• Bam Bam Brown is the second child of Billy Byrom and Amora ‘Ami’ Brown
• He was raised on a fishing boat and is proficient in electronics and survival tasks
• He is part of the cast of the History Channel’s scripted docudrama “Alaskan Bush People”
• He moved away from his family in 2017 and now lives with his girlfriend on a boat
• His net worth is approximately $300,000 as of mid-2020


While “Alaskan Bush People” is one of History Channel’s most attacked docudramas, conversely it is still loved by fans the world over. In the case of the Brown family, they simply need not do any more than living their lives away from civilization in order to garner attention and recognition. Bam Bam Brown is one of the many children of the Brown family, and fully embraces their secluded nature, enjoying the solitude and peace of the bush. Bam Bam is particularly talented when it comes to boats and the water but has recently moved away from his family in Alaska and struck out on his own.

Posted by Joshua Bam Bam Brown on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Early Life and Family


Joshua ‘Bam Bam’ Brown was born on 18 September 1984, in Alaska, USA, the second child of Billy Byrom and Amora ‘Ami’ Brown. While the first impression of his nickname may make it seem strange and unwieldy, this is a common theme amongst the seven brown children. Bam Bam has four brothers – Matthew ‘Matt’ Jeremiah, Solomon Isaiah Freedom Bear, Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Starbuck, and Noah ‘Darkcloud’ – and also two sisters, Amora Jean Snowbird and Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop ‘Rain’.

The family does not exactly come from the purest of origins, with both parents having criminal records – Billy for horse theft that took place in 1980, and Ami with a record for welfare fraud.

Interests and Childhood

Bam Bam was raised on the family fishing boat, which fostered a deep love for the water and boats in him. He was taught how to survive in the wild by his parents and older brother, and he soon became highly proficient in electronics as well as survival tasks. Brown loved to read and would often seek the solitude of his favorite tree to curl up and read a book.

Bam Bam Brown

His unconventional childhood allowed him to become a free thinker, who expresses his creativity through his love of photography.


There is very little known about Bam Bam’s formal schooling -if he had any at all. Although he may not have a conventional education, he remains highly proficient in other areas – the bush and boats – and is able to live an independent life.


“Alaskan Bush People”

The History Channel’s scripted docudrama, “Alaskan Bush People”, premiered on 6 May 2014 when Bam Bam was 30 years old.

The series follows the life and skills of the Brown family living in the bush, purportedly far from civilization and basic amenities. Over the years, almost every aspect of the show has been attacked, from revelations about its true location and proximity to civilization, to the actual nationality of the Brown Family. Despite this, the show enjoys a more than moderate success.

Legal Issues

All Alaskan residents receive a stipend from the state, a share of the state’s oil mining profits.

Naturally, this gives rise to people forging their residency in order to benefit off the state, which is exactly what the Brown family was accused of on 3 October 2014. The entire family, except for Rain who was too young at the time, and Matt who was not in the state, were hit with charges of first and second-degree theft, and were all facing prison time. The family claimed to be shocked by the allegations, claiming that it was due to the fact that living off the land does not exactly take a lot of documentation.

After much negotiation, the Brown family was able to strike a plea deal that would see only Billy Byron and Bam Bam taking the fall. They were able to settle the case with over $2,100 in restitution, 30 days of house arrest, and a myriad of relatively minor fines.

Personal Life

Bam Bam Brown moved away from his family in 2017 – he had begun dating one of the show’s producers, Allison ‘Alli’ Kagan the year before, which raised a conflict between him and his parents. It’s speculated that Brown moved away from the family because he did’t like how his parents were treating his girlfriend.

Although the two moved out,Bam Bam could not escape his roots, and the two purchased and renovated a boat on which they now live together.


Bam Bam has long blond hair that falls all way below his shoulders. Pair this with a neat beard, brown eyes and round glasses and you have Bam Bam Brown. He is tall and well built from years working for his survival in the bush. He is 5ft 9ins (1.73m) tall and weighs 165lbs (75kg).

Net Worth

Joshua Bam Bam Brown’s sole source of income appears to be “Alaskan Bush People”, but this is not to say that he has not made a name for himself. Due to the hefty salary from the show, Bam Bam has acquired an approximate net worth of $300,000 as of mid-2020 – impressive, especially for someone who spent a good portion of their life living off the land.

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