• Drew Grant is a journalist, editor and former writer of The New York Observer, founder of Drew Grant Media, and co-host of “Movie Trivia Schmoedown”.
• She graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelor in Arts in 2006 and worked at various web portals and online magazines.
• Grant worked as an Arts & Entertainment Editor for “The New York Observer” and founded tvDownload, which she stopped publishing in 201•
• She is now a co-host of “Movie Trivia Schmoedown” and has a YouTube channel.
• Grant was previously married to Emmy-winning reporter and MSNBC’s anchor, Ari Melber, and has been dating Richard Alexander since 2017.


Drew Grant is an American journalist, a former writer and editor of The New York Observer, founder of Drew Grant Media, and co-host of “Movie Trivia Schmoedown”. She’s also known to be the ex-wife of the Emmy-winning reporter and MSNBC’s anchor, Ari Melber.

Early life

Drew Grant was born in Park Slope, New York City USA, on 25 May 1984. She graduated from Oberlin College with as a Bachelor in Arts in 2006. There’s no information about her family, parents or any siblings.

Early Career

After her graduation, she started working on 236.com, a comedy web portal owned by “Huffington Post”, as an Editorial Assistant for the Pop Culture’s section.

She left the job to join “Jossip Initiatives”, a company owned by David Hauslaib and founded in 2003.  Besides owning Jossip.com, the company also owned portals such as queerty.com and stereohyped.com. She worked in this company for a year and a half.

She then moved to Nerve.com, an online magazine about relationships and sex. The portal stopped being online in 2008, and Grant worked there for less than a year. She then joined another website dedicated to pop culture, Crushable.com. All of these jobs enhanced her skills as a writer, and gained her experience as a pop culture and celebrity journalist.

Rising Career

Her previous experience in several web portals and her rising reputation as a writer got her the opportunity to work on “Media Group”, the famous conglomerate that owns several enterprises in the media – its subsidiaries vary from television, to internet and radio. The opportunity that this presented for Drew would help pave her way as a successful journalist.

Her reputation as a good writer continued to rise, and in 2011 Drew was offered her dream job as an Arts & Entertainment Editor for the prestigious “The New York Observer”, owned by Jared Kushner. The prominent journal focuses on a variety of topics regarding New York, such as politics, culture and real estate. Grant accepted this job offer immediately.

“The New York Observer” was published for the first time in 1987, and is known to be the paper in which Candace Bushnell, creator of “Sex and The City”, used to publish her columns. Nowadays, “The New York Observer” has stopped hard printing publications, and has become “Observer” since 2016, an online web portal based on the same topics of the original paper.

Drew Grant’s last article published for “Observer” was “We Have to Go Back to the Island: Rewatching ‘Lost,’ Season 1, Part 1”, on 6 January 2017. It is unknown why she stopped working on the paper. Grant’s articles were often about TV Shows and pop culture in general, and can still be found in its website’s archive.

During the time Drew worked there, she also founded a website called tvDownload, which was a blog on which she wrote reviews of TV shows and series, but she stopped publishing articles in 2015 on this site.

After leaving her job on the “Observer”, Grant joined “RealClearLife” as a writer, nowadays called InsideHook.com, a portal dedicated to lifestyle news and luxury. After leaving this job, she joined Ranker in 2018 also as a writer. This website is dedicated to entertainment, sports, celebrities and others, and often showcases lists and polls where readers can participate and give their opinion about different subjects.

Internet Projects

Nowadays, Drew is one of the co-hosts of “Movie Trivia Schmoedown”, a network dedicated to movie’s trivia, on which contestants compete against each other testing their knowledge on movies. Drew also created a YouTube channel named VIDEODREW, on which she shares video reactions. It is unknown if she keeps writing on any portal web or journal.

Personal Life

Marriage and Divorce: 2013 – 2017.

Drew Grant met Ari Melber in 2010 at a party, started dating in 2011, and in 2013 Melber proposed to Grant. They married that year 2013, but their marriage only lasted until 2017, when they filed for divorce.

In 2013, NYTimes published an article about the importance of personal relationships and how technology interferes with that. In this article Ari Melber made a brief guest comment about how he was improving his life and relationship with Drew Grant, his fiancée at the moment, by separating themselves from technology. ‘No screens after 11 p.m.’, he commented regarding the agreement the couple made about not using any mobile device after a certain hour. He also commented: “We found the evenings were more relaxing, and we were sleeping better,” regarding the improvement of his and Drew’s sleep hours.

Ari Melber and his wife Drew Grant. They divorced in 2017.

Posted by Charles Heller on Saturday, December 7, 2019

Ari Melber isn’t only a journalist and MSNBC’s host, he’s also a lawyer and legal analyst for NBC News. His show “The Beat with Ari Melber”, is one of the most viewed shows with an audience of almost two million, becoming the most watched MSNBC’s show ever in the 6pm time slot.

Ari Melber hasn’t married again since his divorce.

New Boyfriend – 2017

After her divorce from Ari Melber, Drew started dating Richard Alexander. They often posted photos of themselves together on Instagram, but as of 2020 it’s unknown if they’re still together. Drew hasn’t married again since her divorce.

Net worth

Drew Grant’s net worth as of 2020 is estimated at over $500,000, a result of her extensive work as a journalist and writer. We hope she can continue increasing her fortune with her new projects.

Physical characteristics

Drew Grant has a slender build, with light skin and brown eyes, and her ethnicity is white. Her weight and stature is unknown. She has natural brown hair, which she used to style shoulder length, but nowadays she has tried a different look and cut her hair very short, and stylizes it with curls. She maintains her natural hair color.

Interesting Facts

  • Drew was born in New York, has worked there her entire life and still lives in the city.
  • Drew met various celebrities during her time as an “Observer” editor. One of them was the famous actor Tom Hanks.
  • Grant has shared several photos of a little girl named Angie on instagram, and she has mentioned that it’s her ‘daughter’, though Angie’s real mother is Elise Garrido. Even then, Drew considers Angie her daughter too.
  • Grant is a fan of movies and TV shows, a fact that helped her to create content for “Observer” when she worked there.
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