• Monica Beets is a Canadian reality star and miner born in 1993 in Dawson, Yukon Canada.
• She started working with heavy machinery for her father's mining exploration at age 12.
• Monica is an expert operator of a variety of machinery and manages her family's mining operations in Canada.
• She married Taylor Mayes in 2018 and has a net worth of over $1 Million.
• Monica has tattoos and piercings, is a fan of punk music and encourages young girls interested in gold mining to follow their dreams.


Monica Beets is a Canadian reality star and a miner, born on 7 November 1993, in Dawson, Yukon Canada. She’s known for appearing in the reality TV show “Gold Rush”.

Early Life

Born the youngest child of Minnie and Tony Beets, Monica along with her two older brothers Kevin and Mike, and her only sister Bianca, started working on her father’s mining exploration at aged twelve. By the age of 16, Monica already operated heavy machinery and knew her family’s business well. It’s known that Monica learnt how to drive when she was eight years old.

In 2017, Monsters and Critics asked her if she ever considered choosing a different career path than mining, to which Monica answered: ‘I was never given the choice.

Neither me or my brothers or my sister were. As soon as we were tall enough to reach the pedals, we were on a machine’.

There’s no information about Monica’s education, though she has taken various courses in Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as she is interested in becoming a paramedic in the future.


Gold Rush

Monica Beets appeared for the first time in Discovery Channel’s reality series “Gold Rush” in its second season, when her father Tony joined the show along with his mining team. Monica’s family was soon known as the Beets crew, situated in Canada where they held mining operations in various places across the country.

Monica and her family appeared in the show’s following seasons, successfully mining millions of dollars-worth of gold.

Despite Monica’s young age, her experience at operating heavy machinery and knowledge of the mining business and crew management, led her to become supervisor of her family’s mine located in Paradise Hill when she was 18 years old, subsequently taking charge of Eureka Creek as well.

Monica is an expert operator of a variety of machinery, such as loaders and graders. When asked about her favorite equipment to work with, she answered: ‘I’m most comfortable on a 988 loader. That’s what I ran for the first four years I was working for my father.

Monica Beets

I’m just super comfortable in it. It’s fun. But as for what we do normally now, I really like running the excavator, loading trucks. I don’t like the plant — that is the worst job in the world, feeding the plant.’

Her competitiveness has developed a rivalry between her and her brother Kevin. However, she maintains a friendly relationship with him: ‘I’m close with both my brothers. And at work, we just bug each other. How we show affection is we just pick on each other. We’re almost like bullies, but it’s just how we show love.’

Monica has also talked about her experience working in an environment dominated predominately by males, mentioning her mother Minnie as her inspiration on how to deal with it: ‘Mom is a great role model.

She doesn’t take shit from anybody, which is great. Especially in a really male-oriented workforce, you have to have that attitude. You can’t let the shit get under your skin. You have to be strong, roll with the punches, and know that as shitty as it is, you’re always going to have to prove yourself because you’re a woman in the work field.’

She also wants to encourage young girls who are interested in gold mining to follow their dreams: ‘Don’t take no for an answer and just go for it. If it’s what you want to do, just go for it. And don’t let what other people think of you get you down. Because it’s not what they think that matters, it’s what you think.’

Personal Life


Monica’s parents Tony and Minnie have been together for over 40 years. They met in Holland when they were both children, and started dating in 1979. They married shortly before moving to Canada in 1984 in search of new opportunities, establishing their family there.

Tony grew up on a farm where he milked cows and operated machines. Despite his humble origins, his family currently manages one of the most prominent mining operations in the Klondike, owning Tamarack Mine, Scribner Creek and Eureka Creek.


Monica is a fan of tattoos and piercings, and has many of them on her body. When it comes to tattoos, she chooses to get inked with things that have a meaning, or are important to her.

She’s a fan of punk music as well, naming her husky dog after her favorite musician Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, from the legendary band The Misfits.


Monica married Taylor Mayes on 11 August 2018. Months prior the wedding ceremony held in Monica’s natal Dawson City, in Yukon, she appeared along with her parents in TLC’s famous show “Say Yes to the Dress”. Monica and her mother attempted to keep Tony on his best behavior, though they couldn’t contain his crude language while choosing a wedding dress: ‘Coming here, Minnie and Monica, they made me look at a couple of episodes because they said ‘you’re going to have to behave yourself’. So today I’m pretty much going to be on my best fucking behavior’ were Tony’s words.

Not caring about money but his daughter’s happiness during her special day, Tony expressed how generous the family’s budget for the wedding was: ‘I don’t give a shit about the cost’.

The process of choosing a wedding dress and ceremony’s preparations were a success, and Monica tied the knot in a gorgeous strapless gown. Even Monica’s dog was present at the beautiful ceremony attended by her family and close friends, which was broadcast in the ninth season of “Gold Rush” in an episode entitled “Wedding Bells & Emergency Operations”.

Net Worth

As of 2020, Monica Beets’ net worth is estimated at over $1 Million, which is a result of her work as miner, and appearances in the successful show “Gold Rush”.


Monica regarded as a gorgeous woman of white ethnicity, with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her height is 5 ft 4 ins (1.62m) and her current weight is estimated at 136lbs (62kgs).

Interesting Facts

Monica’s father Tony has been nicknamed “Tony Beeps” for his colorful and crude language. In an interview with Monsters and Critics, Monica explained this particular trait of her father: ‘He’s worked in pipelines, ice road trucking. He’s in the oil fields. He’s done a lot and when you’re in these workforces, it’s just the language. Everybody’s rude and crude.’

Parker Schnabel, who is said to have developed a crush on Monica during the second season of “Gold Rush”, joked on Facebook about not receiving an invitation to her wedding. To this Monica answered: ‘I said come to the reception and party, but the ceremony was close friends and family only. Already had our own film crew, didn’t need to have double!’.

Monica has declared not watching the show, as she spends seven months a year working on mining and doesn’t want to watch that kind of content on her vacations.

When asked what she does in her free time, she answered: ‘I go on walks with the dog and I like to travel a lot. I do cross-stitch and native bead-work and stuff like that, crafty stuff. And do as little as possible.’

It has been speculated that her father has a progressive way of thinking, as he doesn’t mind his daughter working in a mine -which is often regarded as work environment only for men. Monica cleared up the subject in an interview, saying her father’s both open minded about certain things, but old fashioned at others: ‘Dad’s both. He doesn’t care what your gender is, if you’re sitting on a piece of equipment, girls can do it just as well as men can, sometimes even better. But if it’s heavy lifting or shoveling or labor, doesn’t matter if you’ve got five girls, the one guy is going to be taken for that because ‘it’s not a girl’s job’. If something needs to be cleaned, apparently that’s what we’re good for. He’s both.’

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