• Zach Hadel is an American voice actor, comedian, and YouTube star
• His YouTube channel “Psychicpebbles” has over one million subscribers
• He was a member of the creative collective SleepyCabin and the animated series “Hellbenders” (2012-2015)
• He has a net worth of approximately $5 million, as of mid-2020
• He is known for his distinctive voice and dark sense of humor


Who is Zach Hadel?

Zach Hadel is an American voice actor, comedian, and YouTube star, perhaps best known to the world for his YouTube channel Psychicpebbles, which has over one million subscribers. However, the channel has been inactive for over two months, but Zach is known to take breaks from uploading. His other ventures include the animated series “Hellbenders” (2012-2015), and he was a member of the creative collective SleepyCabin, alongside other YouTubers including Niall Murray, Ricepirate, and StamperTV, among others.

The Untold Truth of Zach Hadel

Zach was born on the 13th May 1990 in California, USA; he hasn’t shared anything about his childhood, including parents, siblings, and even his education. All of this remains one big secret, and we can only hope that Zach shares such information with fans in the future.

Career Beginnings

From an early age he liked to draw, and along with this talent, he developed a dark sense of humor. Combined, he started making art in a way of flash animations. He began uploading his work onto the website Newgrounds; his first post was the flash animation film “Tribute to Eatler” in November 2008.

He continued to make videos and upload new material on Newgrounds, and after gaining a decent following, he expanded to start his YouTube channel. His first video – “How To Be A YouTube Famous Vblogger” – was a parody on a number of popular YouTubers at the time, and has attracted over 3.5 million views. He continued to upload new funny and interesting animated videos, including the “Osama Bin Laden Death Footage (Real) 2011”, improving his career as his popularity increased. This resulted in collaboration with other YouTube stars in the making, one of whom was OneyNG, with whom he created the animated series “Hellbenders”; the show focuses on two characters who are in essence Zach and his colleague.

The show became a complete success, which helped further Zach in his career.

Rise to Prominence

Zach saw a great increase in his popularity once he joined the multimedia group SleepyCabin, consisting of Ricepirate, Spazkid, Niall Murray, StamperTV, JohnnyUtah and OneyNG. The group launched the podcast “SleepyCast”, during which he and the rest of the members would discuss fans questions on a number of differing topics. While on SleepyCast, Zach has often talked about Adolf Hitler, the Nazi regime, Jewish people, and the Holocaust, and though only as a joke said that Hitler was a good guy. This caused negativity from his fans, but he got all sorted out, and proved that he is a good guy.

However, at some point in time SpeepyCabin ceased to exist, and with that SleepyCast also saw its demise. Nevertheless, this didn’t discourage him and he continued his career very successfully. Zach started his own podcast entitled Schmucks, and some of his guests were now respected YouTubers, Ethan Klein, the creative force behind h3h3, then Michael Stevens from VSauce, and JonTron among others. His YouTube channel has continued to rise in popularity, and although it was inactive for a while, he recently started another show on his channel, entitled “Very Positive Stream”, with the latest video was released in April 2020.

Nevertheless, numbers are still increasing, and Zach now has over 1.3 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel, while his videos have been viewed more than 165 million times. Some of the most popular videos include “Get Out Of My Car”, which has over 29 million views, then “Arrow to the Knee”, with 20 million views, and was followed by two episodes of the show “Hellbenders”, entitled “Aplooza” and “A Hellbenders Christmas”, which have 16 million and 10 million views each. The episode “Aplooza” features the two characters having a sex scene, which gave birth to a rumor that Zach is gay. He has a number of other videos with multiple million views, all of which have benefited his net worth.

Zach Hadel Net Worth, Height, Weight, and Appearance

Zach has proven his talents to people all around the world and his enormous success on media platforms has increased his wealth by a large margin. According to sources, Zach Hadel’s net worth is around $5 million, as of mid-2020. His net worth has also benefited from his Patreon page, through which he sells his work to fans for $1 per month. For now, he has just over 220 patrons.

Zach’s height, weight, and other vital statistics are unknown, but he’s shown that he’s of average build. He has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Zach Hadel Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Single, Is He Gay?

Zach has been perfect in his desire to hide all of his personal information, including his dating life.

All that we know about him is from his videos, and that is his quirkiness, dark sense of humor and talent. This has done him badly, as a number of rumors have been created in order to spice up his inactivity in the media. One such rumor is that he is gay, and that his boyfriend is Chris O’Neill, known better as OneyNG.

Another rumor is that he is in a relationship with another YouTuber, though female, and that she is also into short animated films. According to the rumor, they have been together for a number of years. This isn’t the end, as it’s suspected that Zach has been married for three years to a mysterious woman. However, Zach hasn’t said a thing about any of these allegations, and we can only wait to hear reliable information.

Zach Hadel News, Facts, Influence

Zach has based his fame on creating short animations; he enjoys such shows, and two of his favorites are “Rick and Morty” and “Family Guy”. He is known for his distinctive voice, and many wondered if he fakes it – well, the answer is no, as Zach uses his real voice in his videos, and he sounds like that because he was born with a deviated septum.

While working with SleepyCabin crew, Zach lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also spent some time living with h3h3 production members Ethan and Hila Klein in New York. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to his popularity on YouTube, Zach also has a decent following on Twitter, with over 265,000 fans. His success has certainly inspired other young talented artists to launch their respective careers.

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