• Jeff Tietjens is an American lawyer born in 1970 in San Francisco, California.
• He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1990 and was admitted to the State Bar of California in 2000.
• He rose to fame due to his marriage to actress and TV host Aisha Tyler.
• They separated in 2015 and the divorce process was finished in 2017.
• He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.


Jeff Tietjens is an American lawyer, born on 18 August 1970, in San Francisco, California. He rose to fame through his marriage to the actress and TV host Aisha Tyler.

Early Life

Not much is known about Jeff Tietjens family, childhood and primary education, though it’s been disclosed that he studied at Dartmouth College, from where he graduated in 1990. He was later awarded a Juris Doctorate after finishing his Masters Degree in Law.


Although his relationship with Aisha Tyler put him under the public spotlight, details about his career are mostly unknown. Despite trying to maintain his professional life in secrecy, it’s known that he worked for several years in his alma mater, Dartmouth College as a professor.

In the year 2000 he was admitted into the State Bar of California, and years later funded his own law firm in San Francisco, subsequently extending his business to New York as well.

Who is Aisha Tyler?

Despite having a successful career as a lawyer, what put Jeff Tietjens under the spotlight was his relationship with Aisha Tyler, an American actress born 18 September 1970, in San Francisco. Her beginnings as a comedian started early in her life, when she was still attending McAteer High School and joined a drama club. She later attended Dartmouth College, from where she graduated in 1992 with a major in Marketing.

During her time in university, she formed part of the all-female group Dartmouth Rockapellas, which allowed her to discover her love for music. After graduating, she was employed by an advertising firm, though she soon left that job to try her luck with stand-up comedy.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1996, Aisha Tyler struggled to find a place in media for some years. Her career didn’t take-off until 2001, when she became the host of “Talk Soup”. However, the project was short-lived, as it was cancelled the following year.

Her first professional acting role was in the independent play “Moose Mating”. She was then cast as Dr. Charlie Wheeler in the successful rom-com “Friends”. She also appeared in the series’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Ghost Whisperer” and the movie saga “The Santa Clause”.

Tyler also debuted as a journalist and writer, contributing to fashion magazines such as Glamour and Entertainment Weekly. In 2009 she returned to TV as the host of “The Aisha Tyler Show”, and as a recurrent character of the series “Archer” in 2010. The following year she launched “Girl on Guy”, her own podcast focused on interviews with a variety of celebrities.

Tyler has also  been widely praised for her work as the co-host of “The Talk”, for which she was rewarded with an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host.

Her success at more than one career in the entertainment industry is caused by her expertise in the stand-up comedy field, which she affirms is the reason she was able to learn a wide variety of skills: ‘You’re a writer, you’re a performer. In a lot of ways you’re a producer, you’re doing your own marketing. And so you become very self-driven’.

In 2020 she became the host of “Prime Rewind: The Boys”, an online show in which she interviews the cast of the original Amazon Series superhero-themed program “The Boys”. She told the New York Post about this exciting opportunity: ‘I’ve always been a big comic book person, so I really just loved that show and was able to communicate that passion.’

Tyler is also a philanthropist, having collaborated as a worker for several non-profit organizations such as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and The American Red Cross.

Relationship & Marriage

Jeff Tietjens and Aisha Tyler met when they were both studying at Dartmouth College in the early 1990s. After becoming friends and subsequently dating for several years, the couple tied the knot in a small and private ceremony in 1994. As per Aisha’s declarations to Eonline in 2016, they were still teens when they met: ‘he’s my only adult relationship’ she continued ‘he’s the person who’s influenced, and in fact cared for me the most’.

Neither Jeff nor Aisha come from privileged backgrounds, thus they financially struggled for several years into their marriage, as she was trying her luck as a comedian while he was still at law school: ‘We were po,’ said Aisha to PEOPLE in 2001 ‘we couldn’t even afford the other o and the r’.

Aisha Tyler and Jeff Tietjens

During the marriage Tietjens and Tyler were unable to conceive children, which led them to go through various fertility treatments with unsuccessful results. In 2011 Taylor confessed they had stopped trying to conceive years prior., which turned out to be hard for her, as she considered her husband would be a ‘great’ father: ‘we just decided it wasn’t worth it to go through that, and so we decided to stop. It was better to not go through that torture.’

Split & Life After Divorce

After over 20 years of marriage, Jeff Tietjens and Aisha Tyler separated in early 2015. Though the couple maintained their relationship status in secrecy for months, in April 2016 Tietjens officially filed for divorce.

In the papers presented in a Los Angeles Court, it was stated the couple had irreconcilable differences, although soon after the divorce’s announcement, Aisha told EOnline the separation was peaceful and praised him for being a good husband: ‘He’s a wonderful person. He’s been my best friend for almost my entire life. I’ll always, always love him.’

She also admitted she wanted to protect hers and Tietjens’ privacy from the media, as she still considered him an important person in her life despite separation: ‘I know that maybe it’s strange to some people to want to protect someone you’re breaking up with, but I love him.’

The divorce process was finished in May 2017, after many negotiations between Tyler’s and Tietjens’ attorneys. As the couple didn’t have a prenuptial agreement, Tyler had to pay Tietjens $2 million in addition to $31,250 in spousal support, which has to be provided monthly for four years.

In late 2018 Aisha Tyler started dating Emily Bett Rickards, actress of the series “Arrow”. The relationship was announced by Tyler, who shared various pics laughing and kissing with Rickards on her Instagram account, accompanying the post with the caption ‘true love’.

There’s no information about Jeff Tietjens current relationship status, as he maintains a low profile on social media.

Net Worth

Jeff Tietjens has an estimated net worth of $5 million, which is the result of his work as a lawyer, and from the spousal support provided by his ex-wife Aisha Tyler.

Physical Appearance

Jeff Tietjens is a man of white ethnicity who has blond hair and blue eyes. He’s 5ft 8ins (1.72m) tall, but his weight is unknown.

Interesting Facts

Despite the separation and subsequent divorce, Tietjens’ ex-wife Aisha Tyler declared the relationship had not failed ‘I think we did it exactly right,’ she continued without stating the reason for the split – ‘sometimes you realize it’s time for you to move on with your lives.’

In addition to the monthly support Tyler provides him, she also pays for his life insurance.

Although Tietjens has two successful law firms, his lawyer license has been inactive for over a decade.

Jeff doesn’t have any public social media accounts, thus it’s hard to find recent information about him. On her part, Aisha deleted all the photos she had posted with him on her Instagram.

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