• Dianne Holechek is best known as the former wife of Chuck Norris and a former actress
• Dianne was born in Los Angeles in 1941, is now 77 and lives in her hometown with her grandchildren
• Dianne and Chuck married in 1958 when she was 17 and had two sons, Michael and Eric Norris
• Dianne's net worth is estimated to be around six digits, while Chuck's is estimated to be around $70 million
• Dianne has brown eyes and blonde hair, is 5ft 7ins tall, and has fair complexion skin


Do you know who Dianne Holechek is?

After they are linked to certain celebrities, some individuals come into the limelight – Dianne Holechek is one of those. Had she not been married to Chuck Norris, the action movie star, producer, screenwriter, and martial artist, people would have known even less about her. On 27 November 1941, in Los Angeles, California, USA, Dianne was born Dianne Kay Holechek.

Dianne was raised in Los Angeles. She finished her studies at California’s Torrance High School. As of today, she is 77 years old and lives in her hometown with her grandchildren.

Dianne Holechek’s marriage and family

When she began to date her then-boyfriend, Chuck Norris, Dianne was just a teenager.

According to reports, the former pair met at Torrance High School for the first time in 1956. This partnership further flourished, and eventually, in December 1958, they tied the knot – Dianne was 17-years old at the time of her marriage. In the presence of family members and friends, including big names from the Hollywood industry at the time, they had a lavish wedding ceremony, during which Norris was dressed in the uniform of the US Air Force, and a stunning white gown was worn by Dianne. Later, in Big Bear, California, this lovable couple went on a five-day honeymoon. Michael Norris and Eric Norris are Chuck and Dianne’s, two biological sons. Michael was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, while Eric was born in Redondo Beach in 1965.

Michael Norris seemed to have an interest in acting, so he followed in his father’s footsteps. Eric Norris is a NASCAR driver licensed concurrently.

Chuck Norris had an extramarital affair with Joana, although he married his longtime friend, Dianne. Finally, she split from Norris in 1988 when Dianne became aware of the infidelity of her husband, but in the interests of their sons, and despite some bitterness in their relationship, they patched-up again in just three months. However, it is hard to alter certain behaviors, and Chuck again found himself involved in an extramarital relationship, with a woman named Gena O’ Kelly.

This time, however, Chuck’s extramarital affair developed further misunderstandings between the couple, so they cut ties. In 1989, after three decades together, Chuck Norris and Dianne Holechek opted to divorce.

Both of their sons made every effort to solve the problem between their parents, but this time they failed.

Dianne’s Career

Dianne is an American homemaker, an actress, and a public figure who is best known as Chuck Norris’s childhood girlfriend and former wife. Most people, youngsters in particular, probably don’t know that Dianne was once part of the entertainment industry as well. She was both a magnificent actress and a dazzling model during her prime in the industry. Initially, in 1984 Dianne began her acting career in Hollywood through a low-profile series called “Hollywood 84”, but which was a disaster at the box office. She then collaborated on a series that unveiled the private lives of Hollywood actors.

She worked with Hollywood industry legends such as Liza Minelli, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Steven Spielberg throughout her career, which was unnoticeable, however, until she achieved prominence after she was linked to Chuck.

About Dianne Holechek’s husband, Chuck Norris, in brief

Carol Ray Norris is a veteran Hollywood actor, filmmaker, martial artist, and screenwriter, known by his stage name, Chuck Norris. Now 80 years old, he was born in Ryan, Oklahoma, USA, on 10 March 1940, to Wilma (née Scarberry) and Ray Dee Norris.

Fans all over the world are familiar with Chuck Norris as the hero of action movies such as “Lone Wolf McQuade”, “The Delta Force”, and “An Eye for an Eye”. He even starred in movies such as “Hero and the Terror”, “Firewalker” and “Hell bound”, and in the long-running TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger “.

Chuck Norris

Chuck was more a martial artist than an actor in the early 1960s, and had set up as many as thirty karate studios before entering Hollywood, where he was an instructor to several Hollywood celebrities including Priscilla Presley as well as actor Steve McQueen. Norris was also a tremendous athlete, other than being an instructor. He actively participated in many small and large martial arts tournaments, and won several. While he initially made some impression in his early films, such as the 1972 “Way of the Dragon”, Norris had a bigger effect on action films; a scene of war between the American actor and martial artist Bruce Lee and Norris in the famous Roman Colosseum was one of the highlights of the movie.

Norris had his first leading role in the 1977 action film “Beaker”.  Film audiences loved watching him show perpetrators instant justice, while the main characters sought an act of revenge. In 1984, Norris portrayed a fellow prisoner of war in “Missing in Action”, who returned to Vietnam, freeing other imprisoned soldiers. His younger brother, who died in Vietnam, was commemorated by this film and its successions.

For his cop movie, “Code of Silence”, Norris received cordial reviews. He then paired up with the legendary Lee Marvin for the 1986 “Delta Force” which was a combat action thriller. However, Norris’ relevance to the box office started to decline considerably in the early 1990s.

He moved to the small screen with “Walker, Texas Ranger” after successive project failures. For eight straight years, Norris portrayed Cordell Walker, a crime ethical warrior. The show had a devoted fan base, and even after its airing ceased in 2001, its rating was still in excellent nick. Norris subsequently took on several acting roles, and he has also served as a promotional speaker, and has featured on exercise equipment’s infographic commercials.

Chucks Near-death experience and rumors

Rumors of the demise of Hollywood egend Chuck Norris began to infiltrate the social media in 2011, spread throughout social networking sites, specifically on Facebook, as embers of flame. Although the viral buzz turned out to be a hoax, in 2017, the rumor was sufficiently close to reality, when the 78-year-old Norris was affected by two massive heart attacks. Luckily though, the medical treatment was immediate, and he recovered.

How much is Dianne Holechek worth?

Dianne Holecheck should have accumulated a reasonable amount of money throughout her time as an actress. Dianne had quite a brief career in acting but her net value would certainly be around six digits. Due to its secrecy, the exact amount of her net valuation is far from the media. Conversely, Dianne’s ex-husband Chuck Norris has an approximate net worth of $70 million dollars. Chuck salaried as an actor for up to $2.5 million. Other than just that, he has a stockpile of vehicles, including the €33,000 Ford Mustang.

He has a RAM of around $32,000 and a flat, that costs more than twenty-thousand dollars. Norris also purchased a $1.2 million property in the Northwest Hills. Looking at his accomplishments, there really are no two thoughts of how he might have accrued such a substantial net worth.

More about Dianne

Dianne has brown eyes and blonde hair, is 5ft 7ins tall, and is fitness conscious with her weight around 55kgs. In addition, she has fair complexion skin that tends to help her glow even at this age. Dianne belongs to the white ethnic group. She appears to conceal her personal life, prefers to be quiet on personal issues, and protects herself from media scrutiny.

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