• Member of the Brown family of “Alaskan Bush People”
• Devoted to nature and the outdoors, with a variety of pets
• Proficient hunter and fisherwoman, skilled in the bush
• Gained her skills from her family, no formal education
• Net worth of over $100,000 as of mid-2020


A member of the somewhat notorious Brown family of Discovery Channel’s “Alaskan Bush People”, Snowbird is affectionately called Birdie by her large family. Snowbird succeeded in exceeding all the expectations of her family and has developed into an independent woman with a sympathetic, yet strong character. Of the two sisters in the Brown family, Birdie appears to be the most in tune with nature, spending hours observing and engaging with the world around her. She also shares some of the artistic inclinations of her younger sister, Rain, and has adapted to the unconventional lifestyle of her family with grace and skill.

Early Life and Family

Parents and Siblings

Amora Jean Snowbird Brown was born on 18 November 1994, in Alaska, USA to Amora ‘Ami’ Brown and Billy Byron Brown. Her family has a predilection to extensive and descriptive names, and with a family as large as her own, this has given rise to a plethora of creativity. Birdie was the first daughter after five boys, and has two younger siblings, a sixth brother, and a sister. Her brothers’ names are Matthew ‘Matt’ Jeremiah, Joshua ‘Bam Bam’, Solomon Isaiah Freedom Bear, Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Starbuck, and Noah Darkcloud. Her sister’s name is the longest of the lot – Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop.

There is a strained family bond with her half-sister, Twila Byars, who lives in Texas, who has openly claimed to be the only normal member of her gene pool, but her relationship with her father is barely existent. Over the years, she has also experienced difficulties with her brother, specifically Matt who has done two stints in rehab for his struggle with alcohol abuse. It is not all tenuous, however, as she is the proud aunt of several of her brothers’ children.


As the first daughter after five boys, the Brown family did not know what to expect with Birdie. At the very least, they expected to need to coddle her and shelter her, keeping her from the ravages of the outdoors.

Snowbird Bird

However, Birdie completely defied expectations when by the age of five she was in love with the outdoors, and could spend hours playing outside. Birdie loved hiking up the mountains and spending time by the ocean and riverside, writing and drawing, sometimes just observing the local deer and other wildlife. Birdie has had a whole menagerie of pets over the years, straying from the conventional dogs and cats to include a squirrel, five Red-Eared Slider turtles, and a few frogs. She is a proficient hunter and fisherwoman, and is a capable person in the bush.


There is no information regarding any formal schooling that Birdie has undergone, but it can be assumed that she has attended school based on the experiences of her siblings.

All her outdoor skills were imparted to her by her family members, and she has steadily cultivated them throughout the years, and is now proficient in the ways of nature.


“Alaska Bush People”

Birdie has grown up as an active member of the cast of Discovery Channel’s “Alaska Bush People”, a heavily scripted and purportedly staged docudrama, which follows the lives of the Brown family as they subsist off the land in the Alaskan bush. The series premiered on 6 May 2014 when Snowbird was 20, and while all filming initially took place on Chichagof Island, Alaska, it eventually moved to Pine Lake, Washington State. Wherever the family chooses to figuratively pitch camp, they name their small commune “Brownstown’.

There is an endless amount of controversy regarding the show, many claiming that practically every aspect of it is staged. It has been discovered that Brownstown is never as far from civilization as is claimed, so the family also has more access to modern-day amenities than they claim. At the very least, they do have electricity and WiFi, which is evident in Rain’s constant social media presence.

The family experienced trauma when the entire family, excluding Rain who was too young at the time, were served with court papers. Due to their negligible documentation consequent of living off the grid, the state of Alaska accused the family of forging their citizenship to profit from the state dividend.

Devastated and betrayed, Billy Brown and his son Bam Bam decided to take a plea that would see them taking jail time, but allowing the rest of the family to walk free.

Personal Life

Snowbird has kept well out of the eye of the media whenever possible, keeping her relationships and experiences to herself. Birdie does not have any social media presence, unlike her sister Rain, which means that we are privy to much less of her private life and any tidbits that social media may reveal.

Like the rest of her family, she was devasted when her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Although she has since beaten the disease. it resulted in a flurry of negative media attention that claimed that the entire diagnosis had been staged.

Snowbird is now one of the eldest remaining at home, as several brothers have married and moved on from Brownstown. Her brother Bear is currently expecting a child with his ex-fiancée, to whom he was engaged for only two weeks. Noah is married with a child and Gabe has also married. As there is no information as to her dating life, it is unknown whether she will be following in their footsteps anytime soon.


While Snowbird is slender and fit, many are often taken aback by her teeth. Her upper teeth are disordered with twists and gaps, but no attempt has been made to correct this, which some suspect is due to the family’s limited contact with civilization.

While Snowbird hasn’t commented on this condition, she usually offers a closed mouth smile, indicating that she is perhaps self-conscious about this. Snowbird has dark brown hair that she keeps long and healthy. She has brown eyes and a rosy complexion; her vital statistics haven’t been revealed to the public.

Net Worth and Salary

Snowbird Brown receives her total income from “Alaska Bush People”, in addition to the state dividend that saw her and her family in such treacherous waters. She has accumulated a net worth of over $100,000 as of mid-2020, which is only half of what her sister has earned – there is no apparent reason for this disparity.

General Info

Full NameSnowbird Brown


ParentsBilly Brown


TV ShowsAlaskan Bush People, Alaskan Bush People: Wild and Free, Alaskan Bush People: Book of Browntown, Alaskan Bush People: Brown Family Bonds

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