• Savannah Rose LaBrant is a YouTuber, social media personality, and fashion blogger born on 2 March 1992
• She is best known for co-running The LaBrant Fam YouTube channel with husband Cole LaBrant
• She has a daughter, Everleigh, with her ex-partner Tom Smith and two children, Posie Rayne and Zealand, with Cole
• She makes money through YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and other online ventures
• As of late 2020, she has an estimated net worth of $12 million


Early life, family, educational background

YouTuber, social media personality, and fashion blogger Savannah Rose LaBrant (née Soutas) was born on 2 March 1992, in Orange County, California, USA. She is best known for co-running The LaBrant Fam (formerly called Cole&Sav) channel on YouTube, along with her husband, Cole LaBrant.

Savannah’s parents divorced when she was young, due to her father’s infidelity, and her mother, Deborah, mainly raised her. In an interview with People, she spoke about how difficult the divorce was for her – ‘Especially as a teenage girl, I think it’s so important to have your dad in your life if you can. I think that definitely made me kind of go down a darker path.’

After her parents’ divorce, Savannah didn’t see much of her father and only had her mother and older sister, Chantelle, to rely on for support, and so is very close to both of them.

Chantelle Paige (née Soutas) is an actress, songwriter, and singer, and a member of Flipsyde, an R&B girl group. In September 2018, she posted a photo to her Instagram of her sister and herself – both pregnant – along with the caption, ‘This is my best friend. My big sissy. We’re pregnant together (1 month apart) and both having GIRLS! We’ve dreamt about this ever since we were little & it makes me wanna cry how blessed we are to experience this all together! Can’t wait for our babies to be forced best friends forever. I LOVE YOU.’

Savannah began taking dance lessons from the age of two. She was home-schooled throughout her elementary school years, but eventually attended Valley Christian High School, from which she matriculated in 2011. Afterwards she attended college, but dropped out when she became pregnant with Everleigh.

Who is Cole LaBrant?

Savannah’s husband was born on 21 August 1996 to Ken and Sheri LaBrant. He was raised with his sister and four brothers in Troy, Alabama; he is still very close to his family, and often posts about them on social media. In 2016, Cole and his mother came second in The Amazing Race, a round-the-world challenge, narrowly missing out on winning the $1 million prize.

In 2013, Cole entered a Vine competition along with his friends John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes.

In an interview with Zachary Fu, Cole recounted the night they decided to make the video while at John’s house, ‘… we saw a dance contest. It’s all girls entering the Vine contest, and we’re like, ‘This is so dumb… how funny would it be if we entered it, guys?’’ Within a week, their video gained popularity, and they attracted 100,000 followers from it. Following the video’s success, they started a YouTube channel to capitalize on the opportunity, and The Dem White Boyz channel quickly became very popular.

However, in 2015, Baylor and John decided that they didn’t like being in the spotlight, so they left the channel to Cole. He continued running the channel, and maintained most of the followers. However, his social media accounts were hacked – the hackers deleted photos from his accounts, and Cole lost followers as he was locked out of his accounts for a week.

When he got his social media back, Cole made different content, switching from comedic dancing videos to talk about Christianity. In the Zachary Fu interview, he shared ‘Making the transition from being a secular social media person to a Christian social media person, it was tough.’ saying that people knew him for his previous content and came to the channel for that, not his religion. Although he lost many followers, his diehard fans stayed subscribed to his channel and supported the change; some even praised him for being honest and open about his religion and life.

He is highly opinionated in his videos, tweets, and Instagram posts. In a tweet posted on 7 February 2019, he said, ‘Not gonaa lie, I’ve lost a lottttt of followers for passionately tweeting about my faith and things I believe in and support.

I really do appreciate those of you who support me and my family through decisions we make and stand for that may not be the most popular.’


After dropping out of university, Savannah became a professional photographer, and began posting photos to Instagram of herself with Everleigh, and started a successful fashion blog. In December 2014, she launched ‘littleredrosephotography.com,’ her first photography website. After posting a few photos to her Instagram, they went viral, and her account quickly gained thousands of followers.

She began posting lip-syncing videos to Musical.ly (later renamed TikTok), and in 2016 she was listed as the number one Muser of the year, outdoing over seven million creators, including famous Musers such as Baby Ariel and Jacob Sartorius.

She moved to YouTube when she and Cole created a family channel called “Cole&Sav.” The ‘wholesome, not-perfect’ family quickly grew to have several hundred thousand subscribers. After they married, they renamed the channel to “The LaBrant Family,” and it heavily features all three of their children.

Savannah opened Savannah.com, a merchandise website from which she sells accessories, clothing, and garments for women and men, as well as baby clothes and related products; her “Mommy and Me” collection is incredibly popular. For bags and purses, she has collaborated with known-named brands such as YSL, Versace, and Valentino, and collaborated with PX Clothing, BB Dakota, and Off Duty for garments – Joseph, Kelvin, and Kyrie for boys’ clothing and Rugged Bears and Nanette Lepore Girls for girls’ clothing. She even has a “Mommy and Me” jewellery collection marketed through Taudrey.

Savannah LaBrant

Savannah and Cole have written a biographical novel entitled “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story,” which speaks about their love story and the lessons they have learned together about love and family; they also openly talk about religion. On the Goodreads website, the book is described as being written in Savannah and Cole’s ‘charming and engaging style’ wherein they take the reader ‘behind the camera and open up about past heartaches and mistakes; painful secrets and difficult expectations.’ They also spoke of ‘the joys and challenges of raising their daughter, Everleigh; and the spiritual journey that changed their hearts – and relationship – forever.’

Personal life

Savannah grew up a Christian, and still follows that faith and lifestyle. From 2009 to 2015, she was in a relationship with Everleigh’s father, Tom Smith. Everleigh Rose Soutas was born on 14 December 2012, making Savannah a young mother at 20.

Although she fell pregnant in her late teens, Savannah has said that she doesn’t regret it; she feels that having a child forced her to mature and become responsible, and she hopes that her experience will help Everleigh grow up to be humble and wise. Savannah broke up with Tom in 2015 after finding out that he cheated on her while she was pregnant, and after their daughter was born.

In a YouTube video entitled “The Truth about Savannah’s past…” she spoke about her past relationship, saying, ‘I was in a very bad relationship with her dad.’ She shared that before dating Tom, she had just got out of another bad relationship, so she was not actually ready to date again. After a short time of them going out, she became pregnant, ‘it was just kind of bad, always fighting, always crazy… It was just a very, very toxic relationship.’ She added that although she appeared happy in her musical.ly videos with Everleigh, she was not happy in the relationship, ‘My family saw how miserable I was. My mom told me she was always praying for me to leave him, and my friends praying as well.’

Her experience helped her grow closer to her mom, ‘… being cheated on by my boyfriend, I think it helped me understand how hurt my mom was [when she was] cheated on. We were both there for each other and understood each other’s situations.’ She has remained friends with Tom for Everleigh’s sake, ‘He sees Everleigh once a week for a couple of hours,’ she shared in a video, adding that he still has some personal issues he is working through. She concluded, ‘We always want him in her life. He loves her to death, and he’s a great dad to her; he loves her… He’s doing a great job just maintaining that friendship.’ As far as the public knows, Tom is currently dating Courtney Santaella, and he works at a construction and skylight design company, Inter-Sky.

When Everleigh was 18 months old, she began training in dance, and began competing when she was 3.

Savannah runs an Instagram account with her friend, Michelle Foley, called ForEverAndForAva, which features their daughters, Ava and Everleigh. The girls model outfits every day, and the account gained so much popularity that famous brands and products have begun sponsoring them. They now have another account as well, The Wild Threads, on which they promote clothing for girls between the ages of two and 10. Everleigh and Ava have also modeled for brands such as the Kardashian Kids collection and Guess Kids, as well as appearing in magazines including “Elle” and “Vogue.”

When Taudrey interviewed Savannah, she said that she doesn’t like Everleigh thinking she is ‘famous’, but instead that she is ‘more recognized’ than her peers.

However, she is grateful that the support and fame are helping secure Everleigh’s future financially, but her education is top-priority, a mindset she is instilling in her daughter too.

Savannah and Cole met through Musical.ly – he messaged her first, asking for a favor. They didn’t speak again until 2016 when they unintentionally bumped into each other in Los Angeles; they both feel that there was an instant connection. Savannah accepted Cole’s proposal on 22 January 2017, and they married on 9 July that year. Even before marrying, Cole treated Everleigh as his biological daughter, and definitely stepped in as a father figure, even more so than Tom, who only sees her occasionally as opposed to daily. Everleigh lives in Huntington Beach, California, with Savannah and Cole.

Savannah and Cole have two biological children together – daughter Posie Rayne was born on 28 December 2018, and on 29 July 2020 they welcomed their son, Zealand.


Savannah and Cole are often accused of exploiting their children – especially Everleigh – for views, likes, and subscribers. Everleigh is the most famous in the family, and videos featuring her have more views than those she is not in. Viewers became very angry at the couple after they posted an April Fools prank video, in which they told Everleigh that they had to give away her puppy. She was visibly sad and distressed; despite watching her cry hysterically, they continued with the joke and waited a while before consoling her. Many fans expressed their outrage, and even unsubscribed.

Following comments about potential online predators, Savannah and Cole disabled comments on their videos to help protect Everleigh.

Cole caused more controversy in 2018 when he posted a video claiming that they had to leave their home due to the California wildfires; however, their neighbors reported that it was false, and nobody in the area was ordered to evacuate.


Savannah has blonde hair, blue eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, and weighs 120lbs (55kgs).

Net worth and salary

As of late 2020, Savannah’s individual net worth is estimated at $2 million. She earns her income through YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and other online ventures including joint garment and jewellery lines. Along with Cole, their shared net worth is estimated to be $10 million, bringing her total net worth to $12 million.

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