorce, and is now focused on raising her sons Adam, who is 15 years old, and Yousif who is nine years old.

Rashida Tlaib News, Facts, Influence

Since obtaining a seat in the US House of Representatives, Rashida has been the subject of many tabloids and magazines, digging-up all about her that they could find.

She has recently appeared at the annual American Muslims for Palestine event held at the Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport Hotel in Bridgeton, northwest of St. Louis.

Rashida has influenced a lot of young Palestinian women to chase their dreams, and this doesn’t refer only to politics but other professions. Together with Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she has formed the informal group The Squad, consisting of women of color involved in American politics.

Now, more than 90 American Muslims are running for office, and women are also involved.

She has reached out to younger generations through her Instagram page, on which she has around 350,000 followers. and the number is increasing daily.

Because of her formidable opposition to President Donald Trump, she was arrested back in 2016 after disrupting a Trump speech in downtown Detroit. She was shouting at him “Our kids deserve better”, and saying that he should read the constitution.


  1. This woman needs to apologize publicly and to her US Congress colleagues for making and posting false statements about the Gaza hospital bombing. Facts do not matter with this person, only her vicious narrative.

  2. This is how they will over throw our nation.
    Soon Muslims will hold the majority in all parties and will vote to make the constitution null and void. They have already infiltrated our military, businesses and land ownership.
    I’m sure I’ll be called Racist and phobic. Yet no one ever calls them out for hating Christians.
    Jesus return soon.

    Philippians 2:9-13

  3. I thought this article was the untold truth of rashida’s husband. This whole ingratiating article is about the radical terror supporter herself.
    Crappy article about an even crappier person.

  4. Forbidden to enter Israel? Never happened. They told her she couldn’t come if her schedule included offering aid and comfort to terrorists. She said she couldn’t do that and wouldn’t come even to see her dying gramma. She truly believes in the extermination of jews and israel.

  5. It is apparent from her parents’ history that they made no effort to assimilate into American Anglo-Saxon culture. They had fourteen (14) children, which is very typical of Palestinian Arab culture in the Middle East. Most likely Ms. Tlaib’s parents are cousins. Consanguineous marriage is also very typical of Palestinian Arab culture in the Middle East. Her marriage was very evidently an arranged marriage to one of her cousins. Even her first name is quite common in the Arab Muslim Middle East. Whatever assimilation Ms. Tlaib achieved here in the U.S., it’s cosmetic. She is truly a victim of her upbringing with the exception of her divorce. Bravo, Ms. Tlaib finally joined Western culture by divorcing her husband and prioritizing her career as a woman. Had she married a man of her own choice here in the U.S., she probably would still be married. It’s unfortunate that she fell prey to her parents’ wishes that she continue her heritage and culture in spite of being raised and born in a Western culture. Because she continues to be a victim of her upbringing, she’s destroying her career and imploding. When I was conducting fieldwork in the Arab territories of Israel, I was constantly reminded by the Palestinian Arab men: “When in Rome act like a Roman.” Ms. Tlaib should also take this advice, especially since it is coming from her own men in Israel. Ms. Tlaib was born and raised in the U.S. and should respect the feelings and rights of others as an American, since that’s what she technically is. She has failed miserably. Her parents did her a disservice, which extremely domineering and dominant parents do. Many of my Palestinian Arab friends — all men, by the way — lives were ruined by the elders of their families. I attempted to help two of these men obtain a university education and immigrate to the U.S., but failed. One ended up marrying his first cousin with devastating consequences of male babies born with numerous autosomal conditions. Luckily, he followed my advice and obtained his Israeli citizenship. (The Palestinian Arabs of East Jerusalem were allowed to obtain Israeli citizenship up until 1988, when the Israelis agreed to negotiate with the Fatah leadership of the PLO and granted the leaders like Arafat to return to the territories. That’s when many Palestinians, who were considered “collaborators” by their own people, were allowed to either obtain Israeli citizenship or automatic U.S. citizenship. Many of these Palestinian Arab men had spent time in Israeli prisons for selling illicit drugs. Both the Israeli and American authorities wiped their records clean to enable them to gain automatic citizenship in the U.S. Another one of my friends has been living as an American in the U.S., since 1988. He parted ways with his family in East Jerusalem by marrying a non-Muslim woman, who is university educated — and obviously, not Arab. When I met him in East Jerusalem, he was always with the German and Dutch girls. He always culturally aspired to being European and American. Even his clothes were European and American — quite expensive, but with his drug dealing, he could afford these clothes. He always had his own apartment and lived separately from his parents. He is the antithesis of Ms. Tlaib and her parents. Her parents fooled the immigration authorities here in the U.S. Boy, did they put on a good show! One of the Palestinian Arabs I helped to immigrate to the U.S. turned on me, causing me to run to the main headquarters of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization authorities in NYC. I felt like such a fool. One of my brothers came with me to the financial district of Manhattan. As soon as I walked up to the entrance and told an employee my reason for appearing on their front doorstep, I was immediately led upstairs to a very large room with multiple desks. Each desk was occupied by an immigration lawyer. The lawyer, who helped me, was a very nice man and extremely understanding. He literally undid everything I had done in a matter of 30 minutes. When I informed him that the young man in question had married his first cousin, he assured me that this young male would never ever be allowed to enter the U.S, Now, the Israelis are stuck with him and his extremely sick and deformed sons, who are being studied at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital in Ein Kerem. The medical doctors and geneticists were really excited to get a live one to study inbreeding or close-breeding. The Jews in Eastern Europe also practiced consanguineous marriage, because they were isolated by the visceral anti-Semitism. In the Middle East, this inbreeding is by choice among the Arabs due to their tribalism. By having access to this Palestinian Arab family, the science community in Israel is actually benefitting. While the Israeli Arabs’ and Jews’ hard-earned taxes are supporting this man, his first cousin (wife), and surviving first-born daughter, the scientists are able to use them to learn about various genetic and hereditary diseases. I understand from where Ms. Tlaib is coming, but she really does an enormous disservice to her own people. Her behavior is extremely counterproductive. Her parents indoctrinated her very well — and it’s ruining her.

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