• Diane Addonizio (now Long) is a respected lawyer and businesswoman, married to retired NFL player Howie Long.
• Diane studied classical studies at Villanova and law at the University of Southern California and later left her law firm to pursue her relationship with Howie.
• Diane and Howie married in 1982 and have three sons, all of whom have pursued careers in the NFL.
• Howie Long also pursued a career in acting and is currently an analyst for Fox Sports.
• Diane and Howie have a combined net worth of around $17 million.



Diane Addonizio – now Diane Long – is a very well-respected lawyer and businesswomen, but there is not much we know. Married to retired NFL player Howie Long, Addonizio shies away from the spotlight as best she can, putting her head down and enjoying her career and married life with her college sweetheart.

Early Life

Born to Catholic parents, Diane was raised in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA – sources suggest that her birthdate is 16 March 1952, but it’s unconfirmed. Like her birthday much of her childhood remains unpublished, suggesting that this extremely successful women would like the public to focus on her career and not her personal life.

Early Education

Diane was accepted to an Augustinian Catholic University, Villanova, located in Pennsylvania, USA, from where she achieved her degree in Classical studies. She went onto study law at the University of Southern California, and after graduating she wasted no time in joining a law firm and starting to grow her legal career as an attorney.


Pennthe welcomed her onboard as an attorney, but Addonizio’s’ career as a lawyer was short lived, as she left the firm to enjoy her relationship with Howie Long. Diane lived a life of luxury, but Howie wasn’t going to be the only successful one in the relationship.

Diane planned to make her own fortune and that’s exactly what she did. After the couple wed, she pursued new avenues in the world of business. She made some good investments which promised good return and helped reiterate her title as ‘businesswomen.’ However, she didn’t stop there. She is also the author of the book ‘He’s just my Dad!’ following the story of an athlete, dad’


Diane was thrust into the spotlight, because of her highly publicised relationship with NFL star Howie Long, which remains by far the most publicized area of Diane’s’ life.

Howie Long

Howie started courting Diane shortly after they met whilst both attended the University of Villanova. It is said that for their first date Howie invited her back to his dorm room to watch an NFL game, but no one will ever know if this is the truth, speculation or a publicity stunt. Nevertheless, it does make for a very sweet story.

In an early interview Diane gushed about Howie saying ‘Attractive, the boy was attractive. I’d never met anyone that big who was that good-looking.’

Diane was just 22 when Howie presented her with an engagement ring soon after their graduation. They wed in June of 1982, and unlike many Hollywood couples have been together ever since.

The couple welcomed son Christopher in 1985, the first of their three children. Three years later Kyle Howard Long came into the world, followed by Howard Long Jr in 1990.

All three boys followed in their father’s footsteps, pursuing careers in the NFL. Christopher and Kyle are both professional footballs players, Christopher playing defence for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Kyle playing offensive lineman for the Chicago Bears. Howie Jr. isn’t on the field, but behind the scenes working for the Oakland Raiders as a scout, and the personal assistant for the team.

As any good parents the couple could often be seen at matches supporting their children.


Howard Matthew Moses Long began playing football at Milford High School when he was just 15 years old. An all-round athlete young Howie also played basketball, ran track, and competed in the shot putt, javelin, and discus, setting various state records along the way.

After graduating from Villanova and playing four seasons for the Football team, Long went on to play an impressive 13 seasons with the Oakland/Los Angeles Rangers in the NFL, including winning the Super Bowl in 1983 and being Defensive Player in the NFL in 1985, retiring in 1993.

Long wasn’t content with just conquering the sports world, so he went to take on Hollywood by pursuing a career in acting. Co-starring in ‘Firestorm and ‘Broken Arrow’ alongside John Travolta was a great start to his new journey. Other famous faces he worked alongside were Kurt Russel, Courteney Cox, and Kevin Costner. There were many rumours linking Long to actress Teri Hatcher, which were adamantly denied by Howie and Diane. Today Howie is working for Fox Sports as an analyst, mostly reporting on the NFL.

Other relationships

Diane has made no attempt to conceal her dislike of social media, and you won’t find her on any social media accounts – so much of Diane’s private life has been kept exactly that, private. There is very little, bordering on no information about any past relationships. It can be assumed that because she married Howie at such a young age, any relationships before him were probably not very serious or significant.

Sources say that Dianes’ net worth is estimated to be near $1 million as of early 2020.

Although she has risen to fame through her marriage, she made her money through hard work and dedication to her career. As well as being a lawyer, businesswomen, and author she involves herself in a large amount of charity work, not only providing money but time and support

Howies’net worth is estimed to be around $16 million, but if Hollywood has taught us anything it’s that all the money and fame in the world cannot make a marriage work, which is a testament to this love story that spans over three decades.

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