• Iva Colter is an actress and the director and executive of Netflix's talent acquisition team.
• She was born in New Jersey and has a Masters degree from the C.E.U. and a PhD from the State University of N.J. – New Brunswick.
• She is married to Mike Colter, the renowned Luke Cage Star and actor.
• Iva has an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• She is inactive on all social media sites to protect her privacy.


Who is Iva Colter?

Iva Colter has served as the director and executive of Netflix’s talent acquisition team, and is married to the renowned Luke Cage Star and actor, Mike Colter.

Iva Colter Age, Early Life, Family, and Education Background

Iva was born in New Jersey, USA as Iva Popovicova, on 25 April 1975 under the Taurus Zodiac, which makes her 44 years old in 2019. She is American by nationality, and belongs to the North American ethnicity.


Iva Colter has not yet revealed any information to the public about her parents, their career lives, any siblings and her extended family. Iva studied at and graduated in her hometown, at Rutgers University. She has a Master’s degree in Arts, Culture, and Gender from the C.E.U. (Central European University). Iva Corter has also been awarded a PhD from the State University of N.J. – New Brunswick.

Iva Colter Professional Career

Iva is an actress who has played multiple characters in a wide array of television shows and films, including “Luke Cage,” “The Defenders,” “The Following,” “Brooklyn Lobster,” and “The Good Fight.” Acting is not the only job Iva has had.

Iva’s educational background, talent, and skill give her all it takes to tackle the corporate world. Since she completed her studies, she has been associated with many films including the renowned Ares Management.

Mike and Iva Colter

She started working as a lead search consultant after she completed her university studies, where she worked for six years, up to 2012. She secured her first job after moving to Los Angeles with her husband, after they both completed their studies.

In 2014, Iva joined Netflix Inc., an American media service provider established in 1997, where she occupied a managerial position. Due to her work performance and matchless skills, she has risen through the ranks and is now a director of processes and positions in the Talent Acquisition division.

Her primary responsibilities include manning the recruitment processes and strategies, and directing the human resource sector for the media services provider. Iva’s work profile includes executing recruitment strategies, designing, and overseeing the recruitment procedure. She has been tasked with the responsibility of identifying fittest human resources for Netflix Inc.

Iva has also had enough time in between her rise to stardom and corporate ladder to go back to Rutgers University as a professor. She works in the English Department at the institution.

Iva Colter Personal Life, Husband, and Children

As Iva was studying for her PhD in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, she met with her future significant other half, Mike Colter, who was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Acting at the institution. In an interview, Iva’s husband revealed how he could not help falling in love with her, despite their different racial backgrounds and boundaries. Mike recalls how Iva used to motivate him when they were in college; she was his pillar for 16 years and in his struggling days before he started making it big in Hollywood.

Iva and Mike dated for close to a decade before they decided to take the next big move and get wed. Their wedding took place in 2006 in a private intimate ceremony. Iva’s interracial marriage has faced many critics, and negative responses from people who still endorse the racial segregation ideology of (supposedly) the past. In Wendy Williams Show where Iva’s husband Mike was a guest, for instance, the audience stopped clapping when her picture was displayed on a screen.

Despite this, Mike revealed how he could not stop the love or allow any boundaries to come between them. Iva and Mike overpowered the stereotypes and have built their home full of trust and fidelity. They have been blessed with two daughters, Naiella and the second-born sister who arrived in 2018.

What is Iva Colter’s Net Worth?

For quite some time, Iva has done well for herself since she has occupied several high-status positions in the corporate sector.

Many sources talk about Iva’s salary, net worth, and income – the online estimates vary. Since she has not disclosed her financial value to the public, her exact net worth is yet to be publicized. Nonetheless, Iva’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

Iva’s Social Media Profile

Unlike most celebrities, Iva has a unique social media profile status: she doesn’t have an account. She is inactive on almost all social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Iva has done this to protect her privacy which is very important to her as she reveals.

Celebrity Trend ranks Iva Colter as one of the most successful family members and is one of the most famous personalities born on 25 April 2. She has secured a top position when it comes to New Jersey’s most popular Family Member.

Iva Colter’s Body Measurement and Features

Iva has gorgeous blonde hair and brown eyes. She has not revealed any details regarding her weight, height, vital statistics, dress and shoe size to the public.

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